Evaluating the New Mesh

The thousands of us who are injured can’t take back what happened to us and what our permanent health consequences of mesh products are. However, because I want this blog to be continuing education to inform all women of the issues of mesh BEFORE they undertake any pelvic surgery, I have spent time researching to find one of the so called NEW meshes that doctors are now recommending to women with statements such as “We don’t use THAT mesh”, when women question them about the current lawsuits and their concerns.

My research took me to a so called ‘new’ mesh product that was released according to their pamphlet on January 20th 2015. For me January 2015 means it is a NEW MESH implant they are using as of this year. However I believe by what I found out, that it is the same old mesh because I found the link to when this mesh passed through the FDA and it was in 2012. You will find that link at the bottom of this blog. I wonder how many women who will read this and have had complications from this mesh were ever told of the complications or given any such pamphlet. If you were one of them please use a fake name and leave a comment for other women to see.

I believe these new pamphlets are meant to cover the tracks with damage control because of continuing lawsuits. I am sure there must still be thousands these implant packages sitting on operating room shelves and women need to understand what this is all about. So I hunted and found a complete write-up about this implant product called Artisyn Y-shaped Mesh. Even though I am evaluated one type of implant, I want women to know that this evaluation is indicative to all ‘new’ mesh that is now on the market. I don’t care what the company behind the name is, you need to know that what I have been saying that MESH is MESH regardless of the brand, is my honest opinion and this article is proof of what I have been saying all along. I am also giving you a link at the bottom of this blog for another Y-shaped mesh implant made by Boston Scientific.

I am also going to do my best to decipher some of the medical language on this pamphlet that was provided on the same link and offer how I feel about it. I found the following information about this product on the Ethicon site owned by Johnson & Johnson and I will supply that link here. I am copying the entire article because once the word is out, these links tend to go away

Now read the full article.

The less mesh evolution. This short sentence is at the very beginning of their article which is obviously aimed towards surgeons. To me means this statement is saying they are using less mesh, but NOT no mesh. Let’s be clear it IS mesh regardless of how much is in a product. Now continue.
You understand that caring for your patients means using a mesh that complements your technique and her anatomy. ARTISYN Mesh, the only Y-Shaped Mesh designed to provide efficiency and support while evolving to leave less mesh behind (understand that this line says that mesh WILL be left behind according to their very own statement).127,142

For the Surgeon118,127

Support with Less Mesh
For the Patient118,127,142

Excellent Intra-Operative Handling

Unique Bi-Directional Design

  • Mesh optimized to resist wrinkling and folding
    So they knew about the problems with wrinkling and folding all the time. Resist means it may not happen, but it also means it COULD happen.
  • Pre-creased vaginal flaps designed to reduce steps

Vaginal flaps designed to accommodate lengthening and disention
According to the dictionary, disention means strong disagreement; a contention or quarrel; discord. Or difference in sentiment or opinion; disagreement.

Sacral flap designed to limit elongation
So to help us understand ‘limit elongation’ means elasticity during stress and strain. So I suppose you should not do a thing after your implant or it will stretch and CAUSE complications.

Easy Mesh Placement
Tell that to someone who couldn’t pee at all after implant. Yes that’s me in March of 2010 after my implant surgery.

Mesh is Designed to be Strong
This must be where bench pressing comes in. (read further down on this blog about the things Boston Scientific wrote) I am not sure if weight lifters test it or who else does it but I am sure if they do they will experience stretching and elongation.

  • Blue lines and orientation and visibility
  • Sacral arm tapered to reduce trimming Wait what the hell does that mean? Trimming? I thought mesh implants are not supposed to be cut because that can cause problems.
  • Strong mesh tear strength* So strong it is hell to remove and half your tissues will come away with it.
  • Strong suture pullout strength in the sacral flap

Precision During Fixation

Mesh Evolves Over Time
This is the problem with everything that doctors DON’T tell their patients and deny us when we complain of pain. Over time, in the human body mesh will not stay the same as when implanted.

  • Blue lines facilitate accurate suture placement
  • Large pore size makes suturing easy In past meshes everything has been blamed for complications from implants including hole size. The truth is mesh will eventually cause deep infection after being left in the body for a long period, regardless if it doesn’t happen at first or of the hole size.
  • 46% of the mesh absorbs by 84 days. Is it absorbing in the blood stream, organs or where? No real answers of course so we are left putting two and two together and figuring out this is the problem with mesh because it causes immune complications, not just pelvic.
  • Remaining mesh stays strong after tissue integration. There are other words for integration. Granulation is another. In other words it sticks to any interior body surface it can and becomes the same as scar tissue.

For the surgeon it offers EFFICIENCY According to my doctor it was a quick procedure and nothing to worry about. According to me, with my remaining complications, I am left to worry about it for the rest of my life.

