Jane Akre’s Retirement Plan

Please understand while I recap past events and then I will explain the reason for this blog.

Five years and four months ago I was implanted with a mesh product that I never understood what it was and how it would change my life. Life became a daily struggle and went on until the mesh was completely removed and then I had to learn how to live with the remaining complications. It has been really tough. However I never understood that by filing a lawsuit I was going to be targeted by unscrupulous people. By writing a blog to help women understand what had happened to me I became a useful idiot for a while until I saw through what was going on. Then by speaking out so that other women would not wind up as targets just like I was, my life became a living hell for a short period until people figured out everything I said was the truth. I had never lied to women about my own issues with mesh and nor was I about to leave them hanging onto a lie created by anyone who would potentially use them without their full knowledge

I said at the time I posted the truth that we are all adults and we should read the evidence and decide for ourselves if we want to believe it. I never pushed it on any woman and left them to decide. However for me to stay quiet about what I knew was going on, I would have been just as bad as them and I can assure you my aim is to be honest. It was not long after people realized the truth that I began receiving messages apologizing for things that were said about both me and my daughter, who helped me expose the lies being told.

It did not take many months when the donations began drying up, when Jane Akre began showing her true colors. She began getting frustrated with lack of donations and has taken on more and more unsavory characters in her writings and she has used other women to get what she wants. Last year it was Estelle Tasz who is an unscrupulous character herself and even after I exposed her lies, Jane continued to work with her by taking her to a court house and on trips with her. She knew by this time that the woman was a complete liar and yet she went with her for a surgery posting pictures of the woman in a wheelchair with her leg up across her lap. Women sent me messages because they were up in arms over the fact that no injured woman could sit that way after any mesh removal surgery. We all believed she was a complete fraud. However before I realized what she was up to I had written a blog saying exactly what this woman told me, that she was dying and needed funds to get out to UCLA. I was duped and apologized for my action and I tried to get their money back. She was not giving anything back however and she stole sixteen hundred dollars from women who could not afford to give it and yet they felt empathy for this poor woman. It was then that I exposed what she had done and yet at first not everyone was supportive believing I was such a bad person even though I had spent years helping women.

At the end of this blog I am going to give you all the links to ones I wrote about who these people are and why this latest folly needs to be told.

People who tell the truth are often called whistle blowers. However unless you do this you will not have any clue as to what it does to your own life. Good women worried about our safety and since that day we have a safety plan with our own local law enforcement. It had to be done just in case something was to happen here at our home. I hope it will never be needed but when you have been threatened you don’t have a choice but to make a plan.

Since that time we have tried hard to live a somewhat normal life and because of stress of this and my own health issues I have cut back on talking to injured women because I want to try to live better myself. Better means doing things I love to do in a creative way. I cannot leave my home without my daughter’s help because I no longer drive and money is always close for us, so we don’t go out very much. So to get through my own health issues, I design and make things without spending much money. It gives me great joy and happiness and gets me through a very hard time.

I no longer follow Jane Akre’s site (Mesh Medical Device News Desk) because she plagiarizes so many articles from others including myself. Not only that but she adds her own lies to stories to make women think she is doing such a great job for them. However, she has been caught out on more than one occasion and I am going to share links so that you can read for yourself. Regardless of lies she tells someone out there always knows the truth and all you have to do is go to the right person to ask a question.

Not only this, but women are watching what she is doing with eagle eyes. They no longer trust her so when something she writes sends off warning bells, they send links to both me and my daughter. They want other women to know the truth and they know we will find and write the truth. So when warning bells went off about Jane Akres new MAM rally and organization, they wanted to know who a new woman was who seemed to be at the head of it. Her name is Lisa Mason and I have never heard of her and truly hope she is just another misguided woman who thinks doing this rally will help our cause. I know nothing else and told women this so it was a wait and see time to see why this organization was formed. When it comes to things Jane Akre sets up, there is always a reason. I can tell you that the rally fell flat because so few turned up now that most women now know not to follow Jane’s orders.

Much of the time things are quiet however and only a few days ago, an update on Estelle Tasz came in and she now uses the name Hilliard. She was arrested and I am going to give you that link at the bottom of this blog. The good news is her husband Mike Tasz divorced Estelle and I just heard through the grapevine that he just got full custody of the little girl they had adopted together. I say thank God for a good judge. Women said to me he had to know what she was up to but I have seen how pathological liars work and they can fool anyone they know including those they live with. Now I want to wish him a better life to raise his little girl as I am sure he has gone through so much money trying to rid himself of a terrible women. I just hope he too has a plan in place just in case she decides to get rid of him. Sadly it has happened more than once in these cases and honestly you cannot take any chances.

