Proving it’s the Mesh

Many of my blogs come about because by writing them, I save time when I hear from women. It may take an hour or so to write one, but it saves me countless of hours later as I can just give someone the link when I receive a question. Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and as always after any holiday or family events I receive messages from both sons and daughters who realize something is very wrong with their mother.

You see there is a reason they don’t know until things really go downhill. Mothers are wonderful at covering up there health issues because others come before them. Often it is a sick partner or child they feel they need to care for and be there for 24 hours a day and illness on their behalf gets shoved back as much as possible. However, when it comes to mesh complications you can’t keep pushing it aside because it does not improve, it only worsens.

Women give me their symptoms all the time and it is strange to me when they ask “Could it be the mesh?” The reason I find it strange is because when you Google mesh complications there are a pages of lawyers with lists as long as your arm about the kind of complications there are, and most women have several of them. Now granted not all are listed, just the most reported. So I find myself saying things like “Believe in what you are feeling. It is the mesh”.

Yesterday, when a young woman asked me about her mother’s condition I of course do not expect her to understand because it isn’t her body. Unless you live it you cannot possibly understand, but to search for answers to me means she is a very loving daughter who wants to help her mother. She also now knows her mother is going downhill fast. She did tell me her mother had the usual tests like MRI and other things and nothing showed up. Here is the reason. Mesh is designed to become part of your body and stick to your organs. The problem is as time goes on it hardens and moves.

Hardens. Yes it becomes like a rock in time and it shrivels. Then often it erodes. Erosion means it pokes its way through your bladder or vagina or other places and causes extreme pain. Some women find it actually sticks out of their vagina and even then their doctors deny they have mesh complications. Why? Because they wish to continue doing this to other women and you become an outright annoyance. So they are often mean to women because they don’t want that annoyance staring them in the face. So by being mean, they oust you and they can go on their merry way, inserting it into more and more women.

Or when a woman goes back to the insertion doctor they will order a barrage of tests that will prove to you there is nothing wrong and it is all in your head. They KNOW these tests won’t show mesh complications. But they don’t care about the anguish they will put you through, let alone the expense. They just want to keep doing what they do and make a dam good living from injuring women.

So when a woman has gone through all the tests and nothing is found, generally she will keep trying to do for everyone in her household until she reaches breaking point. No sleep is a huge factor. Nights of switching from bed, to couch to a recliner or chair where they can get comfortable for a short spell to take a cat nap. But they are always in pain and deep sleep is rare. How do I know all this? I lived it before all the mesh and anchors were removed from my body.

The young woman told me her dad was so angry and anxious about his wife he was ready to call a lawyer to see if they would take it seriously. No you should NOT call a lawyer first before you set up an appointment with a doctor who can remove it all. You do that first, then worry about a lawyer. This is because lawyers aren’t in the business of helping women get better. They are in the business of suing the mesh manufacturers.

So I told her to call Dr. Raz office and make the consult appointment first then worry about how to get there, money to pay for it and a lawyer AFTER doing that.

Everyone wants me to give them a doctor who is right on their doorstep. Sorry I can’t. If you think I don’t know what I am talking about, then you don’t know that for five years I have dedicated myself to finding out about doctors around this country and the world. First because when I was in the same situation, I had no money left and no insurance, so I began writing this blog. Women came forward and day and night I took their phone calls. They told me about doctors. Named them and what had happened to them through countless surgeries. They told me about their PTSD and what a mess their bodies were left in. I listened and I learned.

What I learned made me stand up and take notice. I knew by the time I was eligible for Medicare at age 65, I was going to give myself the best chance at a future. I was going out to UCLA and Dr. Raz.

When I told my daughter where I wanted to go, she may have thought I was crazy but she also knew I was on the phone night and day with other injured women. She knows me well. I learn and try to find an answer so that I can move forward. So I sold my car to get the funds to travel. At that time I did not know that being low income meant I could get a free flight for me and someone to go with me. I did not know I could get a discount on the hotel that is very near the hospital. That all came later and I will give you the link at the bottom of this blog.

So when you ask me how to prove it is the mesh that is responsible for your pain and downhill turn, I am going to tell you the same thing other women told me. Go to Dr. Raz and he will confirm it. He is NOT going to get on the phone with your lawyer to help your case. He has to see you In a consult and then YOU can inform your lawyer of his diagnosis. I won’t bullshit you (sorry I have lived in Texas 45 years) and I won’t spend hours giving you useless information. I don’t get paid to give you that info, I am PAYING IT FORWARD.

I don’t know how much longer he can do what he does best, but every day he is able to do it I am forever grateful. I no longer need his services because he removed all mine and I can sing to the world “I am MESH FREE”. But I am not the only woman injured and I have a duty to share that he is THE BEST IN THE WORLD! You choose anyone else that is quite okay as we are all free spirits. But I won’t send you to anyone else because I don’t know what kind of injuries mesh is causing you and I don’t have time to research them.

On Mother’s Day I wrote about an 82 year old woman who had mesh removed by him a month ago and I was so happy to hear from her and know she made it through, was doing well and was home. All I can say is “God bless Dr. Raz”. I knew it was in her colon and she was struggled not just with pain but with embarrassing issues. When asked what can I do I told her where I would go and the reasons why. I did not know for some time if she went because I did not hear from her again until she was about to head out for surgery. I was worried. Eighty-two years old means it was very touch on her and could have gone down badly had she gone to anyone else. I felt the full weight on my shoulders and all I could do was hope and pray for her. I will give you the link in a moment.

So you can spend weeks to months going on support groups and listening to all those who say “Go to this doctor because he/she is great”. But I know the results of many of those doctors because women trust me and tell me. But I cannot tell you because it would be hearsay. They won’t tell you either. So make a decision and ignore everyone who wants to steer you away from it. This is YOUR LIFE. I am not responsible for it and neither are they.

This blog will take you to many blogs I wrote as I travelled down the road to getting my mesh removed and after it. I did not stop writing while going through it all. I lay in bed after each surgery with my laptop piled on top of pillows to protect my stomach because I was recovering. Here is that blog. Read and learn or fall into a huge trap you cannot climb out of. It’s your choice.

Read more about the 82 year old woman here.


  1. beth


    Ladies, don’t waste your time on no good doctors. This man will help you. HE will listen to you and you will be so glad you went to see him.
    Dr Raz removed my mesh Monday May 11, 2015. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!

    thank you linda 🙂

    1. katie

      Please help.I need answers on where to go to get the mesh removed.My doc advised it must come out and I have to research for a doctor to remove it.

      1. lavalinda
      2. Beth

        Katie, take the time to read this whole blog. You will learn so much. I promise..educate yourself. Best wishes honey

    2. T

      How wonderful for you, Beth! We just missed each other out there! I was there for my consult. My surgery and hopefully day of my new beginning is October 29th. I pray that your recovery will be complete without complications. Blessings!!

  2. lavalinda

    I can hear you yell at the top of your voice because you want the world to know that at last you are free from this terrible implant. This was a long journey for you and I know how hard it was and YOU still fought hard. I am so happy for you.

  3. Freda Kirby

    Are there Doctors in Virginia who are experienced in removing bladder slings?

    1. lavalinda

      Sorry Freda I cannot recommend any. I know many women from your State who went to UCLA.

  4. Rhonda

    Hello could someone please tell me if they know of any doctors that do full mesh removal that are good in the Seattle WA area?


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