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A few days ago my blog went down and I received notes from women asking me if I was okay. I do appreciate that you care about what happens to me and that you miss this blog when it is not available. It was an error on the behalf of the company we used where the blogs are housed and they said it was due to ‘comment spam’. It was quickly straightened out and I have been catching up on comments which I try to do every day if I am well and don’t have other commitments.

I try to answer all comments left here and rarely spam any unless of course it is the few business people that slip through the spam protectors. It can happen of course and I try to take care of it quickly so they don’t keep doing it. There are times when I have had to spam a comment left by someone here who is angry with me, but I want to remind you that this is my own personal blog and not a support group and if you leave threatening or angry notes for me they will get spammed. This is rare however even after almost 5 years of writing. I write this blog to allow the women of the world to know how bad it can get when mesh turns to complications and I am so happy so many women leave their stories or leave how they handle their issues in comments. This means positive things for others to read even if it confirms the fact that mesh is their issue not all the other stuff doctors decide to blame.

Complications vary and the repercussions of mesh can be devastating in many ways, so when you leave a comment explaining what you are dealing with, that is a good thing. However, if you rant on about other things, or say things that I know can go against your case, I sometimes edit and leave some or I delete it all. I am sorry if that does not make some women happy, but if you do not like what I do you do have some control. Don’t read this blog if you don’t like me and start writing your own mesh life story.

You should understand how a blog works. If you go to Google and put in a sentence and some of the words will direct you to this blog, it could wind up anywhere on any blog I have written in the past 5 years. But I get notices to know where it went and I read every comment posted. Please understand that if you leave a comment asking me to call you and leave your phone number, I am sorry to say it probably won’t happen because I am often overwhelmed by all the pain of other women and I deal every day with my own complications and pain. I do this blog ALONE and at times I have to do other things so as not to go into a deep depression. You cannot imagine what it is like to read and hear all the stories of terrible things that have happened to women all because of these implant products.

When I see a lot of comments show up asking questions about a particular complication, I try to write a new blog with all the links to other blogs that could help you understand what is happening and things you can try to get relief. Nerve damage is a huge part of mesh injuries regardless of whether the change happened immediately after surgery or several years later. The problem with this complication is that other things can be blamed for your pain and hundreds of women will go through needless surgeries that won’t change their pain because shrinking mesh over time, or damage done at the time of the original surgery is the true cause. Nerve damage can show up in small ways at first and then grow horrendously over time and you will be told you need back or hip surgery when the real reason is damage to your pudendal, femoral or sciatic nerve is the true reason for your pain. So today I am going through my older blogs to give you direct links so that you can read and understand more about your own injury.

I cannot write about the things I do not have nor understand but I know a lot of women who have the complications I don’t have and at times I send them notes and ask for an update, perhaps a year or two later to see how they are doing and you can read their updates too. Dr. Raz has stated that approximately 30% of women will remain with permanent nerve damage and pain. But this is out of all the women who have traveled to UCLA for surgery. I honestly believe it is much higher, ranging from mild to severe damage and pain because no one keeps a check on this stuff when women report back to their doctors and women are being dismissed all over the world when they complain of nerve pain. It is easier for some doctors to blame other things rather than to acknowledge what is happening to women. But that leaves you guessing what is wrong or if they put mesh in you at all.

How do you find out if you had mesh implanted? The answer is simple. First get the hospital records from your original surgery, the operative report and operative nursing notes. These records will be stored somewhere even if it has been a few years, but you have to do the work or fight to get them. This blog will help you understand what to do and what to look for.

You may not understand the law of keeping records so this blog will explain those facts

If all your work fails and you do not know what was put into you then you can contact UCLA and have the translabial ultrasound done which will usually see mesh but you will be required to have a consult appointment. But the more work you do first will give you a chance at the best removal results. Read this blog

Now about nerve pain and damage

There is a small possibility that your nerve pain could be caused by implant clips used in your surgery. Read this blog to understand more

Because this happens to so many women I have dedicated a lot of time and effort into many blogs on this subject. But regardless of how many blogs I have written the way you will learn and understand your own complications is to read them. Please do not ask me questions that are already answered. Spend time and learn so that you understand and can decide how to handle your own complications. To understand how the nerves get damaged, read this blog

Here are more blogs on this subject and each one you read you will have more of an idea how to help yourself or cope with it.