  • Excellent intra-operative handling with mesh optimized to resist wrinkling and folding and pre-creased vaginal flaps designed to reduce steps.
  • Easy mesh placement with blue lines that aid orientation and visibility. The sacral arm is tapered to reduce trimming.
  • Precision during fixation with blue lines to facilitate accurate suture placement. The large pore size makes suturing easy.

For the patient it provides SUPPORT WITH LESS MESH127,142

  • Unique bi-directional design with vaginal flaps designed to accommodate lengthening and distention. The sacral flap designed to limit elongation.
  • ARTISYN Mesh tear strength and suture pull-out strength characteristics are greater than or equal to that of Bard Alyte and Restorelle, Y meshes in benchtop testing.

Mesh evolves over time118,127,142

  • 46% of the mesh absorbs by 84 days.
  • Remaining mesh stays strong after tissue integration.

There was a link on this page for revised instructions posted on May 2015, so I clicked on it and a hard to read pamphlet came up. So I have taken care of that by changing everything so you can read it all without difficulty.

Instructions for Use For surgeons of course.


Y-Shaped Mesh

Please read all information carefully.

Failure to properly follow instructions may result in improper functioning of the

device and could lead to injury.


Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. The ARTISYN™ Y-Shaped Mesh graft is intended for use only by physicians who are trained in the surgical procedures and techniques required for pelvic floor reconstruction (including abdominal sacrocolposuspension/sacrocolpopexy) and the implantation of synthetic meshes. The physician is advised to consult the medical literature regarding techniques, complications, and hazards associated with the intended procedures.


ARTISYN™ Y-Shaped Mesh is indicated for use as a bridging material for sacrocolposuspension/sacrocolpopexy (laparotomy or laparoscopic approach) where surgical treatment for vaginal vault prolapse is warranted.




Mesh should not be used in infants, children, pregnant women, or in women planning future pregnancies, because the mesh will not stretch significantly as the patient grows. By this it is your fault if you accidentally get pregnant because they are saying “Don’t”.


Y-Shaped Mesh must always be separated from the abdominal cavity by peritoneum.

I am not a medical professional so my first thought was, what the heck is peritoneum? So I looked it up and this is what it is.

The peritoneum
/ˌpɛrɨtənˈiəm/ is the serous membrane that forms the lining of the abdominal cavity or coelom in amniotes and some invertebrates, such as annelids. It covers most of the intra-abdominal (or coelomic) organs, and is composed of a layer of mesothelium supported by a thin layer of connective tissue. The peritoneum supports the abdominal organs and serves as a conduit for their blood vessels, lymph vessels, and nerves.

The abdominal cavity (the space bounded by the vertebrae, abdominal muscles, diaphragm, and pelvic floor) should not be confused with the intraperitoneal space (located within the abdominal cavity, but wrapped in peritoneum). The structures within the intraperitoneal space are called “intraperitoneal” (e.g. the stomach), the structures in the abdominal cavity that are located behind the intraperitoneal space are called “retroperitoneal” (e.g. the kidneys), and those structures below the intraperitoneal space are called “subperitoneal” or “infraperitoneal” (e.g. the bladder).

Here is an easier explanation of the peritoneum

While I was searching I also came across a cancer and that surprised me. This is that information.
Peritoneal cancer
is a rare cancer. It develops in a thin layer of tissue that lines the abdomen. It also covers the uterus, bladder, and rectum. Made of epithelial cells, this structure is called the peritoneum. It produces a fluid that helps organs move smoothly inside the abdomen.

Peritoneal cancer is not the same as intestinal or stomach cancer. Nor is it to be confused with cancers that spread (metastasize) to the peritoneum. Peritoneal cancer starts in the peritoneum, and hence is called primary peritoneal cancer.

The Link Between Peritoneal and Ovarian Cancers

Peritoneal cancer acts and looks like ovarian cancer. This is mainly because the surface of the ovaries is made of epithelial cells, as is the peritoneum. Therefore, peritoneal cancer and a type of ovarian cancer cause similar symptoms. Doctors also treat them in much the same way.

Despite its similarities with ovarian cancer, you can have peritoneal cancer even if your ovaries have been removed. Peritoneal cancer can occur anywhere in the abdominal space. It affects the surface of organs contained inside the peritoneum. Read more on this link

More on the mesh pamphlet.

• ARTISYN™ Y-Shaped
or accidental opening of the gastrointestinal tract. Use in these cases may result in contamination of the mesh, which could lead to infection that may require removal of the mesh.

• ARTISYN™ Y-Shaped Mesh should not be used in the presence of active or latent infections or cancers of the vagina, cervix, or uterus.


• Patients who are on anticoagulation agents and undergoing surgery using ARTISYN™ Y-Shaped Mesh must have their anticoagulation therapy carefully managed.

