Gentamicin Antibiotic Warning

The word is MESH!

Every few months I begin searching to see is there any new hope for someone like me but it is always a sad and depressing time and I wind up angry when I once again have to accept there isn’t and I have to continue life relying on others for help. Why am I this way? Well to begin with a bad product was placed into my body almost five years ago and then it has been a life of pain and surgeries and infections. With infections comes the overuse of antibiotics and complications from that over use. That product we all now know is MESH. And yet doctors would like to remove that name off their vocabulary and call it tape. All I can say is it is up to us to use that word every day so that women recognize the damage it causes and that tape is still MESH!

They are trying to turn a man eating lion into a kitten so that they can still do these procedures and ruin more women’s lives. Women of all ages, young and old. This is not your grandmothers old fashion procedure where they used to lift up the bladder and use sutures to hold it up and then they went on with their lives without all these complications. Doctors at that time were trained to do this and it was NOT done by every Tom, Dick or Harry. Now they strap our bladders up with MESH! From that point on your health can go downhill quickly. Even if you think you are safe as you had it done a few years ago, you are not safe as many women take a turn 8 to 10 years after this procedure and most of their complications will be explained as aging, or other health issues, when all the time it is mesh complications.

When you begin having pelvic surgeries you are at high risk for serious infections and yet when the pain is so bad it causes nerve damage and erosion you don’t have a choice. With each surgery from removal to reconstruction you hold your breath and hope for a good outcome. Believe me none of it is fun and in fact it is soul destroying. Healing if so slow and very painful and yet leaving the mesh in takes you down quickly when you begin the road of complications. Often that road is filled with pitfalls and you have to make decisions. Often quick decisions to save your own life. That is why I keep writing and warning women about what can happen to you after ANY MESH product has been placed into your body.

It is now recognized worldwide that the overuse of antibiotics has become a serious problem and yet when bladder infections begin with mesh complications you will be given antibiotic after antibiotic. Most won’t work for long because of the mesh as it is stopping you from urinating. MESH holds bacteria. Your bladder will be so worn down and angry because of all the infections and it is very painful to try to urinate, IF you can urinate because often you can’t. I have had to self cath for months at a time and no one told me this could happen because of these products. It is the biggest cover-up in the modern age and no one cares because women are not valued the way they should be.

In 2013, I underwent two surgeries for reconstruction. I had had all the mesh removed the year before and within six months scar tissue fused my bladder to my bone. It was not that I couldn’t pee after this surgery it was because I could not hold any urine at all. This was because MESH had destroyed my urethra. Erosion by MESH is very painful and yet doctors still make claims that mesh is not the problem it is the kits! Then tell me why MESH erodes? Don’t give me that it is because of how it is put in, the truth is MESH does erode regardless of how it is put into our bodies. I do not want to hear any more crap about it isn’t MESH when we all know it is!

The reconstruction surgery became very complicated because of so much scar tissue on my bladder. The only way I can explain why, is that our bladders are a thin fabric like a balloon. It is that way so that when it fills it expands. When it empties it collapses. Once scar tissue is adhered to the outside of the bladder it no longer wants to expand and our bladders become much smaller than they are supposed to be. So the only hope is to try to remove as much scar tissue as possible and that is very difficult. A simpler reconstruction surgery becomes more like a battle ground. After any surgery, scar tissue can return and that can mean more surgeries and pain.

While removing the scar tissue, a small cut was made into my bladder and I wound up with a life threatening infection. Not the fault of the doctor who was trying to help me pee again, but the fault of the manufacturers who keep pushing their MESH products and the doctors who refuse to believe MESH is causing healthy women to become invalids and live with lifelong pain. Then became my long uphill battle to try to get well and bad doctors locally who would not help me.

A culture test was done at the local ER when the catheter was removed and I would up in so much agony I needed IV pain killers to lower my blood pressure. I cannot tell you how bad it was because no words can describe it. Four days later I got the call to get to my doctor ASP as I needed the right kind of antibiotics. My local doctor at that time turned out to be a nightmare and he refused to do what Dr. Kim at UCLA instructed him to do. That left me struggling and fearful. I was fortunate when I reached out to a local nurse practitioner to find a good doctor who did help me but by that time it was becoming a very bad situation. I had to have IV antibiotics and a serious and dangerous amount. This was because without doing so the infection would have gone out into my bloodstream and sepsis would have killed me. Yes and very quickly at that point.

The bacteria was pseudomonas!

I did what I always do I looked it up and knew something had to be done quickly. There were not many types of antibiotics that could kill this bug, so I was given Gentamicin. Not just given a normal load but an overload. Eight times more than normal because this bug is hard to kill. I wound up being given the first doses via IV in a local hospital because I had to be monitored because it was so dangerous. I stay two days and everything was checked. Gentamicin can kill your kidneys. Blood and urine tests are constant to monitor what is going on. Then I was sent home with home nurses coming by every day and I had blood drawn constantly and tests performed to make sure I was okay. The home nurses taught my daughter to hook up the IV every day and it became part of our daily life for 14 days.

