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For a long, long time I have wanted to do much more to make any mesh injured women feel special and put a smile on her face. But it was hard because my daughter constantly had to raise funds for my own travel and care. Supplements I know have been of huge help in my recovery but they are not cheap. So it was up to her to sell things to keep buying those extra things I needed and pay all the expenses concerning my trips and doctor’s visits. Even the gasoline bill was tremendous when travelling to and from doctor’s offices because we lived an hour outside of Houston.

I know what women go through because I live this journey. I know what family members have to deal with and how much they are called upon to help with expenses. I know it because women have told me what they have asked of their grown children and they felt very guilty asking. I completely understand.

Life and relationships are not perfect but when you add illness to the mix they can get very complicated. I am highly fortunate to have a wonderful daughter who lives with me and helps me when I need it. I know at times it has been very hard on her and I try to say thank you for being here to help so that she knows I truly appreciate her. I try not to take her for granted although when we deal with our own pain and health problems it is easy to do.

Today I want to share with you just how special she is. A couple of months ago, she had a few summer sales on the Internet which was great because often summer is slow because families are going on holiday or paying for back to school clothes and supplies. She told me she had some things coming in the mail but they were a surprise for me. It was around my birthday when things began arriving and she began putting little gifts together to send out to other injured women. I loved what she was doing and I felt so proud of the woman I gave birth to and raised.

I know you don’t know her, and neither do many mesh injured women, but a few have met her when they meet me. She is always kind and respectful of other women and has listened to their mesh injury stories. Sometimes it is hard to do because there is so much sadness because of mesh. But she has learned things that most women will never learn because of what I do and she is astounded by what is happening to women around the world.

She knew that over time I had often made small gifts to send to other women, because she took them to the Post Office. When the gifts arrived, women told me how good it made them feel to know someone cared. I shared that insight with my daughter because often it brought tears to my eyes. But I also knew it gave women something they truly needed. A long distance hug and a little bit of hope.

At that time we had very little extra money to spare but because I am creative I could make it go a long way. Kim is the same because I raised her to know that money doesn’t grow on trees and you could do a lot more with money than go out and buy a pair of designer shoes and still look great and fashionable. Fortunately she is as creative as I am and has many skills I don’t, with the computer. These days I am very limited to what I can do on my own and I often ask her for help. So you can imagine how happy I was when she took the initiative to do something with the extra money she made, to give other women a hug and some hope.

Now, because of the kindness of one Mesh Angel who wanted to share the little she has, other women have sent me notes asking how they can donate. So I asked Kim to set up a small YouCaring donation page so that they can donate whatever the can, when they can. They can remain anonymous if they choose but we want to give them a giant Hug for helping. Kim set up the fund this morning.

Honestly we hate asking Mesh injured women for money and our hope is that others in the family, schools and colleges will set up a small donation center and ask for Change for Angels. Then they can take the change to the bank and then donate through this program. You may wonder how you can share this without giving specific details. All anyone needs to know is that this program is to send a small gift to a mother or grandmother who is sick and has had a recent surgery.

Kim set it up with a $100 goal. No it is not much money but we already have a good stock of items ready to go out to women so this is to help with postage. We can make one hundred dollars go far and we are making sure that a group of women from around the country, knows exactly what we are spending money on because this is done with full disclosure.

Somehow, by the grace of God and my daughter I have been truly blessed to have all the things I needed and I never had to worry. Not every woman has that although I wish they did. This is why we want to send out something that will put a smile on a mesh injured woman’s face and give her a huge hug. Already it is working with so little effort and time. I could not do this without my daughter because not only is she hunting for the best deals she can get, but she is making things for women, in-between working on our house.

Please, please be respectful. There is little money to go around and we cannot send out packages to everyone. Without donations we won’t be able to expand the program to go everywhere here in the U.S and around the world.

Sadly I also know there is potential for abuse because I have been used and lied to in the past. We will need details such as hotel, home address, phone number and a true email address. We will do our best to check things out BEFORE we send things to women and we will be very transparent with all we do. The Mesh Angels Facebook page will have photographs to keep donators updated. This is because the money is coming from the generosity of true Mesh Angels. Read the last blog which will explain where we are beginning

Just remember that although women may need money this is not a money program. The money we collect will have to go a long way to give many, many women a hug and some hope.

If you want to help, or someone in your family wants to collect Change for Angels, The fund will continue if this program is successful. My Hope is, it will be this is the link

Of course before I end this blog, I want to send a giant HUG to the true Mesh Angel who care enough to share what she could to help us give others hope. She is a true Earthly Angel.


  1. angie

    hi, thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing and altho i cannot donate at this time i was wondering if you can answer this question if you can. am getting ready to go see a doctor in orlando fl. and he is out of my network of doctors and i am seeking a second opinion on the mesh i have implanted. i have seen a doctor in my area who says the mesh cannot be removed altho i hear dr. walker does and says it can be removed. i wanted to know if you or others know if insurance will pay for the removal. if you have an answer for me please email me. i hope at some time i will be able to donate as for now i have a very limited income as i am retired. thank you again for all you do. god bless

  2. beth

    Angie, my insurance paid for my removal with Dr.Raz.
    please research and read this blog. There are many doctors that say they can remove all of the mesh.I was told that. I’m thankful for this blog. Linda lead me to the Dr.Raz, he removes all mesh. No lie.
    Best wishes to you


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