• A digital rectal examination may be performed to detect possible rectal perforation. I can’t tell you how many women I know who have colon complications and this is where removing mesh gets very, very complicated. Urologists for the most part are not colon surgeons, so when they try to remove it, they do terrible damage to women. The only one I know who has any experience in colon surgery and is a urologist is Dr. Raz. Most doctors specialize in one area of the body and do not know enough to remove it from the colon and yet they don’t say that to women. They just get in there and try regardless of the consequences of what will happen to the woman. This is why many women lose their colons and some wind up close to dying from sepsis.

• Cystoscopy may be performed to confirm bladder integrity or to detect possible bladder or ureteral perforation. If you are a mesh injured woman, did your doctor tell you there was a chance for perforation of the bladder? Mine didn’t. Perforation of the bladder is so painful and it may need surgery to fix it.

• Postoperatively, the patient should be advised to refrain from intercourse, heavy lifting, and/or exercise (e.g., cycling, jogging) until the physician determines when it is suitable for the patient to return to her normal activities. I know women who after years began having terrible complications and had to give up their athletic careers because they can’t be fixed ever again.

• Use ARTISYN™ Y-Shaped Mesh with care, and with attention to patient anatomy and to proper dissection technique, to avoid damage to vessels, nerves, bladder, bowel, and vaginal wall. This line is HUGE for me and many women whose nerves were damaged by mesh at time of implant. No one told me that it could happen especially not my surgeon. Now I am disabled and I also know many women who are also messed up. So how much information about anatomy is enough when the procedure itself is flawed. There is no camera to see where they push a giant needle up through our delicate nerves and muscles. So how the hell do they avoid hitting nerves and muscles? Beats me.

• The safety and effectiveness of this product has not been validated in clinical trials. Now you know. There have never been any clinical trials done on women because once mesh has been placed in your body it has to be surgically removed if complications arise which can cause major injury. So no one has ever done clinical trials on humans and we women ARE the guinea pigs. This is why these products should never have been okayed by the FDA or other governments.

• Reuse of this device (or portions of this device) may create a risk of product degradation and cross-contamination, which may lead to infection or transmission of bloodborne pathogens to patients and users. Yes there was a big scandal about a doctor who was cutting up pieces of mesh and using them in other surgeries.


• Users should be familiar with surgical procedures and techniques involving pelvic floor repair and synthetic meshes before employing ARTISYN™ Y-Shaped Mesh. You know how they good at this? They practice on their patients after being shown how to do it, by drug manufacturer’s reps.

• Avoid placing excessive tension on the mesh implant during placement. Do you know how many women have told their doctors they can’t pee or having problems and the doctor goes back in to stretch it. Many I am afraid. Who is going to monitor this? Not the manufactures of course. They just sell them.

• This product should only be used under the prescription of a licensed healthcare practitioner. Why are mesh slings sold on EBay openly? Way cheaper than what is charged in operating rooms. Who is monitoring this?

• In patients with compromised immune systems or other conditions that could compromise healing, the risks and benefits should be weighed carefully.
I know women who had a high risk of cancer were implanted with mesh EVEN THOUGH the doctor knew of her risks. Mesh does compromise the immune system!

• Vaginal or urinary tract infection should be treated and alleviated prior to implantation. When you walk in a doctor’s office, for the most part they will do a dipstick test to see if there is any infection. Not every doctor will do a culture test because it is costly. It has to go to a lab and will grow whatever bacteria is in you but it takes about four days to get the results back. Without a culture, you don’t know what infection you have.

• Acceptable surgical practice should be followed for ARTISYN™ Y-Shaped Mesh as well as for the management of infected or contaminated wounds. If ARTISYN™ Y-Shaped Mesh is used in contaminated areas, it must only be with the understanding that subsequent infection may require its removal. I was never told this ever and from the moment it was put in my body infections took over. I was begging my doctor to remove it and in the end she removed a tiny piece from the center. Then I had to self-cath because I still could not pee.

• Prolapse repair may unmask pre-existing incontinence conditions. Be aware that many women find themselves with incontinence AFTER the sling has been put in them when they didn’t have it before.

• Prophylactic antibiotics can be administered according to the surgeon’s usual practice. Most of the time they write a prescription for Cipro, which can cause serious complications and allergic reactions. If you want to learn about antibiotics read this

• The use of this product with tissue adhesives is not recommended, as data are not currently available. PPE Specification Labeling Specification

8341745 ARTISYN Multilingual CE Marked IFU 100020719 | Rev:4 Released: 20 Jan 2015CO: 100277944 Release Level: 4. Production 3 ADVERSE REACTIONS

• Potential adverse reactions are those typically associated with surgery employing implantable materials of this type, bleeding including hemorrhage or hematoma, urinary incontinence, urge incontinence, urinary frequency, urinary retention or obstruction, voiding dysfunction, acute and/or chronic pain, wound dehiscence, nerve damage, recurrent prolapse, inflammation, adhesion formation, fistula formation, contracture, scarring and mesh extrusion, exposure, or erosion into the vagina or other structures or organs. You may not understand many of these complications but these are some of the complication blogs about them that I have already written.
Destruction of your bladder read this

They put mesh in this women knowing she had cancer. Read this

This is what will happen to your relationship when you can’t have sex. Read this

Now to continue with this pamphlet.