I was scared!

When I read about what could happen with this high dosage I took eight times the amount of probiotics to counteract the dosage. It worked although I lived in fear of yeast and vaginitis due to so much antibiotics. Then there would be more hurdles to jump. I felt a sigh of relief when the fourteen days passed and the test came back that the bacteria was dead. I felt fine. I was sure I was going to be okay. But the next day when I got up out of bed I realized something drastic had changed.

They call it vertigo or dizziness but of course unless it has happened to you, you cannot possibly understand what it is like. Yes you act like you are drunk. You can’t stare straight ahead or you will lose your balance. But there is much more to it. I am going to give you links at the bottom of this blog that try to explain what happens but they cannot explain what it does to your life. Everything you do is impacted by this horrible problem. You can’t drive. Lighting effects everything and you cannot cope with too much darkness or too much light. To walk outside you need walking sticks to stop yourself from falling over. The ground you walk on can affect you and large buildings with highly polished floors are your enemy. They throw you off balance.

The first thing that is suggested is balance therapy. Add nerve injury in your leg and you are in trouble. Balance therapists don’t know what to do for you because you are an anomaly. The pain caused me by balance therapy was too much and I could not walk afterwards without extreme pain. I was miserable.

There are NO treatments or cures for Gentamicin ototoxicity!

But I never give up and I try to research every few months to see if someone has come up with something that can give me my life back. In the meantime there are so many things I cannot do or I have to do things slowly and carefully. Add a nerve damaged leg and falls are a huge possibility. Believe me it scares me as I do fall.

What is the answer? Well don’t have any MESH placed in your body ever and research before you have a hysterectomy or prolapse surgery. Travel far if you have to but refuse MESH!

If there is an alternative antibiotic that can kill your type of bacteria, then research all complications from that drug. Not just the simpler ones that come up first on the Internet or will be on the paper they give you at the drug store. Look for the ones that they say are rare. Believe me most are NOT rare at all but they ARE under reported.

Now here are links so that you can read more.

I was fortunate to have found a good doctor just in time and I was monitored correctly. But don’t just do what you are told. Read and learn here

It is called Gentamicin Ototoxicity. Learn more here

When you see a person with this problem you won’t know there is anything wrong. When I walk around a grocery store I am hanging on to a cart with both hands to keep my balance. Everything in front of me is broken up by waves of ‘eyes not working in sync with my brain’ and I can lose balance suddenly. I have to be cautious and yet I want to continue living life. I look just like anyone else although I am not. This condition is completely misunderstood.

I often dream of driving a car but when I sit in the passenger seat, but dreaming is not reality. Every bump on the highway makes me lose focus and the road is nonstop bumps and even tiny ones stop me from seeing correctly. I would be dangerous with a car as my weapon. I cannot kill someone else just to be selfish. Please before you take this drug do your research well. Ask questions and make choices based on what else you can take without ruining your life. But first of all DON’T DO MESH! Don’t believe the doctors who tell you they only use tape or they don’t use the type that are causing all the problems. These doctors are irresponsible liars. It’s not their life that will change it is yours!

The women of Scotland have been diligent in making sure they get the word out what is going on. Right now they are raising cane about the word MESH being removed from doctor’s vocabulary. I say ‘good for them’. IN the U.S the media do not want to do these stories. You can read about these fighting ladies here

Don’t let them use mesh in you!


  1. Laurie

    Thanks for waking us up and helping us

    1. lavalinda

      Laurie I just want to give women a chance at wellness and that is why I write.

  2. kathy

    Yes Linda thank you. I find that coming back to this site puts me in a better frame of mind and will help me make better choices. I have app with dr. Rodriguez in couple weeks, hope it will be worth it. If not posting, people are still reading.

  3. Carol

    My Dear Linda, thank you so much for continuing to post. I am now taking augmentin for Klebsiella. I am sleeping like a rock. I am supposed to have reconstructive surgery on Feb. 6th with Dr. Raz and I’m unsure as what to do. My vagina opening is raw and with my sister dying from sepsis I am scared out of my wits.
    Your posting has always given my a guiding hand. example: these past 4 months of 24/7 incontinence, the pads, the odor, the change of clothes I kept in my car. You taught me how to cope with this. Thank You so Much

  4. Mary blanks

    Thank you Linda for sharing your testimony! I have been fighting infections this month. I’m on my third antibiotic. I really understand your lamentations on our limitations all caused by this mesh ! I pray someone will study how to treat us after it’s been removed and left all this damage in its wake. Every week there’s another health issue.

    I have a good doctor without his aide I wouldn’t have made it after the removal. But he thinks my body has already adjusted to the mesh injuries, but I know the pain that I endure is not an adjusted body! But who will listen to our outcry?

    Love you Linda

    1. lavalinda

      No Mary there is no adjusting to all we endure. It is a constant battle, not an adjustment. So far no one will listen to us but that is why we must keep trying.


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