This was written by a woman who truly understand nerve injuries because of her own mesh complications and her job. Read this

This blog will tell you about nerve neuromas

Our bodies are made up of many nerves and this will explain anal and vaginal nerve damage. Read this one

Now these blogs will tell you how I am managing my own nerve damage rather than live on prescription drugs that can destroy my liver and have many other side effects. It is not easy to do things alone, but sometimes when you don’t have a lot of money to go to alternative doctors you have to work out a plan for yourself and then make adjustments over time.

Read this one about my own leg pain. I have tried several brands of R Lipic acid and found out over time the best one is from Piping Rock because it has an ingredient to help absorb it better. Because of that I take less than I used to and now take 3 a day along with Benfotiamine. I began taking this after my mesh removal and you can read the original blog link at the bottom.

Some woman have nerve damage so bad that they go back to Dr. Raz to have the Interstem implant. I recently spoke to this woman over the phone and she told me without it she would not have any life at all. It doesn’t remove the nerve pain and takes time to learn how to use it, but if you are on enormous amount of pain medications, it may be something you are thinking about and you can read her story here

Nerve damage can also be really bad in your bladder and the pain is horrendous. I wrote about mine, but thankfully over time, doing self cath and taking supplements keeps mine at a minimal these days although at times I do have bad bladder spams. To understand more about your bladder, I wrote this blog

That blog was part two and this is part one

I also shared one woman’s comeback story about her pudendal nerve damage and although there is no cure, she has worked hard to keep living. This blog will take you to the first story about her as well as this update.

I also wanted you to understand how scar tissue can cause severe pain and more nerve damage but there is something you can try if you decided to. Read this

This will explain the serious side effects of narcotic pain medications

Today this blog marks 306 blogs I have written for you to read and learn from. You cannot learn about mesh complications if you don’t read to try to understand what yours may be. Above there is a wonderful search engine, and you can add words and find what you are looking for but because it is such a huge blog, I have taken a couple of hours this morning to gather as many informative blogs as possible to cover a wide range of nerve damage issues. Nerve damage is terribly painful and it stops your life dead in its tracks. I have been asked if having mesh removal was worth it and I can definitely say yes it was! I am permanently damaged by mesh, but without having it removed I doubt I would be here or writing to share what mesh does to us. It is not easy living with nerve damage but the main point is I am still living. That is how I have to view my own life and my future. I take it one day at a time and do what I can to expose all that is happening to women because of these terrible implant products.

I had to wait two years and seven months before Dr. Raz removed it all including the anchors that help it in place. The anchors can also cause terrible pain and while in they cause many women severe reactions to the anchors themselves. Few doctors can remove them and that is why I travelled out to UCLA. If you want to learn more about what to do to go there, I have written many blogs while out there and about my own surgery. You can read those blogs here

I did everything I could to get out to UCLA to have mine removed and it was far from easy. I had to sell things to pay for expenses and I can tell you that I am so glad that I did. It means I can continue to share here on this blog and can warn women about the dangers of mesh. Doing something good for others is what life is all about.

Lastly I did write a blog about medical marijuana and you can read it here


  1. Sharon

    Has anyone experienced a “hyper-excitability” of the nerves following mesh removal? I have terrible sensations in the region which feels as if all my nerves are “firing”. If so – how did you deal with it? I’m taking Neurontin, but it’s not calming it down.