• As with any implant, a foreign body response may occur. This response could result in extrusion, erosion, exposure, fistula formation and/or inflammation.
They have been denying foreign body response all along, in fact lawyers are over-looking this because they say it can’t be proved. So what’s up with them? It says it right here by the people who sell it. You can’t imagine what has happened to women who deal with foreign body response. They are told they have Alzheimer’s and many have extreme problems with their thyroid.

• Potential adverse reactions are those typically associated with pelvic organ prolapse repair procedures, including pelvic pain or pain with intercourse, which in some patients may not resolve.
So now you know that you are at risk for never being able to have sex again if you choose to have an implant. Wonder what your partner would think about that and how so many injured women feel that have lost their partners when they couldn’t have sex. Read the link I already gave you.

• Dissection for pelvic floor repair procedures has the potential to impair normal voiding for a variable length of time.
Tell me about it. I know thousands of women who have forgotten what normal urination is like and they so wish they could take it back and many more do self cath. I am one of them and you can learn about it here

• Excessive contraction or shrinkage of the tissue surrounding the mesh, vaginal scarring, tightening and/or shortening may occur.
What they don’t tell you is what happens when shrinking occurs. PAIN! Not just pain but nerve and muscle damage.

• As with all surgical procedures, there is a risk of infection. As with all foreign bodies, ARTISYN™ Y-Shaped Mesh may potentiate an existing infection.
So let’s help the doctors tell their patients when they have infection after implant that there was an infection all along. Doctors love to tell you that YOU are the problem because you must have had an infection they didn’t know about. Not of course that it was the cause of mesh they implanted.

• Punctures or lacerations of vessels, nerves, structures or organs, including the bladder, urethra or bowel, may occur and may require surgical repair.
Did your surgeon warn you of this? I think not. This is because you would have RUN from his/her office and never have gone back because this is exactly what I would have done. They need YOUR business to pay their bills and won’t tell you any of this.

• Neuromuscular problems, including acute and/or chronic pain in the groin, thigh, leg, pelvic and/or abdominal area may occur.
Okay I am going to say something bad. I would love to shove this statement on thick cardstock up my implanting doctor’s arse. (Okay I was born in England and that is how I say it) You know why? I begged her to believe my groin and leg pain was real and she dismissed me and told me I must have been like it before my surgery. Before my implant surgery, I was climbing ladders every day working on my house until the implant surgery but she would have none of it because she wanted to blame me.

• These adverse reactions may require surgical treatment.
May? Who are these people kidding? There is no repairing damaged nerves and muscles. You have to learn how to live with it and get a disabled parking permit.

• As with any surgery, one or more revision surgeries may be necessary to treat these complications.

One or more? Tell that to women who have had twenty revision surgeries.

• ARTISYN™ Y-Shaped Mesh is a permanent implant that integrates into the tissue. In cases in which the ARTISYN™ Y-Shaped Mesh needs to be removed in part or whole, significant dissection may be required. Intergrates means it will stick to your tissues and organs and getting it out is painful as hell.


• Seroma
You don’t know what this is? I looked it up for you to get a good explanation although I knew what it was.
A seroma is a collection of fluid that builds up under the surface of your skin. Seromas may develop after a surgical procedure, most often at the site of the surgical incision or where tissue was removed. The fluid, called serum, doesn’t always build up right away.

• Adhesion formation
Otherwise known as SCAR TISSUE which may also have to be surgically removed and can cuase major pain and complications.

• Atypical vaginal discharge
I’ve had women tell me they smelled like rotting meat and they were scared as hell. It was infection in the mesh that caused an abscess and a heavy smelly discharge.

• Exposed mesh may cause pain or discomfort to the patient’s partner during intercourse
You think? Tell that to all the women whose doctors ignored mesh protruding from their bodies and said they couldn’t find anything wrong with them, after their husnad’s said something cut them when they tried to have sex.

• Death
Do you miss what I am missing? How do they die? Do you think any woman would undertake a mesh implant knowing she could die from it? Hell no! So where is the explanation of how they can die?

DESCRIPTION ARTISYN™ Y-Shaped Mesh is constructed with the same knitting construction and material composition as GYNECARE GYNEMESH M™ Partially Absorbable Mesh and manufactured from approximately equal parts of absorbable poliglecaprone-25 monofilament fiber and non-absorbable polypropylene monofilament fiber. The polymer of the undyed and dyed polypropylene fiber (phthalocyanine blue, Color Index No.: 74160) is identical to the material used for dyed/undyed PROLENE™ Polypropylene Suture material. Blue PROLENE™ Suture monofilaments have been incorporated to produce contrast striping in the mesh. Poliglecaprone-25 fiber consists of a copolymer containing glycolide and ε-caprolactone; this copolymer is identical to the material used for

MONOCRYL™ (poliglecaprone-25) Suture. After absorption of the poliglecaprone-25 component, only the polypropylene mesh remains. As a convenience to the healthcare practitioner, the graft comes prepared as a Y-shape for sacrocolpopexy procedures in the repair of apical vaginal prolapse. The vertical stripes on the sacral flap and the horizontal stripes on the anterior and posterior flaps help aid in positioning, trimming and suturing the graft.

