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I am sure that if you have come to this blog within the last two weeks, you can see many changes. Changes that would normally cost a lot of money if I had to hire someone to do it, but this blog is taken care of by my daughter Kim who has a background in design, marketing and websites. These days her job is to finish our house on her own and be here for me in case I fall. That is a tall order indeed.

Her generosity and experience is so appreciated by me because I don’t have any knowledge in this. She works hard to keep the home fires burning but takes time out to work on this blog whenever possible. The changes make everything more accessible not only by a great search engine and many languages, but now with drop down links and categories.

I have always been the type of person who enjoys learning and sharing and although this is a blog, it is also an educational blog. Five years ago when I first began writing, the Internet was a closed book when it came to pelvic mesh injuries. When I couldn’t sleep due to constant leg pain I would search for hours and yet found very little information. However when women found this blog for the same reason, I began speaking to them to learn how mesh affects them. That knowledge cannot be found on the Internet, because you have to speak to a vast number of women to understand the sheer volume of complications that can arise in women of all walks of life and varying ages. Without these ladies so willing to share their stories with me I would never have had anything worthwhile to say all this time.

When these ladies told me of any complication I had no knowledge of I researched and read to learn more. These have been invaluable lessons in my own journey while dealing with my own mesh injuries, but I have been able to pass on their particular issues that would not be possible without their help. This has been such a blessing to many, many women because it seems we are all different in our reactions and yet often many are the same. It allowed women to come here and read and then realize that the health issues they were facing for sometimes many, many years were all to do with an implant that was placed in their body. Then they could decide if/when they wanted to take action to try to rectify their situation.

I’ve had many digs at me from those who decided that I should not be giving medical advice. However, I have never done that. Instead women wrote their problems here and I used them along with research to show other women that mesh had been the whole problems all along. Add research and links I have provided, this blog has become a source of information that you will never find in one place. From early on this has been my mission for my blog.

I can’t tell you the amount of hours I have put into learning and writing, but it has been my pleasure to do it because it is the right thing to do. I did not expect that I would continuously learn more and keep writing blogs, but as with anything in life, there are always new things to learn. Now that the Internet has caught up with mesh injuries, we cannot be complacent because all cases from this round of lawsuits will settle within two years and much of it will disappear. That is why all I have learned and written about is very important and must stay current. Not everything is completely current I admit, but this blog has also been about my journey while battling doctors who would not admit there was a problem with the implant that was put inside me. They did not care when I needed help after my surgeries and would not listen that I was suffering and this hasn’t just happened to me, it happens to many women. The journey has been hell at times, but I kept writing because I knew it would touch a cord with every woman who had been treated badly and it would help her to keep fighting, just as I had done.

They say if you really live life then you never stop learning and I can attest to that, that it is so true. I have gone through many bad times of anger and sadness and I had to work at getting my mind in a better place. Writing helped me accomplish that and to find a way to live with the issues I remain battling. Anger didn’t help me do that but changing how I dealt with it did. Now I can say I am in a better place when it comes to the emotional side of dealing with mesh complications. It helps because after having it removed, I could finally sleep better and had less pain.

There are times when everything went haywire and I was not sure how to deal with it, but learning how to find a calmness in my own life also helped me to feel better. Stress can be a huge trigger for pain and inflammation. I have learned that there is no going back and I cannot live the way I used to nor take pleasure in many things I can no longer do. But I CAN change my thinking and have found other things that make me happy. Things that relieve my stress and my anger.

After five years there is a new turning point in my life. For years I sent letters and gifts to celebrities to try to be noticed so that someone would help me get the awareness out there and/or help raise funds. All my beating down doors resulted in nothing and that was highly stressful and was disheartening. So instead when I knew a woman was going through bad times after surgery, I asked my daughter to get me some supplies and I made small gifts to send out just to let the woman know someone cared and understood what she was dealing with. That made ME feel good. I have also been the recipient of some lovely gifts that women sent to me as a thank you for helping them deal with their long days and nights of anguish and I treasure every one of them.

