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A couple of weeks ago I received a call from a woman I have known a long time and she was very concerned that women who use Facebook click like on anything that rolls through concerning mesh. Yes this is a dangerous practice because as our cases draw to a close, anyone who wants your personal information can use tracking software to find out more about you. There are so many unscrupulous people who use the Internet and of course Jane Akre and Aaron Horton want to know as much as possible about you and your case and will use any means possible. In fact my daughter was asked to look into the Mesh Warrior’s site (Aaron Horton claims she owns it but she is NOT a director, Jane Akre is) and she did just that. The reason being is that one woman found out that her name was being used without her permission to raise funds for the Mesh Warrior. When my daughter had time she found out some interesting information. Yes, if you make a comment on that site your name goes in a pot to be used for raising funds. This is a good example of a tracking software and only those making a lot of money can afford it. You can read it all from links at the end of this blog.

So ladies please don’t click ‘like’ on anything or make a comment if there are warning signs such as lawyers or doctors adverts on the site you go to or when you click on a Facebook link it takes you to a notice asking if you want to join a lawsuit. You do not know where this is going and who will use your information.

This friend also told me that she gets all her information direct from Google and asked if I knew about it. No I didn’t. So she told me she set hers up and she receives anything new to do with vaginal mesh, stories and cases. She said that it openly shows that Jane Akre plagiarizes her stories as they are repeats of other reporters work. This did not surprise me because the Internet is full of people who plagiarize and I know this happens because when I research to help women understand their complications, I find the same thing over and over again and search harder to find scholarly articles instead of the usual crap.

What else can you do? First you have to understand that Jane Akre is NOT all knowing and is first to discover everything there is about your lawsuit. You can be independent and find out what is of interest to you. First thing though if you want to know something contact your lawyer and ask. If you are not satisfied with the answer then search for yourself.

Jane Akre continually asks women for money to give them information. But why put money in her pocket when you can find out what you want to know? First though you need to understand that not every case is registered in the same court. We set up one for me then I could not find my case and that got me worried. So I contacted my lawyer and found it was NOT with the majority of cases. So this did not help. So ask your lawyer where your case has been filed before you go to a lot of trouble. I will not discuss my case or where it is filed so please do not ask. That link for constant updates is provided at the end of this blog.

The thing is, the more you are independent the safer you are. Don’t give ANYONE your information or be blackmailed to pay for what is legally yours!

So how do you get your own court information? It is free to register and you get so many pages free and then it only costs 10 cents a page. This is the link

This is how you can get your own Google alerts. Step two will ask you for key words and she told me she put in vaginal mesh. You may want to add your particular type if you only want that information and not others.
And you can also add this blog if you choose to. Mesh angel Network. Read this

Here is one for lawyers and you can find out about your case if you choose to. Read this

Now if you still believe Jane Akre is a legitimate reporter who cares so much about mesh injured women, then there is nothing more I can do for you except to say “What you don’t know WILL hurt you” This are links to give you the truth. Read them at will.

Is your name being used without your permission on the Mesh Warrior foundation? The link and instructions are on this blog and you may consider that this could be illegal. If you find your name there, I personally would contact my lawyer and tell them and then tell Jane Akre or Aaron Horton you want it removed right now.

If you have a lien or loan on your case you may want to read this

You may not have noticed that although Estelle Tasz (now Hilliard) was caught and proven she is a fraud, Jane Akre never once removed any of her fictional stories about this woman. Read this

And read this one to understand how everyone connects

If you want more proof read this

Jane Akre constantly threatens when she does not get women to hand over their money. Read this

And if you missed my blog about what is going on you can read it here

Everyone is entitled to learn or to ignore anything that is written in any blog or over the Internet. But sometimes burying our heads can be disastrous. Remember what you don’t know WILL hurt you.


  1. Patti

    I need help and not whee to turn. Had sacralcopolpexy in January & about to have my 4th surgery. Struggling with urine retention (self cathing), bladder pain, (new issue) fecal oncontinence. Being treated at Mayo (Rochester) now but just found out I have unrepairable damage to the rectal wall &/or the nerves in that area.
    Not even sure whee to turn.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Patti I know exactly what you are going through and I have two words. Dr. Raz. I know women from your area and that is where they wound up. The Mayo Clinic can’t help you.


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