Big Lawsuit Scam

There’s no such thing as free money.

I knew the following article was going to come out and I was waiting on it with baited breath hoping the news reporters would do a great job and they did exactly that. Even though long ago I could see clearly what was going to happen to women once these cases are settled, I knew others were still believing hope upon hope that none of it was true. But sadly it is all true and seriously injured women will be hurt by the loan sharks who are often promoted by other women, and Jane Akre and Aaron Horton through their sites.

When I first began reporting on the misadventures of women who were taking referral fees from these scammers fifteen months ago, I really took it in the neck. However I knew that someday the truth would come to fruition. But the truth has now come from a woman who refused to stay quiet because she wanted other women to know the scams perpetuated against injured women. I truly thank this woman for speaking out to let the world know what goes on behind closed doors.

In 2014, my daughter Kim and I wanted women to know the truth so that they could watch out for people who will use them for a few bucks to millions of dollars. I have learned so much since I signed up for a lawsuit and honestly it is such a dirty business that makes me sick. Regardless of the crap I have taken, I have no regrets for blowing the whistle. If women did not believe me nor heed my warnings, at least I felt like I had put it out there for those who would say “NO”, not just to scammers but the women who set themselves up as caring people who are making a living off of mesh sufferers.

I want women to know that if you got caught up in one of these loans, it is NOT YOUR FAULT. I know women who almost lost their home because they could no longer work. I know women who have a secondary illness due to mesh complications and they could not afford treatment without a loan. I also know that some women only took a small amount to cover their travel and expenses to get mesh removal. YOU DID NOTHING WRONG!

In the background of our lives there are people who will sell anyone for a buck. They in turn find others who will do the dirty work for them and find their victims. The one at the top is usually highly intelligent and schemes how to get other low life’s to do the dirty work for them. It’s not that hard to find women to sympathize with other desperate and lonely women so that they can be taken advantage of. It happens all too often because some may have a habit that they need money for while others enjoy an easy living. I know all this to be true because I have watched it.

Women can be really good at using other women when they have no conscience. They watch and wait so that they can find the right prey on support groups and they work slowly to pick them off one by one, while making them feel safe and cared about. Recently I learned that it happened to other women in my Facebook friends, when through private message they were lead to a lawyer by a woman who they thought was decent just because she was in my friends. Then the lawyer set himself up to take a portion of the winnings by finding other lawyers to take their cases. This is easy money and then he just sits back and waits for the cases to settle to make a small fortune. There is nothing illegal about this but it is immoral and borders on illegal.

When brave women pointed out the purpose of a lawyer who has been recommended on a support group, they are kicked off by the women that run them. Why? I will tell you there is a good reason and women need to be aware that when this happens, they are ripe for a scam. My advice. Don’t trust anyone.

I have always believed that truth will prevail even through all of my own life hardships. The truth was drummed into me when I was a child and it carried me through my adult years and I’ve tried hard to not use others for my own gain. This is because I have a conscience and I just can’t do this to other injured women. But there are some who don’t give it a thought and they lie about their situation. They are often not injured at all but will sympathize with you and tell you that they are to get your sympathy in return. You are then indebted to them and they know it.

Now on to the article that was just released yesterday. Here is part of it.

Previously undisclosed deposition transcripts from these investigations and Reuters interviews with mesh patients have provided rare details about a little-known business: investing in surgeries for injured plaintiffs. It’s a practice that has become deeply entangled with medical device litigation.

Medical funders, often working through go-betweens like Fisher or doctors’ billing services, purchase medical bills at a deep discount from physicians, hospitals and others who have provided care to patients involved in personal injury litigation. Some medical funders also provide “concierge care” to these patients, fronting them travel and expense money at a high rate of interest.

Patients who rely on medical funders tend to be poor. They either lack private insurance or can’t afford to pay cash deductibles or out-of-network fees charged by their doctors.

When a patient’s lawsuit settles, the medical funder stakes a claim to part of the settlement by placing a lien for the full amount of the surgical bill. The funder’s profit lies in the difference between what it pays the medical provider to buy the bill and what it is able to recover from the patient’s settlement.

These medical liens sometimes spiral to as much as 10 times what private insurers or government programs like Medicaid would pay for the same procedures. The standard insurance reimbursement for mesh removal surgery, for instance, ranges from about $2,000 to $7,000. Medical lenders have demanded as much as $62,000 for surgery and related services from patients whose care they funded. This is the link for the full article

Here’s my problem with what has gone on. Jane Akre will take on any doctor or lawyer who will sign a contract to give her an income. She does not care if they are legitimate or are liars. The bottom line is money. Aaron Horton is no different. They are not injured themselves and will use any excuse to get a story and collect money.