PATIENT FACTORS Physicians should use their surgical experience and judgment to determine if ARTISYN™ Y-Shaped Mesh is appropriate for certain patients. Patient-specific factors may impair wound healing, which may increase the likelihood of adverse reactions.
Surgeons walk into an operating theatre and they use whatever implant is there, on the shelf purchased by hospital purchasing manager. This is abstract about other implants but the practice is across the board with all implants. Read this abstract to know the truth.


BACKGROUND: Vendors of hip and knee implants court orthopedic surgeons to adopt their products. Hospitals, which have to pay for these products, now court the same surgeons to help reduce the number of vendors and contain implant costs.

PURPOSES: This study measures the surgeon’s perceived alignment of interests with both vendors and hospitals and gauges surgeons’ exposure and receptivity to hospital cost-containment efforts.

METHODOLOGY/APPROACH: We surveyed all practicing orthopedists performing 12 or more implant procedures annually in Pennsylvania. The survey identified the surgeon’s preferred vendor, tenure with that vendor, use of the vendor during residency training, receipt of financial payments from the vendor, alignment of interests with both vendor and hospital stakeholders, and exposure and receptivity to hospital cost-containment efforts.

FINDINGS: Surgeons have long-standing relationships with implant vendors, but only a small proportion receive financial payments. Surgeons align most closely with the vendor’s sales representative and least closely with the hospital’s purchasing manager. Paradoxically, surgeons support hospital efforts to limit the number of vendors but report that their own choice of vendor is not constrained. The major drivers of surgeons’ alignment and stance toward cost containment are their tenure with and receipt of financial payments from the vendor.

PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS: Hospitals face a competitive disadvantage in capturing the attention of orthopedists, compared with implant vendors. The vendors’ advantage stems from historical, financial, and service benefits offered to surgeons. Hospital executives now seek to offer comparable benefits to surgeons. I found that information here

Now to continue with the brochure.


Animal studies show that implantation of GYNECARE

GYNEMESH M™ Partially Absorbable Mesh elicits a minimal to mild inflammatory reaction, which is followed by collagen tissue ingrowth through the mesh, thus incorporating the mesh into adjacent tissue. The mesh remains soft and pliable, and normal wound healing is not noticeably impaired. In GYNECARE GYNEMESH M™ Partially Absorbable Mesh implanted subcutaneously in rats, the poliglecaprone-25 copolymer is essentially absorbed within 84 days after implantation. The polypropylene portion is not absorbed.

In an animal model, excessive connective tissue deposition and deleterious scar plate formation did not occur. The mesh construction permits trimming of the implant without unraveling.
On the next blog I will provide you with an animal study so you can read about the inflammatory response but who are they kidding? I know for a fact the implant was done in animals for only a few hours.

PPE Specification Labeling Specification

8341745 ARTISYN Multilingual CE Marked IFU

100020719 | Rev:4

Released: 20 Jan 2015

CO: 100277944

Release Level: 4. Production

This is the direct link and it is where I copied and pasted this information.

I researched this mesh and found the filed document for this product on January 12th 2012. I now wonder how many women had already been implanted with this mesh and had no clue there could be complications. Now you know why I believe they are covering up with a new pamphlet due to all the lawsuits. This is that link

Boston Scientific also has a Y-Shaped mesh but did not go into specific details. However it mentioned in fine print that their results were due to bench testing. So I google how they bench tested mesh, but nothing came up. It seems to me these companies do whatever they wish and don’t disclose all that needs to be. This is
that link

So are these so called newer mesh better than the older ones? I Googled and found this.

“Intra-peritoneally placed meshes are prone to complications like extensive adhesions leading to chronic pain and increased chance of intestinal obstruction, sinus formation, infection, enterocolic fistula, etc. In addition, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that the newer mesh like expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) or acellular dermal matrices are better than the basic polypropylene mesh (Ramakrishna and Lakshman 2013). As our patient had a large composite defect, involving more than half of the anterior abdominal wall, a free flap was the only feasible option.

