2nd World Mesh Awareness Day

May 1st is the second annual mesh awareness day and to recognize all that mesh injured women have gone through and to raise awareness so that it does not happen to other women for lack of knowledge. Last year I decided that we needed a day and I named a day to honor all the women who are injured by medical mesh. No there was no permission, nor proclamation. The medical industry is ignoring what is happening to women around the world and I decided it was high time we had our own day. There is a day for other illnesses such as breast cancer, but what other women may not know is that many mesh injured women also go through cancer after mesh has been placed into their bodies. Why? Well the only place that is keeping records of what is happening to women is at UCLA in California and they are seeing so many issues with immune disorders. Could this be that plastic placed inside women’s bodies is causing their immune systems to crash and as a result, other illnesses follow? Well UCLA believes so and so do we injured women.

Before I continue, I sent a note to Dr. Raz thanking him for his wonderful care of mesh injured women and I told him that no other doctor will leave behind such a long lasting legacy. I also said that every day I wonder what women will do without him as he truly is the best in the world. He answered with a thank you for my kind words. I hope those of you who have had removal by him will also let him know how grateful you are.

The day before I had my mesh removal I participated in a video while out at UCLA. By that time it had been two years and seven months until Dr. Raz removed it all including the anchors that held it in place. However much of the damage done was permanent and my body although better than before, still suffers from many maladies. I work hard at trying to stay as well as possible, but it is often disheartening to have many days when I don’t feel well and I have had several falls from my nerve injury. This is why I keep fighting to raise awareness of the serious side effects of mesh. I will give you a link to that video at the bottom of this blog. However it has been two and a half years since I spoke about what has happened to women and sadly I know so much more about continuing complications after mesh removal because I live it and I listen to other women who live it too.

I know many women have stayed silent because of what their lawyers have told them. I understand why. Mesh complications take everything away from us and our families and money is a constant struggle, and trying to find funds to travel to have it removed far from home is difficult and stressful. But this is why I continue to choose to speak out. I can’t stay silence and allow women to go through a long and painful struggle that can lead to death because of implant products that is doing damage in their bodies.

Many of us suffer from medical PTSD because of constant surgeries and visits to doctors who treat us like we are liars and drug addicts. The very doctors who put it into our bodies turn their backs on us because they want to make money. We know doctors go to school for many years and have huge loans. We know they have to find ways to pay for these loans and it is a struggle. But why don’t they recognize that we are struggling every day, not just financially because of these implants but with constant pain. Is it too much to ask that doctors open their eyes and recognize that hundreds of thousands of women can’t all be liars and drug addicts?

How can these products not be removed from the market when the results are that 30% of all women who have mesh implanted, will remain with permanent nerve damage. 30% is huge! If any prescription drug was causing this much long term damage to men and women, it would be removed from the market and yet our health issues are ignored. WHY? We don’t get any answers and hundreds of thousands of people will continue to be injured unless they stop using it.

If you are a doctor and you read this blog, please stand up and be counted. Say NO to mesh until more long term data has been collected by ALL doctors who put these products into women’s bodies and the results openly and honestly declared. Ten years of data on every women implanted with mesh needs to be collected and examined by outsiders who do not make money from these products. We need GOOD doctors to take the wheel to stop the debilitating injuries being done to women of all ages. We need brave and honest doctors to speak out and say that the seriousness of what is happening to the women of the world, is true. Surely there are other ways you can make money, than by injuring thousands of women.

I know many women believe mesh should be removed from the market, based on their terrible injuries. I always felt that way too until I began to rationalize why our governments won’t do it. They can’t! The reason being is that the pharmaceutical companies have grown into giants and are powerful voices. They have the funds to stop it from being removed. They can pay lobbyists to make sure our voices will stay silent. But the money they make won’t be used to help injured women have these products removed and make sure they have funds to pursue future medical treatment and aftercare for their constant illnesses. It will be used to continue making more products that will be injuring more women and to make sure they can use them.

Mesh can kill!

Medical mesh is being used in other areas of surgeries such as hernia repair and I am not discounting the voices of thousands of men and women who remain suffering long term disabilities. However, I understand the effects of pelvic floor mesh and can only guess at the suffering of hernia mesh victims. I hope they too will continue to speak out and tell what is happening to themselves and others because I can’t do this alone and neither can they. IN the meantime I will share anonymously any story of injury done because of mesh as I have done in the past. This is the story of a young woman and mother who lost her battle to live

The financial losses of injured women must now be in the millions. This is because many have suffered longer than ten years and lost their careers and financial stability because they can no longer work. I know so many bright and intelligent women who are left to suffer in bed without any financial assistance and they spend three years fighting to get disability. It is a long hard fight because our own government refuses to recognize that mesh injuries are a very serious disability. But don’t give up ladies. Keep fighting and work hard to move forward and not just accept what has happened.