This means women are unaware of, if their mesh was truly removed or not. I do know for a fact that often when a woman has issues after surgery, she is refused to be seen by any doctor who is part of this scam. All she is told is “you need pain management.” So what can you do if you believe you still have mesh in you, even though you have been told by the doctor he/she removed it all?

Well, you can give up and complain to everyone on support groups or you can fight to raise the funds to get out to UCLA for a consult and a translabial ultrasound to find out if you still have mesh in you. You can also fight to get full disability. Yes it will take 2 to 3 years for most women to get it and it is not easy. Even with all the publicity, many judges are not aware, nor are sympathetic to injuries caused by pelvic mesh. So that may mean you have to prove your case. So how can you prove it? Once again judges are more swayed when a woman has proof from a large teaching establishment such as UCLA. So you have to raise the funds to get out there.

No there is nothing easy about this. No one is going to hold your hand and do everything for you. You have to work towards a goal, one small baby step at a time. Don’t whine to others about it, DO SOMETHING positive towards getting the help you need.

What happens if you are a victim of the loan scams? You can sit back and complain to others and you can all cry in chorus. Or you can do something to help yourself. First, once you receive a settlement offer you can ask for a statement of everything that will come out of your offer. Once you see the amount of your loan at that time, you can argue with your lawyer about the fact that you were misled about the loan you took and tell them you want them to negotiate the amount of interest down to a more normal and decent level. You can also contact the FBI and give them the name of the loan shark and ask them to please look into it and give them the proof of your loan interest. The more women who do this, the more this practice will stop. You can also tell the world your own story.

Look, just because you have a lawsuit and accept a settlement does not mean you have to stay quiet about everything. Yes, you will have to stay quiet about the amount of the overall settlement because you will sign a contract to say you will not give out that information. But you can speak out about the scams of doctors who did not do what they promised and you can speak out about the immoral loan shark who scammed you.

The woman in this article is an amazing woman. She could have said “I’m screwed so you’re all screwed and I don’t give a crap”. But she didn’t. She was determined that the world will know the truth and she made sure other women will be told the truth. That is one brave woman. I want to yell out “thank you” to her publically because I know how hard speaking out the truth is. It is much easier to say I don’t care what happens to anyone else and stay quiet.

If you also got caught up in a loan scam, then you can share your story with the reporters who did this story. I can guarantee you they won’t ask you for a donation, nor will lie to you or use you. They will take their time to get the facts right together and then they will expose what has been done to women all because of their mesh lawsuit. These are the two good and true reporters who wrote this story about Traci a woman who was taken advantage of. These reporters want you to know they want to change what is happening because of deceit and lies. You can email both, or either. and

You are not alone in this. Don’t sit back and do nothing. Don’t become a part of a scam, speak out and change this and change the future of thousands more women who are totally unaware of all the pitfalls of filing a lawsuit. This is how we change the world. One woman at a time.

My daughter heard reports a while back and tried to send out a warning and you can read what she wrote about theses scams.

This was the first warning I put out in May 2014

This is one I wrote about becoming a Catfish, also in May 2014

This was a blog about loan scams I wrote back in May 2014

I allowed myself to trust way too much, not just with Jane Akre and Aaron Horton, but I also let others in my life that were working for them. When I wrote this blog I was coming to terms with the fact that trust in anyone can be used against us when there is a lawsuit and I wrote this blog also in the same month May 2014












  1. T

    Wow…just wow. Reading that article made me sad & angry all over again!! How women can’t or won’t see through the scam I’ll never understand. These folks are worse than payday advances & title pawns. What’s worse is women working with this ilk to take advantage of those of us injured. I just pray that my insurance stays true & pays when I go back to Dr. Raz for my removal (counting my weeks). I looked at M & M years ago for a procedure my insurance denied & found them to be swarmy. Their patient reviews were awful too. My insurance now covers the procedure, and it turns out M & M don’t even provide the full version! Just like their so called mesh “removal”! I hope someone can contact the woman in the article to tell her about UCLA! Thank you for lighting the way, Linda! Blessings to us all!

    1. Linda (Post author)

      She has an appointment with Dr. Raz the end of September. He is her hope.

  2. Leslie

    Ugh !!!!!!! I have had 13 surgeries for Mesh removal . Just hearing the word Mesh concerning ANYTHING make my stomach drop in discust . It could just be mesh hair rollers , anything.
    I am defeated & just withering away.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Leslie I am very sorry you have endured all this.


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