It never rains of course without it pours and just a couple of days ago both my daughter and I received a link about a new plan Jane Akre had come up with and women were up in arms over it. You see she is behind a plan to set up a non-profit organization and wants all women to be treated financially equally REGARDLESS of their injuries. This way the nonprofit fund directors will control the money and tell women where they can go for a surgery and which doctor will do their removal. Women are extremely angry because they do NOT want anyone else speaking for them or taking control of their finances.

Remember I have spoken to hundreds of women and I know what this has done to their lives. Right now women are fighting cancer while living with complications from their mesh injuries. Women have lost their homes and their careers because they cannot work. I hear their stories and feel their pain. I know how many times women have fallen and broken bones, then stayed in casts for weeks. I’ve been there and know how devastating this is. Then to think you have to leave your home, find something cheaper and do all this while suffering horrendous pain and going through more surgeries, it is a terrible situation. It breaks my heart.

Women trust me and share with me their stories when their partner leaves them because they can no longer have sex. They have to raise children alone and often live close to poverty level. I know when women have surgeries to remove their colons or damaged bladders, or have the Interstem implant to try to relieve pain. I know when doctors mentally abuse women who dare to tell them of their suffering. I know when they are going through withdrawal from pain medications that are killing them. I know the PTSD they live with and refuse to go to a doctor’s office because just the thought sends them crashing. I know this because I live that way too. Continuous surgeries means indwelling catheters that rip the inside of your bladder while causing more infections. Many. Many antibiotics that cause terrible reactions and your doctor looks at you as if you are a liar. I’ve been there.

So after you read it I want you to ask yourself what you think of Jane Akre’s new plan to set up a fund that will be used up by administration fees to give those in charge a nice living and Jane a nice free retirement plan. Did you give these women permission to speak for you? Do you think women’s rights should be taken away and they can treat you like a child while they decide if you should have any money for surgery and who you should go to? If you are now angry at the very thought, I am giving you a direct link at the bottom of this blog so that you can send it to your own lawyer and tell them you are not any part of this scheme and you want this stopped. I did just that and so have other women.

So let’s look intelligently at why their idea not only stinks, but will NEVER work. Do you think that every mesh manufacturer is going to put any amount of money into an account for every woman implanted and injured by their products? These idiots don’t get it obviously, but this would mean their products are defective. This is why they are fighting so hard not to give us money right now and they are NOT going to do this at any time willingly. As for lawyers getting on board with this, it is ridden with stupidity. Do you think lawyers are going to give up a chance to sue on women’s behalf and get their own pay day? What planet are these people living on?

Next up. What about equal pay out? Isn’t that called a class action? Every woman is injured differently and this is why their cases are going under tort law.

So what if a woman has already had 20 surgeries and never understood the full impact was because of mesh until years later. By that time she has suffered so much she no longer wants a surgery EVER again. IN fact I know I have some kind of prolapse right now and the thought of going through yet another surgery, risking injury to my already badly injured bladder and lying in bed for weeks scared to death wondering which antibiotic will wind up killing me, I too can never face any surgery EVER again. So what would this mean to any woman like this in the future? Will they say “sorry you aren’t having another surgery, so too bad for you, you don’t need money?” “The money is ours to do what WE choose and you are out of luck!”

My question is, where was Jane Akre and her followers when women were searching for funds to travel for surgery? Where were they when women were losing their homes? I can tell you where she was. Sitting in her own nice home asking for donations from mesh injured women. Does any one of her followers ever talk to women who are about to lose everything? I think not!

Now when you read my daughter’s blogs you will notice she uses some unsavory language when she writes. However if you ever meet her that is not how she talks. But I can understand why she does it because for more than five years she has cared for me, driven hundreds of miles to get me back and forth to hospitals and doctors. Spent time in the ER with me worried if I will survive. Flown across the country on more than one occasion with me to have surgeries at UCLA. Ripped out my bathroom to redo it for me for my safety as I can fall far too easily, and she did the work all by herself. She has also spent many hours searching for the right supplements to fix me all to no avail and has had to change her own life to be here for me 24 hours a day. All this because of an implant product.

If any one of your children took the time to write about how they truly feel, you would see all this come out of them. Not because they are angry at you but they are angry about what has happened to you and it has to come out somewhere.

I know not every grown child helps women and many women are left to struggle alone relying on a small amount of help from a church or a friend. That is IF they still have any friends left. So don’t get caught up in how she writes, but think of what this is doing to your own loved ones who DON’T have any outlet to get the anger out. Then you will get it. Over time, my daughter has met many mesh injured women while with me and has listened to their stories and she knows the depth of destruction to women’s lives. That is why she is SO angry at what this does to women and angry at those who choose to taken financial advantage of women.