I know what a struggle this is to keep fighting when you are in pain. But I also want to recognize and honor those family members who hang in when they too suffer from the effects of all that has happened to us. They miss the people we were. Partners. Mothers, sisters and daughters are all affected by what has happened to us. They want to get us back the way we were and yet they can’t do it any more than we can. They try to do what they can financially and yet there is never enough money. It takes a huge toll on them as well as on us and we have to be aware how lucky we are when some stick around. I thank God they do and how much I appreciate they care so much to walk the long walk with us.

Today is a day to share with ALL women about these products and try to save at least one woman’s future. I hope you will share this blog and let women know how much you care.

This video is long but I hope it will help other women understand what happens after mesh. Please watch

I still suffer every day and my life is a challenge. Another video to show the mess made to any life after mesh. There are many days that I cannot attempt to go up any steps because of leg pain and the fear of falling. Here it is

I saw an artistic version of a woman suffering in anguish and I thought the artist depicted exactly what women are going through because of medical mesh. This is the link to her work if you want to purchase this and send it to a mesh injured woman. You can read about this artist here and see all her work

To all mesh injured people, today is the day to say to you that I truly care about what has happened to you and I send you my love. Once again I want to thank my own daughter Kim for helping me when I struggle. I love you with all my heart.


  1. beth

    Thank you… I will never be able to Thank you enough..Without you and your Mesh Angel Network I would still be looking for answers. It is so sad that you have had to go through this Hell. I have wasted so much time and effort and endured so much heartache from useless so called doctors. I am so Thankful that I found you.
    1 week from today I will be 3,000 miles away from my kid’s and family getting ready for my total Mesh removal from Dr.Shlomo Raz, only because I found you. Mesh has took so much from me, my family and friends, Mentally as much as Physically. I am ready to have my life back. I encourage any woman that is having mesh problems, to read your blog, and Go to Dr.Raz ASAP.

    You are my Super Star!
    I will share your post/blog 1st thing in the morning, May 1 2015, Mesh Awareness Day.
    MUCH Love and Great Big Hugs to you my Friend.

    1. lavalinda

      Hugs back to you Beth. Your day will soon be here and although I know you are anxious I will be at your side figuratively. We’ll chat when you get back home and feel better.

  2. chastity.pickford@gmail.com

    I don’t know if you remember me, I found out 3 weeks ago, I have cancer. This article hit me like a ton of bricks I’m speechless. Lots of love to you and thank you.


    1. lavalinda

      Yes I do Chastity. I will send you an email and hope you will be okay.

  3. Teresa Hughes

    Well done for the continuation of Mesh Awareness Day for the second year running and for helping and highlighting the serious injuries women are going through with these evil mesh medical devices.

    Teresa Hughes

    1. lavalinda

      Teresa I am glad to hear from you as I know you have many days of suffering. With Love.

  4. Kenda

    I pray for all women involved. I don’t know how much more I can endure. I have no income and family here has pretty much told us they can’t take care of me. So coming to CA for help to get none. Haven’t seen my kids in 3 yrs. mesh makers coloplast has stole my life i was hoping to be back home in MD to see my son graduate and first grandson due anyday. I hate this life it’s not worth living anymore. Constant pain, discharge , bleeding, nothing to call my own. I can’t even go buy a soda. I also believe this mesh has progressed my PKD and now I need dialysis stage 5 kidney failure. Thanks coloplast for ur help in becoming a worthless depressed deprived mother.

    1. lavalinda

      Kenda I am so sorry for your situation. I spent a few years trying to find a way to fund raise to help women but the people I trusted were more interested in fund raising for themselves. I am so sad for you and care deeply.

  5. Sharon

    Kenda, I feel exactly like you many times. I have argued with God over the terrible condition I was left in. Nerve damage down both legs, pelvic area, and groin. I fell and broke my foot. I drove myself to the hospital today because my foot hurt so bad. They were surprised the doctor I saw hadn’t casted it (so there you go – doctors vary greatly in their skill and diligence). I pulled the blanket over my head and cried – because the pain in my legs was so bad. I have had this affect my life in such far-reaching ways, it is incalculable. The mesh manufacturers should go to jail for ruining lives. It all boils down to greed – something that runs every aspect of this country now.

