Importance of B 12 for Health

I pay a lot of attention to things that roll through my Facebook page, not just from my family and mesh women but from others who deal with health issues for any reason. This happened a few days ago which made me realize I should write a blog about it to allow women the opportunity to take supplements that could protect and help them. I know the medical field knows about the problems we all face but doctors for the most part don’t tell us how to counteract any issues or suggest a simple blood test could tell you what you need to know to try to deflect some of the side effects of mesh complications.

First thing you can do is go to your local doctor and ask to be tested for the B-12 vitamin deficiency. However although it sounds simple, often you may not be able to afford the co-pay for doctor visit and the lab testing in your doctor’s office or when the test is sent away. But don’t fret. You can order any test through a lab on line and get what you need done, more affordably. Check this out In fact you can have a test done this way for absolutely anything you need to know. I do not endorse nor receive any money for giving you this link or tell you this is the way to go, but want to help those who work on their phones or who are sick and unable to research for themselves to have other options.

So why is B-12 so important? Well many women’s bodies react to the mesh implant in their bodies and they begin the long road downhill and only complete removal can give them a way to get back to better health. But in the meantime, or after removal or reconstruction surgeries you need to take good care of yourself and provide those important nutrients to get better. First you need to understand what B-12 does and this article by Dr. Oz says it all

You may be wondering about the cost and I can tell you that I take 0ne 5000mg every day and a two months’ supply at Walmart cost me $8. It is soluble and good tasting. I began taking it after I began getting outbursts of Shingles every year and I learned that B-12 can fix this without the vaccine shot and it can help with many issues of my health other than shingles. You can read this article telling you why B-12 takes care of the shingles without putting more vaccine in your body. Read this Does it work? Yes, yes, yes, I can tell you firsthand that it does.

So first learn more about this Vitamin and take action if you find you are deficient. The more we know, the better we can live. Read this

You know if you are experiencing health issues and you may not realize how important B vitamins are to our health. You may also not realize that if you are low of these vitamins, things go wrong with your body quickly and at the very least is that you will not feel well, have low energy and life doesn’t seem worth living. But you deserve to live and feel better and often the remedy is very simple and inexpensive. So get started on the road back to better health and make sure you stay on top of it, not just do vitamins on and off because you will be right back where you were before you know it.

If you want to get more B12 through your diet, read this

Shingles & Your Immune System

If you are getting older you can easily come down with a bad case of shingles, but add mesh complications to the mix and your immune system will take a hard hit and nothing you eat, may give you all you need to make you feel well again, so find out if you need it and get started now. When I was researching this vitamin I remembered how many years ago my mother-in-law would get really sick and she would wind up in hospital and they gave her B-12 and yet never told her to take it on a regular basis. Perhaps it was not readily available back in the 80’s, I really don’t know, but it is now and we can do much more to help ourselves stay well without frequent hospital stays.

There are many things we can do to help ourselves without going to a doctor who will only offer you a prescription drug with many side effects to either make you feel better or if they decide you don’t have any energy and you look really sad, they will offer you antidepressants which have many side effects to take you further downhill. Take heart that often all you need is something your body is really low on to get you back on track and there are no side effects to take you further downhill.

I found this really interest so if you don’t have any energy, then watch this video

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  1. Sharon

    I also researched this to try to heal nerve damage. It’s CRITICAL to take the methylcobalamin NOT the other kind – which can actually induce a B12 deficiency. Good luck to all – I’m going through the fallout.


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