  2. Tamara

    I had a hystereretomy and tvt (tvt is all I know, havent seen my op report yet) in Aug 2012. I woke from surgery with excrutiating pain in my back..once I got up and walked it subsided. Recovery was uneventful and I went back to work, as a teacher in Oct. On Oct 26, after a night of walking at a festival, woke up to what I now call “suicide pain” down the front of my right leg from hip to knee. Since I had a herniated disc in my neck 6 yrs prior, with radiating pain down my arm and subsequent surgery, I was positive this leg pain was a herniation in my back. I went to ER the next day, then to primary, then referred to pain management with in the first week for an epidural. The epidural worked and the suicide pain was gone. MRI showed no herniations and I thought I was fixed, no need to investigate, I went on my way, until weeks following the injection I was not walking right, the suicide pain was gone, but my back hurt and my leg didnt work right. I needed another injection in Feb and in March I was referred to neurologist for Multiple Sclerosis work up. I didnt have O bands in my lumbar puncture and only had one or two lesions on my brain and spine, six months later mris showed no new lesions, so MS was basically ruled out, Neurologist did EMG which showed problems with muscles and nerves in my leg. I was having other sympoms, spasms in places other than my leg, an overall unwell feeling and I was vomitting each morning. My CRP was high, as were white cells and ANA was positive. So referral to rheumatologist who believed I had ankylosing spondylitis, but my xrays only showed miled inflammation and my B 27 test came back negative. He thought I had polymyositis, so he took me off cholesterol meds and wanted to begin steroid treatent long term. Since my test results were in conclusive I didnt feel comfortable doing that. Got a referral to another rheum who wanted to do thigh biopsy, saying that if it was positive then steroids really were the right treatment. MRI of thigh showed no inflammation, so no biopsy, but my rnp antibodies were high and with no other antibodies present the rheum decided I have mixed connetive tissure disease. By this time it was fall 2013, I have continued to have epidurals to keep right thigh suicide pain at bay. since blood levels were not too high, there was not much treatment options, wait for new symptoms and continue epidurals as needed. The epidural doc, pain management doc, says pain is due to arthritis in spine, not related to hysterectomy and he couldnt see any compression of a nerve even thogh I kept telling him I was sure that was the problem. Fast forward to Feb 2015, I have had injections every few months, now left back and leg are having problems, muscle spasms have gotten worse. Pain doc acts like I am unable to handle pain. I am on lyrica which I love, gives me energy and helps me walk better. I have vicoden which doesnt work on nerve pain. My blood pressure has been up to 177/88 and 160/88 in the past few visits.I am sicker than ever and feel as if I am slowly becoming paralyzed. pain doc says its arthritis and i am not going paralyzed and I will need epidurals and if I lose weight my pain levels will go down. I am beginning to believe the mesh or the anchors have messed up the nerves. Humana, m insurance, has a second opinion program, that is free to me, where my records are sent to experts all over the world and they willl send me and my doc opinions of what might help and experts I can see in my area. Notsure If Ihad posted my story here before, but believe it belongs on this site for sure. I will keep you updated, especially if it turns out to be tvt mesh related. Thanksfor this blog and need everyones participation and knowledge. I need you all as much as everyone here seems to need eachother.

    1. lavalinda

      Tamara you may be one of the thousands of women who are suffering because of the coating on the mesh. Biofilms generate and cause many symptoms of R.A and other auto immune disorders. You will never be well until it has been removed from your body. ALL of it removed. Look at the top of this blog for doctors but my advice is go to UCLA. A Hysterectomy in 2012 means undoubtedly you have a sling or more mesh in your body.

    2. Sherri

      Tamara, sometimes we have other issues that aren’t related to the mesh but happen while we are living our lives. Mesh just happens to be another part of my story. A good work-up always takes time. It took me about two years to start getting answers. I found out, I was born with a connective tissue disorder. Keep good notes of whom you have seen,when, what meds you have taken, what worked and didn’t. One MD will lead you to the next….you will get to the answer sooner or later. Keep looking!!

  3. Tiffany

    This bladder sling has ruint my life for the last ten years and I am ready to give up. The pain is enormous now and is in all my joints the knots in my muscles are huge my back is constant and with any gas bowel or bladder fill I have knee dropping dibilatating pain. I am currently trying ringworm every day but that’s only by loading up on meds then when I get home I’m in constant severe pain I can barely move my kids have no mom outside of home. I’m debating on considering disability before I am fired I am loosing every thing I have and this started at 27 im now 37 it has caused my divorce after 8 years we are together but a marriage with no sex and no intimacy period because I hate my body in general is depressing in itself. I am so over this shit I can’t do anything anymore thanks to this. From the day it was administered I begin hemorrhaging from my femoral artery and have now had approximately 10-12 surgeries and a partial removal in which since then my life style has gotten even worse and so has the pain. This isn’t fair I never had a chance to be an adult or have a normal adult life with my family. I wish u all the best of luck as for me I assume I will probably go septic or just give up all together I have lost 24 pounds over the last six months and u get looked at like an idiot every new dictor. So forget it I’m done what happens happens I hurt if I go and I hurt if I don’t what’s the difference. I can’t even do house chores or spend the day at the park nothing it’s pointless to keep trying. My first grandchild is on the way and I will be useless to my son. Real eaten builder there Huh. Bless u all who have walked my walk I am sorry we were cursed by this stupid thing

    1. lavalinda

      Tiffany I wish I could say I don’t know others who were as young as you when they had mesh, but I do as young as twenty-one years old. Your testimony is the truth and the sad part is I fear no justice for all women. I hope you find a way to get it removed but understand the enormous obstacles in the way.


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