Read this link

Writing this blog has raised my blood pressure because I was so pissed by the time I finished it. But I want women to know the truth. Please, please learn what is happening to women all over the world and say “No to mesh!” Now for the animal study. Read that here


  1. suffering in silence

    I have spent the last four years fighting for my life. The infections are horrible the pain has pretty much taken over my life. Bacterial vaginosis and septic infections have invaded my body. I have had vaginal and rectal exams , ct scans and mri’s colonoscopys , blood tests and cultures , laporscopic procedures and so much more. Its humiliating to be looked at like your faking all your pain . I’ve see a pain specialist a neurologist a physical therapist a urologist a gynocologist this has become my life.
    I finally found a specialist who listened who sent me for a 3D translabial ultrasound and guess what they found. I had this done august 2015.
    My bladder is not moving not completely emptying the mesh has folded in half and buckled under its stuck up against my bladder poking me and boy can I tell you its so painful.
    I can feel it poking my colon inside it hurts me to stand up.
    I finally have answers.
    Maybe my life will get better after removal my bedroom and bed I’m sick of being stuck in them.
    Surgery is oct 8 2015 to remove mesh and do complete hysterectomy.
    My primary doctor called me today he said this . My god how are you walking around. He said go get in your car drive to the specialty center er and tell them your primary doctor sent you to be admitted. I told him what good is it going to do they will send me home until surgery.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Suffering I am so sorry. Your story is typical I am afraid and I want to thank you for posting it here, because my purpose is to inform women that these mesh manufacturers knew about this and so does the FDA. However, every day more women are being implanted with mesh and left to endure all the things you have mentioned. I just hope you life will improve after it has been removed. Sepsis kills women quickly when it is not taken care of and I am glad you are still alive. I wish you had found this blog before they did it to you but I could find nothing either when it was done to me in March 2010. I hope you will post again with some hopeful news. I will be praying and thinking about you.

  2. RR

    OMG Linda has heard SO many stories like these.What I noticed immediately was when you said where the mesh is now and what it is doing! I feel SO much for you!. I’m a victim also that Linda was so kind to send me a lifeline after I found this site led by God I know in 2012.

    I TOLD then my history of having a mesh sling since 2001! Also re-surgeries.Torture treatments I am sure the enemies developed in WWII , Dr.s saying I was an “emotional female” Dr.s saying my Mesh had All disappeared! That Ads were just lawyers lying trying to scare people! Ive often wished I could take the 2-3 vials of Mesh Mess Dr Raz removed from me (1week after Linda had him do surgery for her in 2012!) AND shove them somewhere on that Dr.s body the sun doesnt shine!

    But where Dr. RAZ found MY mesh???? was??? after 12yrs??? was it was thick as his little finger Dr.Raz said and had wrapped around & around my Urethra!!!! No wonder I couldn’t sit day1 I woke up in recovery 2001 and found a mesh/sling had been put in me without my knowledge by a 2nd Dr! The 2nd Dr. put it in after my OBY GYN did HER surgery the one I knew I was getting!

    I trusted HER because she had done a hysterectomy a few yrs earlier which had gone quite well! So when she asked me to see an Urologist she knew I did! Despite telling him I didnt leak except perhaps a mini pad a day if that? Which didnt bother me and would probably been improved if my 1st Dr. was the only 1 to operate that day doing a cycstocele which she did.

    Despite the Urologist saying he was just going to “stand by” and never telling me what a Mesh Sling was that hadnt even been approved by the FDA until the yr after! He put it in me! Despite all that!
    I woke up knowing something was VERY VERY wrong! I could NOT sit & havent been able to since that day like I had before! Plus I leaked like Heck Always and have done so going on my 15th year now!

    I learned he put a mesh sling in me with metal anchors screwed into my pelvic bones so tight it felt like I was tied up to my eyeballs! I went home with a catherer and bag and 2weeks later the 1st time they removed it at his office I ended up in ER that nite because then I didnt know how to self Cath!

    I COMPLAINED day1 & since.Our HMO would pay for no 2nd opinion except the 1st Dr. JERKWAD’S partner in the same office. NOT! So I went through almost a yr of his tests, treatments, torture,exploratory surgery the wrong place to remove Scar Tissue from the hysterectomy he then thought a possible cause! Anything but his Textbook Surgery he did! Yep I believe he probably only LOOKED at a textbook!!! before jumping in as soon as my Dr. Left and putting the contraption in that changed my life forever because of that ONE day!

    I had to resign from teaching, I tried to teach the 1st semester before my “exploratory’ surgery on Christmas break and knew I was not doing myself any good or my students either not able to sit and in the bathroom always! Id taught almost 20yrs & it Killed! me to have to resign after I ran out of sick days and HAD to to get my Teachers Pension early because of disability!

    1yr after a 2nd Dr. we paid for a 2nd opinion examined me and said the sling was Way too tight and I needed a 2nd bladder surgery as soon as possible.

    So almost 1yr to the day after the 1st the 2nd Dr. Tried to “loosen” the sling but it didnt help any. Even he way back then knew I had some type perm.nerve damage. (Now they know revision surgeries are NOT the answer only complete removal)

    But at least he didnt think it was “all in my head” and ask my husband if I “wanted” to get well? as the 1st Dr. Did right before his “exploratory surgery!”.

