What is Transvaginal Mesh

What Is Transvaginal Mesh—and What’s the Deal with Those Freaking Commercials?

You may want to close your legs when you read this.

This is what glared at me when I opened a link to an article that a mesh injured woman found yesterday. I thought “You’ve got to be kidding”. But then I read what was written I knew that Whitney C Harris was writing an article with catching headlines but she had no clue what it feels like to be mesh injured or she would have written a far more sobering headline.

It should have been called Why are Hundreds of Thousands of Women Injured by Transvaginal Mesh? and can no longer have sexual intercourse with their partners and never enjoy a relationship that combines sex with love.

Whitney, there is so much for you to learn and I hope by learning you will share with those celebrities to raise awareness to all the damage that mesh does to women’s bodies.

Every day I and thousands of women get up every day and hope we can survive. Hope it will be a day of less pain. This is what Transvaginal mesh does to women.

Whitney on May the 1st I will raise more attention by announcing the Second Annual day of Mesh Awareness. I announced the first one last year because no one cares what happens to women and we deserve our DAY! So Whitney please read this.

Whitney please go to this blog to learn what these ads are all about and read the comments

And this one to tell you what will happen when you have a hysterectomy

Whitney I realize you don’t understand what mesh complications feel like but you need to know. You are a woman and ignorance means you are susceptible to becoming yet another statistic and you will find yourself lying in bed in agony. Please, please use your position to raise awareness to this terrible situation that is happening to women every day. Yes EVERY day even now. This is because doctors are telling women that they no longer use THAT kind of mesh. It is a LIE!

Whitney we need YOUR help and I hope as a reporter you will contact me through my Facebook page Mesh Angel Network.

Ladies, this is the link to that story and I hope you will leave a comment just like I did.

The time is NOW to speak out.


  1. beth

    Thank you Linda! Great Post as usual!
    Please let us know if you get a response from Whitney. it would be nice if Chelsea Peretti ( @ChelseaVPeretti ) might see this since she tweeted about it. I seen the comments/retweets from people… it saddens me.. honestly its sickening… People are so cruel. if these people only knew.. i wish we could have seen HER TWEET on March 18th, she was on Jimmy Fallon that night.

    1. lavalinda

      Beth the sad part is I doubt if I will hear anything so I am not holding my breath.


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