Before I give you the links to know what has happened now for me to write this blog and past blogs so that you understand what we have gone through because we refuse to stay silent and let women be used, I want to remind you of what you can do about Jane Akre’s latest plot. I will first give you the link to the story she wrote and make sure you read the comments. Then send it to your own lawyer and tell him/her that you are not part of this and she and the other women do NOT speak for you. I already did just that and received an answer back from mine immediately. They are not happy. Why is this so important for every woman to do this? The judge presiding over these cases at the Virginia courts is so angry right now because of how slow this is going and if he feels this is tampering with the court, he could throw all our cases out. Jane Akre needs to be stopped before she screws up our lives even further that we already are.

Before I end this blog I want you to know that three women have already stated they want out and that they did not understand what they were getting in to. Please do not vilify any women who openly states she made a mistake and will not be part of this idiotic plan. It is not my, nor my daughter’s intention to hurt other women who were drawn into Jane’s evil plans. I know what it is like to be taken in by her and believe me when you realize what she is doing, the pain you feel is unbearable. We all make mistakes but we own up to them and do not keep digging. However publically acknowledging this is a good plan and shows you have courage.

I know some of you are on pain medications and you have difficulty understand what is going on, but take your time and read it more than once and then send it to your lawyer with how you feel. This is that link. http://meshmedicaldevicenewsdesk.com/restorative-justice-proposal-for-transvaginal-mesh-harmed-women

Now you can read exactly what my daughter (and I ) think of their plan. This is part one. http://www.stopmesh.com/mesh-odyssey/

And this is part two. http://www.stopmesh.com/odyssey-continued/

I forgot to give you the link about Estelle Hilliard’s known once as Tasz latest mishap. No wonder Mike got full custody. http://www.wtrf.com/story/29209924/steubenville-police-39-year-old-woman-found-having-sex-with-16-year-old-boy-loaded-gun-found

Ladies there are more blogs you can read that you may have missed as of late. www.stopmesh.com

Now here are some of my blogs you may have missed in the past, where I exposed the real truth of who these people are and what they are doing. You do not HAVE to read any of them but IF you wish to be informed about who may take advantage of your situation I have told what I know and who are doing it.

First this is how it all began. I did not know at the time that Estelle was using her husband Mike’s email. http://meshangels.com/2014/07/caught-up-in-drama/

Then I had to inform women who I was again. http://meshangels.com/2014/07/this-is-who-i-am

Then after a series of unbelievable happenings, I posted this blog http://meshangels.com/2014/07/devastation/

Women became worried about our situation and I shared that http://meshangels.com/2014/07/fear/

I then felt I was at a crossroad http://meshangels.com/2014/07/crossroads/

I began writing about things that could help women but it wasn’t long before I had to post more about what I was dealing with. http://meshangels.com/2014/08/support-groups-mayhem/

When things sunk in I felt quite devastated and wrote this http://meshangels.com/2014/08/used-lied-to/

Things moved on before yet again Jane raised her ugly head http://meshangels.com/2014/08/bad-patient-advocates/

Then I wrote about Aaron Horton who calls herself the Mesh Warrior. I want you to know that a couple of days ago she stated that she was not the one who invited Estelle to lunch. This meaning my daughter and I did. However we did not. Estelle invited herself here on the way back to UCLA. At the time I spoke to her on the phone and said to her that if she was so sick how she could divert herself through Texas on the way to California. I was beginning to see the light but still did not want to think she was such a liar. She did not come here. This is the Aaron Horton blog http://meshangels.com/2014/09/aaron-horton/

I tried to go back to work on helping women but before long I had to write again http://meshangels.com/2014/10/lies-cover-up/

When my daughter did more research on Estelle I had to post yet again as this woman uses more than one name and was working her way back into mesh women’s closed Facebook pages. http://meshangels.com/2014/10/estelle-the-con-artist/

I have tried to warn women that in the closed groups there are people who wish to make money from your situation and I wrote this blog http://meshangels.com/2014/05/raising-funds/

And this was a follow up blog http://meshangels.com/2014/05/scams-snake-oil-part-two/

I know that we are all gullible and I can assure you I was too. I am now trying to be more aware and not fall into the same pattern of believing anything. The stress of this has been so hard on me but because I knew what these people were about I refused to cover it up. There are a few women who worked hard to kick my Facebook Mesh Angel Network page off but it did not work. I am here to tell the truth not just about mesh and what it does to our bodies, but of all the pitfalls of those to seek gain from our pain.


  1. Bella

    Thank you Linda. I love and cherish you and your daughter and everything the two of you do.

  2. michelle

    FINALLY some justice for Estelle. How sick ! She apparently has experienced an unprecedented recovery from mesh and what was supposedly repeated surgeries with severe complications. Lock her up and throw away the key.

    Thanks for all of your efforts and information. It is vital information and shines light on the darkness of greed and lies. I have a call into my attorney and will inform them of the scam and that I will never be a part of such a thing.

    1. lavalinda

      Michelle when I promised to inform women of anything I knew I had to continue because none of us deserve this. No one should lie to us and use us.


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