    Many heard my story before of the yrs of seeing NUT Dr.s etc.And finally finding this site and Linda and my 4road trips to UCLA from OK because I could no way sit for 3surgeries it turned out!

    Because despite the excellent surgery Dr. RAZ did for removal Oct.2012 I ended up going back a 3rd time for more tests that show tiny pcs of mesh are all through my pelvic nerves&muscles. Too tiny to EVER remove so I ended up getting an Interstem implant that is a 2surgery procedure on the 4th & last trip July 2013. The interstem helped my pain about 20% and made it so I could sit 1hr the 1st time in Years.That is still my limit & I still have to use RX pain meds with it.

    The mesh removal took at least twice as long to do because of all the yrs my mesh had to make growths-adhesions around many muscles including my *right leg it just got into. That made it so I had to use a cane before the mesh removal Oct.2012. I walked the next day full of hope other nerves muscles would improve but the pelvic labor type spasms I always have never stopped plus leaking.So after tests I got the Interstem.Which might not sound like a big improvement but when I have a specialist check its programming and it is turned off a few minutes I realize how Precious the 20% less pain is! Also having any way I can directly try to help the spasms & pain is good physically plus psychologically! And sitting 1hr means I could go out to eat with my husband nearby etc! So I could see something other than my 4bedroom walls I am quite used to and feel for you because I understand.

    I had that improvement over a year then last October the same *leg the mesh got to they found in surgery.That leg my right gave OUT on me last Oct.I could not put weight on it or walk! I kept swelling each time I tried.So my family Dr.examined it and guess right I had a torn meniscus. BUT IT TOOK 6MO.to verify that by test because with an Interstem you cannot get an MRI.Othef tests showed nothing.I was bedbound 6mo.! Now not only could I not sit but now could not walk! Finally a semi retired knee Dr. Who examined my knee 1st told the hospital how to do an older type test or scan with dye injected into my very painful swollen knee! That test showed torn meniscus etc.I had fallen a couple times before mesh removal and after that leg being weaker.So April 2015 I had knee surgery.It was worse than they thought.They had to remove about 1/3 the tendons etc. That were too shredded to fix.Some tendon and cartliedge has made a hard marble sz object that was right under the skin under my knee! Another reason my leg hurt so badly.It has been a long struggle and very hard recovering.I was weaker & in worse shape Ive ever been from being in bed 6mo.using crutches the few times a day I tried to walk.Just taking a shower exhausted me.I did physical therapy for 8weeks at least 2times a week.I thought I would Never walk again.Thankfully we have a pool too.Which I WANT TO ENCOURAGE ALL MESH SUFFERERS TO TRY. IT IS THE ONLY PLACE AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE ONLY PLACE I HAVE NO PAIN! DR.S SAY BECAUSE NO PRESSURE ON MY NERVES.TO HAVE AN HR OR SO OF NO PAIN THESE DAYS 1 2 3 times a day is part of what HAS kept what sanity I still have! I hate months between it is closed!

    So I have slowely built strength too like that.Ive called the knee Dr.several times.My leg still swells each time I overdo it walking or swimming!He said that can happen for 6months which will be end of Oct.for me!

    But emotionally to know something else is perm.wrong with me & I will have perm.pain from has about done my mind in! Also directly from the Mesh! He said on a scale of 1-4 4 being worst my leg is at least a 3.I do NOT have another fall in me! He said I could quite possibly need knee replacement in 5yrs or so! Something I did not want to hear! I had hoped no more surgeries! Other than 1 in about 5yrs to replace battery in my Interstem.Then I had a major one April now possibly another later.I try to not think of it!But each day I put my right foot on the floor I am reminded! I now sympathize with Linda so much the getting in and out cars.Not only for the sitting that kills me but now my leg! My leg also spasms at times.So many reasons I havent drove yrs and riding in a car has to be worth any trip!

    But I want to assure the reader who is going to Dr.Raz she is blessed and has the Best Dr. Ever! Also to encourage everyone else do whatever it takes to go! LINDA told me of Dr.Raz April or May? 2012.I called immediately after my husband and I talked to her & referalls we knew it was right choice and only one! I got the earliest opening which was June 2012.We knew whatever it took to do sell etc.we would go!1st trip I laid on an air mattress in back of a van! We went home before going back for mesh removal and sold vehicles.properties etc.Bought Used RV thank God I could lie in before after surgery and other trips! We charged up 2credit cards, sold scrap metal.Some kind friends and our church helped some.All worth it.Without Dr.Raz I am sure I wouldnt be here today or very close to not! I was hemoragging some at the last rusty color from OLD mesh! My bladder still does not empty completely!Just leaks all day and more nite! But Gods blessed me with coming to know Linda who threw the lifeline I Grabbed! Others are here praying for you and all of us! GOD BLESS! OKIE RR!