    1. Kenda

      Yes Sharon they should pay dearly. I bet no one close to them has such implants. No one will be able to make it better or make it go away. I’ve heard some coloplast cases have settled. Not any guidance from my attorney. I’m still fighting for my disability. Three years of no income means no birthdays no holiday celebrations nothing. I have no close family besides my children to turn too. This has been an experience that will never end. Hang on to hope is all we can do. I know my faith has surely been tested. Thanks Linda I know you have given so much already. Is there any other way to help our case? I have a class action but will they know everything to tell them when I even forget all my issues sometimes because the pain is everywhere and it’s hard to even think at all.

      1. lavalinda

        Kenda I am like you, I hear nothing about our cases except some companies are working hard to get them thrown out. I wish those judges would read all the comments on this blog and then they would believe all the women and throw them in jail. They know what is happening to women and so do the doctors who continue to put it into our bodies.

  6. Jenny Stewart

    Hi I was hoping someone could help me find a dr to help ?? I am not a mesh victim but am a essure EHELL victim for the past two years! I live in constant stabbing pain and have had two surguries to remove the coils ! Tubes and then 4 months later a hysterectomy ! Days later my MRI said I had fragments in my pelvis! My recent ct and xray doesn’t show the fragments well because of any reasons due to radiologists being uneducated, on what’s in the essure and how the inner coil doesn’t show up on imaging ! I recently have been studying my MRI and X-rays and ct and it clearly shows fragments in my lower back left side right where I’m hurting!! So I called the radiologist to clarify he couldn’t say what it was! I said oh ok! So until a dr clarifys I have fragments in my back as well and justifys my pain level and also finding a dr who is willing and able to help me ! I feel like I’m being stabbed constantly in my back left side ! I am a single mom with 5 kids who wants her life back! I don’t know where to turn! Im literally sitting on the floor in my bathroom crying praying hoping I can find a dr who can help!! I live in wash state and have state Molina! Would love to hear anyone’s advice help !! Please thank u for your words!! Your story touched me !!

    1. lavalinda

      Jenny I don’t understand what the coils are so I am going to contact you to learn. I am so sorry you live like this.

  7. T

    I’m glad I found this month’s ago as I see Dr. Raz May 13th ; however , as I type this I lay here in pain scared I won’t make next week . Yesterday I started having a new pain. It’s a stabbing inside my “v”, and when I looked I was bleeding from a small tear near where I feel the stabbing . I’m afraid the sling has broken, and the stabbing is a piece of the broken sling. I don’t see anything but the tear. No sling like material . What do I do ? ? The doctor who put it in has already tried to clip me on the exam table when he told me it was too tight and extruded . If I go in with this, what would happen ? ? The doctor may want to do a revision. I don’t want to let him touch me . But how can I let this keep stabbing me ? ? I might miss my shot at UCLA. I’m already worried they’re going to turn me away due to malnutrition . I’m down to 98 lbs cause of the “unrelated” GI issues I never had before this surgery . I’m scared and confused . Linda you are great . Ladies , prayers for us all!!!! God , help us please ! !

    1. lavalinda

      T, all of us have felt that way but somehow we hang in and we make it out there and live. There is nothing you can do except go to the ER if you are worried. More than likely no matter who you see will not help you or may cause more damage. You are almost there to see doctor Raz and he will help you to understand what to do until your surgery. There is a spray that you can buy and I will give you that link. It helped me so much after surgeries and I still use it when I have any discomfort. http://meshangelnetwork.com/2013/06/those-really-difficult-infections/ Do not worry about Dr. Raz turning you away. He has removed mesh from women who would have died if it remained. Please begin supplements until you have surgery.

  8. Tabitha Latson

    Thank you so much for your website. I just came across it today while researching mesh complications. Lately the pain in my pelvic area has been out of control and I am bruising all over my body (another complication from the mesh) I found the below information today regarding complications:

    Other complications and side effects of vaginal mesh implants can include:

    Severe pelvic, genital or groin pain
    Recurrence of prolapse or incontinence
    Nerve damage
    Vaginal scarring
    Degrading of the mesh
    Infection, including urinary tract infections (UTIs)
    Neuro-muscular problems
    Autoimmune problems
    Vaginal shrinkage or shortening
    Vaginal bleeding
    Blood in the stool or urine
    Painful sexual intercourse
    Urinary retention
    Vaginal discharge

    I was shocked when I saw Autoimmune problems and researched them and come to my shock Rheumatoid Arthritis is one of them which I was diagnosed with this just a couple months after my mesh implant surgery was done. I stay in constant pain daily. I wish I knew what I know now.

    1. lavalinda

      Tabitha yes the immune illnesses abound and yet they don’t compensate women for this as the say they can’t prove it.


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