Anonymous Angels

Today we received a surprise… from an angel who wishes to remain anonymous.  The package was heavy… very heavy.  I’m not often speechless… but I was when I opened it.  You’ll be amazed at the power of generous angels out there… inside was ton of change… and no clue how much.  I was told to count it… and put it towards the fund to help angels.

dimesStack after stack on the counter… many hours involved.  Many quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies… the total coming to an amazing sum of $275.21.  Change for angels!

The Mesh Angels Alliance is something I wanted to start to send a little gift to women to just let them know they are not alone… someone cares… it’s from everyone out there suffering… to give a little light at the end of a dark day.  The idea was to send gifts to women who are going to Dr. Raz for mesh removal (because we have to start small and start somewhere).  These gifts are to be supported by angels just like you… purchasing a small gift for themselves and in turn helping other angels with their gifts.  Basically a self-funding idea… but I did have to outlay some money of my own to get the ball rolling and purchase gifts to sell and send.  I didn’t want to ask for donations… yet someone decided to help in a larger way in generosity I never expected… and all I can say is thank you from the many angels who will benefit from this special gift.  A bright angel we will call “Anonymous Angel #1”.

The last couple of weeks we’ve been sending out little gifts to those who need it most and shown their hearts in the past.  This will certainly help in postage costs and sending to a few more.

So I thought about what Anonymous Angel #1 did… and came up for a way that anyone that wants to help can… we’re calling it “Change for Mesh Angels” and if you happen to have a bottle of change around and would like to join in sending gifts to angels everywhere… just email for our address.

angelgiftsSome of the gifts include these… to women traumatized, about to undergo dangerous surgeries and diagnosed with secondary illnesses like cancer due to the mesh.  We will keep posting pictures of the things we send on Facebook… and if anyone who receives a gift would like to share their names with the world or a photograph, please do.  We respect those who prefer their privacy and understand if you don’t want to participate in this way.  Just know whether you do or don’t… we’re thinking of you… the many earth angels all around you send you their love with each gift in a purple package.

This last month we have received 4 orders.  We have shipped out 15 gifts (all are just small little things to show someone cares).  I want you to know your money is being well spent.  I was also able to add a few more things such as canvas bags and special things to inventory so we have more things to sell and share.  In the coming weeks you’ll see many of these things added to our shop and through the Facebook feed as we send things out to Angels everywhere.  I keep track of what I send by photographs… everything I send I keep a record of by taking a photo.  One day I hope these will fill a gallery here on our site with just a simple wall of photographs… letting everyone know there is truly Change for Angels… and it starts with a small act of kindness though Purple Peace Packs being sent randomly.

angelsgift1You might notice something new too… something we didn’t tell anyone about initially but it has been included in the description for most of the jewelry in the shop.  Almost all the jewelry we have to send and sell is features “interchangeable” charms.  I have been waiting on the order for other designs and now included them in the 2 after-surgery gifts we sent out today.  Those will also be included in the shop as time permits me next week.  Mesh Survivor charms and little angel charms can now be swapped out as you wish for whatever you’re in the mood to wear.

Anonymous Angel #1… you deserve a parade… from all those who are feeling down you have shared your love.  For that we say thank you!



  1. robin bowen

    Help I’m so frustrated with doctors going to Ucla in November to have surgery in December. Have no one to talk to about the fear

    1. Linda

      I will email you.


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