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Thank you RR because women need to know that others have suffered for a very long time before they realized they could get help. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it doesn’t have to end in death.

  3. debbie

    I had mesh inserted in 2006. in 2015 it started to ‘erode’ on its own. Terrified as it consumed the inside of my vagina. Now the same uro/gyno who removed “partially’ only the mesh that was coming out, stating it would be like removing a needle in a haystack? to get the rest of it? which didn’t make sense to me, since the center piece that is eroding was ‘connected’ at those points, wouldn’t it be easier to know ‘where’ those pieces/points are as opposed to cutting the center off and now where do those pieces go? I am trying to think logically, but I am learning this is zero logic to any of this mesh nightmare. Now this same surgeon, which I visit w/follow up on mesh erosion surgery I just had, gives me an option to insert this ‘new’ mesh sling you’re showing here. i’m thinking, really? why on earth would I want anything like this inserted in my body again? I appreciate this blog. I just found it. I haven’t seen anyone mention, on the issue my husband works with an environmental/safety mgr in oil and gas industry. they looked up the polypropolene material which they couldn’t find what they called a msds? stands for material safety data sheet, which is what every product has to show what its ‘intended use’ is for said product. they couldn’t find that anywhere? But yet this was approved by the FDA? I just read this article, i’ll be scouring your site for more info. my story is along one probably like many here. I am having major repercussions from i’m convinced the ‘mesh’ inside my body. just had a portion removed, just spent a weekend in hospital with erradic blood pressure, of which my primary couldn’t believe as i’m a poster child for perfect bp. went from 225/165 to 88/33 in hospital. more tests are being done, cardiac dr in hospital saying all other factors, heart flow, muscles around heart, stress test pass w/a breeze, but I know, its got to be a reaction to this inside me. lots of other things happening to lead up to this erosion, I really hate being a money maker guinea pig for the pharmaceutical and physicians industry

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Debbie you are spot on with your theory. Many women are thrown into thyroid spirals after mesh. Yes your body is rejecting the implant and the best thing you can now do for yourself is get it all out once and for all because if not you will continue downhill until you are lying in bed with no hope. I suggest Dr. Raz because he does remove it all and removed my 3 years ago next month. Without his help I doubt if this blog would still be here.

  4. beth


    read all you can here. it is the truth. linda has lived it. she knows. This blog has helped me in so many ways. It lead me to Dr. Raz, he can and will help you. He removed my mesh 4 months ago. Dr. Raz will give you HOPE.

  5. Nic

    Look up SIRS SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATORY RESPONSE SYNDROME ON WIKIOPEDIA it leads to the reality of what mesh implants are causing

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Nic I do know about this and it is so sad because inflammation can slowly kill you.

  6. Nic

    My fiancees doctor convinced her she should have hysterectomy at the same time as the implant TVM never once said a word about complications or the facts that serious medical problems may recur..six hours in a LITHOTOMY POSITION causes COMPARTMENT SYNDROME ..in 3out of 4 patients…check that out

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Many times a full hysterectomy is NOT warranted and yet these doctors make money from doing it. Yes, these surgeries have many issues and complications.

  7. Nic

    IATROGENIC another interesting term that Is indicative of mesh damage to the unfortunate patients whom were trusting that their doctor would do no harm they swear that in their Hippocratic oath.Fraud for cash is what is happening.my fiancee has been slowly dying a horrible death and not a single doctor in the last three and a half years has done any realistic diagnostic testing that would implicate the implant….they have prescribed medications that would be lethal at one time and if not for a pharmacist catching the error she could have died.Neurologist,gynocologist,gastroenterologist and on and on have done nothing except run repeated xrays,ct scans,MRI brain with nothing to diagnose except a broad description…Myalgia and myositis..reflux (gerd) ….she can barely get up from the bed can’t hardly walk ,can’t keep food down ,has nightmares and doesn’t trust the medical system anymore.constant pain ,muscle wasting,distended stomach,and now abnormal amounts of saliva with a concistancy of glue…respiratory ,gasp for air Kausmaul breathing….and early thirties of age….never had thought this could happen to her…preschool teacher a special lady suffering to the point that she wishes she won’t wake up soon…..we cry our selves to sleep almost every night now……the list of physical complications also includes chronic constipation,bone growths,several dental problems need I say more

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Ni I truly feel for you both. I know many men watch the woman they love suffer so much. The only hope I can give you is to take her out to UCLA and get her evaluated. I am going to send you an email. This is about Dr. Kim at UCLA http://www.meshangels.com/dr-kim-ucla/ She is kind and caring.

  8. Athena Karagiannis

    I am trying to find the chemical breakdown of the BARD y 100 alyte vaginal mesh specifically if it was made from pink skin i.e. porcine….can anyone help thanks so much

    1. Linda (Post author)

      I found this but don’t know if it will help. http://d-scholarship.pitt.edu/25620/1/BaroneWR_ETD_Pitt2015.pdf


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