Now with my daughter’s help and generosity, I have a new mission To send women something that gives them a lift after surgery and you can do the same to women you know or you can tell your family that you would like to enjoy receiving something from our Mesh Angel range, learn more here and there is a shop link above this blog or you can go direct to the store

In time we will be able to put together small gift boxes ready for Christmas gifts that family or friends can buy and the profit will go to send a gift to another mesh injured woman. Just keep watching the store for new products.

I have no interest in making money from these lovely gifts and the aim is to take any profit and put it back into merchandise to add more items and/or send out gifts to women who are having surgeries at UCLA. If the response grows we can send out to hospitals all around the country and hopefully one day around the world. To do this my daughter sold things we had to raise the first gift money and if you have no interest in buying any Mesh Angel product you can make a donation either in your name or anonymously. Let’s help give many Angels a special day to remember and put a smile on their face. It doesn’t take a whole lot when you are recovery from surgery, all it takes is a small gift to say you care.

My daughter has designed not just the Mesh Angel logo but has designed another for Mesh Survivors and we have custom made ribbon available. We already have ribbon in stock for the first Mesh Angel logo and the new Mesh Survivor ribbon is on the way. For a limited time she is putting in either an extra bonus gift you can share or wear, or one yard of Mesh Angel ribbon, according to what we have available. We know every mesh injured woman has little money to spare which is why our prices are so low and why Kim has worked so hard to get the best deals from manufacturers.

In other news about this blog, just above a blog you will see various titles. If you click on the first one Mesh & Your Health you will see drop down links. If you click on the doctor’s link, a link will show out to the left that will give you hernia mesh of pelvic mesh doctors along with UCLA hospital and blogs I wrote about my own trips out there and all that I could learn.

The next one is about Money Matters. There are blogs I have written as I learn things, but I cannot help you with your case.

The third drop down is about Mesh Stories. These have been so important for women to read as they struggle through their own health issues, while they wait for mesh removal.

Next in line is Wellness Education. Everything I learned while trying to get through my time waiting for mesh removal, after mesh removal and from other women, is on this list. Whenever possible I add something new.

Last in line is a link for the Shop. There are drop downs to allow you to learn more about all we are trying to do now. One day we hope to add more ways to help women.

At the very top of this blog is another line of links. First one is About Me.

Next in line is ‘No More Mesh’ art you can print out and use free of charge to help you raise your own funds.  We also have a new category under “Mesh Alliance” for the new artwork being produced now.

Next in line is a blog my daughter kept when she went through a terrible time after taking eleven pills of Cipro in just five days. She was crippled for months and wanted to share what happened and all she did to fight her way back to being more normal. Cipro is given out like candy to mesh injured women and the results can be devastating. So click on CIPRO DAMAGE to learn more.

Last in line at the top is STOP MESH. If you don’t know what is going on behind the scenes you could be taken advantage of. There are many players and the more you know the better you can be prepared.

Don’t forget. If you want someone to learn what can happen when mesh implants are placed in our bodies, but they don’t have a good knowledge of reading English, look to the bottom right side and you will see TRANSLATE. They can change to their own language to make it easier to read and understand.

All these changes are designed to help you learn and understand all that has happened to you and how to deal with it. If you are searching for answers and don’t yet have a mesh implant, they are on this blog. Regardless of how much I write and how much work Kim does to make this blog more accessible, it still takes you to learn and understand. We can’t do that for you.

I hope you can now find what you are searching for but it takes a lot of reading to really get a good knowledge of what has and is happening to women. This is the true purpose of this blog.

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  1. CC Crane

    My mesh put in 2002 I have had A total hysterectomy because would Help me urinate ??? I have been thru Cleavland Clinic Hospital 1 1/2 of test MRI Cat scans many various PROBLEMS and after getting surgery app Went to Dr and they just said No do not think we can help .. My copays exceeded 8 thousand .. Then moved to east coast of Florida I am sorry will get back at this Having migraine and finding hard to think or type Grateful to have found you C C


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