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A couple of days ago I received an email from a woman, with her photo and a request. When she dies, she wants me to write a story and use her photo to tell the world that no one cared. No doctor would help her and lawyers think her case is far too difficult. It made me very sad to know that this woman has a family, but she feels so alone in her long battle on Mesh complications. I know all the details of what she has gone through and I am not going to share them here right now because she is still battling to live. However her email prompted me to write a blog to let women know how important it is that they have a Will and/or something set up with their tort case lawyers in case they don’t make it until their claim has been settled. So please contact your lawyer and ask what you can do to make sure your case will continue and the funds go to a family member, or somewhere else who you designate.

The hardest part for me is to watch a 3-ringed circus act that is now taking place because another mesh injured woman died a week ago. Her case made it to trail and is now on appeal. I knew about it the day it happened but I would never exploit anything so awful. I am not going to say the woman’s name but right now Aaron Horton and Jane Akre are having a field day coming up with stories that will satisfy their lawyer clients. These are called sympathy stories to gain followers, not for any good or decent reason. Yes, they both work for lawyers and it is lawyers who hand them cash every month and it is how they are making a good living. If you don’t want to believe it then you have a right to bury your head in the sand and believe whatever you want. If you do want to know more, read this blog, especially Dying Broken

For me I would hate it if any of these blood suckers would make out that they are my friend and write a big story after I died, because they are NOT my friends! The ONLY person who would be authorized to write anything about me is my daughter Kim. I believe that my life now is important and what I do every day makes me the decent person I am. I don’t know much about the woman that died except what I read during her trial, this is because she is not a friend and I never connected with her. I do know that Aaron Horton went to the court on behalf of Jane Akre to capture a story that they could both use as a headline. Aaron’s ridiculous blue make up job to me truly said she has no clue what living with mesh complications is really like. Neither she nor Jane Akre is mesh injured and Horton does not exploit her mother the way she does all other injured women who live with this tragedy. Why? Because she told me herself that her step father banned her from seeing her mother, saying that all she wanted was the focus to be on her. A very wise man.

Jane Akre stated in her story today that Aaron is a personal friend of the lady who died, but I have not seen any photos of them at the lady’s house or read of her making regular visits to the hospital to see her while she went through all the treatments. Isn’t that what personal friends do? Nor was Aaron Horton in the family photo gathering that was used on the Go Fund Me page set up by a family member to cover the funeral costs. Nor was there any mention of her being a close family member anywhere on the write-up on that page. However I am sure once Horton reads this she will make sure there is something is put there to endorse her bull….

The other thing that struck me was that Aaron Horton did not send others to donate direct to the family page, instead she set up her own fund. This clearly states she once again wants all the attention on herself. She also emailed out to mesh women asking them for donations to this fund, so she has no clue what living with a mesh injury is truly like. So this is for Horton and Akre. Women struggle every day without money, trying to figure out how to get to their next doctor’s appointment and they don’t have extra cash lying around. Got it?

So why did Horton and Akre not pledge a year of their lawyers’ fees to go direct to the family instead of asking others who are seriously ill to donate? Do they not have a clue many women are at the point of losing their homes? Of course not! They live in a world of a happy bubble where mesh injured women sit in castles, someone waits on them hand and foot and money is no object.

So yes I will write a story for the woman who emailed me requested although I honestly dread it and hope she does get the help she deserves. But I want you to know that no lawyers will be involved and I will not receive one dime for doing it. I don’t care about accolades or followers and I do not take funds from lawyers to do this.

So what can you do to make sure your funds go where you want them to go?

You may be struggling through years of pain, kidney failure or major damage done over years since the mesh/tape was put in your body and you wonder what will happen if you don’t see your settlement and you die first. I can’t help women set anything up but I want you to know you don’t have to have a lawyer do this for you. I do have a will myself and have had one for many years and it was not done by a lawyer. There are legal will forms you can use and the best way is to go to your local bank and for a very small fee you can get your written wishes notarized and often for free. It all depends on the bank. But I also did some digging for you and at the bottom of this blog I will share some links where you can do this on line.

If you already have a will then you can write an addendum about your wishes to do with your case and you can attach it to your Will. You can also contact your lawsuit lawyer to let them know that you want your case to continue after your death and you have something in place to show them your wishes and tell them you want a copy in their files. Make sure they notify you when it arrives. I looked it up to help you understand more about adding additional documents to your existing will and an addendum can be added about anything not just your wishes for your continued case. I have added an addendum to a contract in the past, so I know what they are. Once again, it is always best to get any addendum witnessed and notarized. This is what I found for you about addendums.

In other documents, most importantly in legal contracts, an addendum is an additional document not included in the main part of the contract. It is an ad hoc item, usually compiled and executed after the main document, which contains additional terms, obligations or information. An Additional Agreement to a contract is often an addendum to a contract. Read more here

So what if you feel like you have a most ungrateful family, who no one did anything to help you through your darkest days. You can leave it to a charity of your choice because it doesn’t have to be a family member. Honestly I don’t think there will be huge dole out of giant allotments to any woman damaged and I am truly sad to think this way. But charities will be happy to take your donation even if you only want to leave a small PART of your settlement. Learn more about leaving money to a charity here

This link will help you understand more about Wills. What makes a will legal

I don’t know if this is truly free but this link says you can make your will for free. So if after you have done it and a fee for something else pops up, you may want to look at another site. You can also buy a form although lawyers will tell you making your own Will is fool hardy because they want your money. This is what I found on a site.

DIY Will forms are available from both bookshops and various websites at various prices.

There are few mesh injured women who own tons of property and have a bank full of money so you don’t need to get a lawyer unless you do have a fortune. I am sure that leaves 99.9% of women who could just do their own and have it notarized and it is far better to do a will yourself than not have one at all. So please don’t be afraid to take care of your own finances and end of life wishes because to not do it, means someone else may do something you would not want done. Be careful about Bull…. lawyers especially any that Jane Akre or Aaron Horton endorse, or anyone that other women endorse lawyers on support groups. Be wise. They are all about taking YOUR money. Yes and it is amazing to me that other women on support groups will do anything for a $50 referral fee, but sad to say filing a lawsuit, means we are all targets and there is a price on our heads even if it is a mere $50.

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