Mesh & the Elderly

I am very, very angry that what is happening to women is being ignored and women especially the older ladies are going down at a fast pace without knowing that they can be saved. I just learned that a woman in my area is in the hospital suffering from terrible infection and she could die without the proper help. I have never met this woman but I met her daughter this past Saturday when my daughter and I met her in Houston to take her little dog to bring her home for us to care for and to find her a new home.

I have not crossed the path of my blogs or my personal life very much other than what has happened to me because of mesh. But today I am going to give you the link to a new blog I write for because my daughter and I are trying to save some small dogs lives from dying in shelters. I will give you the link at the bottom of this blog if you would like to read it.

I have always heard that God works in mysterious ways. Perhaps by divine intervention or through channeling from those whose lives were before or part of ours? Family who have died that we often feel surround us and guide our actions. Some people call them angels who hover around us. It does not matter what you believe but what does matter is what we all do during our lives. We choose to be good or bad. We choose to make money or not from the suffering of others. We choose the path we walk and the results of how we act. That is how I live and I am totally aware of everything I choose to do. I live my life looking to see all around me and I react to what I see. Then I choose to get involved and to take action. No one else can stop me when I speak out against the bad and evil in life because I will be heard and I will try to change things for the better.

Today we begin a New Year and we look back over the old. For me it is always a time for reflection on what I did do when I found out something that was unpleasant or could hurt others. Last year I did speak out here on this blog and at times it made my life difficult and painful. But I never shied away from the truth and justice. I have shared the downfall of being in a lawsuit, and of how others will use us to make money. I left you to trust your gut instinct about what you wanted to believe or what you didn’t. It is not my place to convince you of anything, but I feel it is my place to inform when I know there are predators waiting to use us while we suffer rather than to keep silent. I have never regretted my decision to do what was right and to this day I stand behind what I wrote. Jane Akre, Aaron Horton, Estelle Tasz and the Sawyers along with loan sharks and users are part of the injustice done to women because they profit from our mesh injuries. It is all here on this blog if you wish to read it or if you prefer to turn a blind eye then that is okay too. That is the freedom of a democracy.

The title of this blog today says it all. The woman who owned Missy the little dog we have taken in, is only seventy three years old. Not a great age these days to be suffering and dying a slow and painful death from a mesh implant. I may not know her, but I do know her. She is me and thousands of women who suffer because of medical mesh. I did not know what was wrong with this woman until I spoke to her daughter on Sunday to give her an update on her mother’s dog. I asked how her mother was doing and I learned yet another horror story that has happened to an unsuspecting woman. Her daughter told me she was in hospital suffering from a UTI infection and the culprit was mesh. I also learned that the woman has to self cath and my own biggest fear came to light that moment and I shuddered as I heard the news. I had feared dying from infection more than once over this past five years and still do because of all my complications because I know my condition could change at any moment. Mesh injured women learn to live when times are good and hope it will soon pass when they are bad. I know that infection means antibiotics and they stop working when used too much. Overuse of these drugs causes C-Diff and when they don’t work women die of sepsis and in fact a UTI untreated can turn to sepsis in the blink of an eye especially in older people. Now add mesh to the picture and someone older who has to self cath and may have other issues and cannot do it well, her health can turn downhill quickly.

If you do not understand how bad a UTI can be in older people please read this

Not long after I began this blog I heard from a woman whose mother was in a nursing home, ninety years old, throwing up and nothing could be done for her. Death from mesh and sepsis was her fate and I began thinking about how many women die of sepsis and that is all it will say on her death certificate. Not one word that mesh was the culprit. It was too late for this woman because no one was going to operate on her at that age. I could only give the woman Dr. Raz’s email to ask him what could be done to make her comfortable. This woman although I never met her has never left my mind, along with the thousands of stories I have read about women and mesh because of this blog. I know that a ninety year old woman may be gone from this earth but my empathy lives on for her, her family and every woman who suffers from mesh complications. This is why I keep writing.

If you are the daughter of a woman who you find disoriented when you visit her and you know she has had a pelvic or prolapse surgery or a hysterectomy within the past twelve years it is quite probably that mesh is the cause. Be aware she can be saved if you can get her out to California as soon as possible to either Dr Raz or his associates or Dr. Rodriguez. The link for them is under pelvic doctors at the top of this blog. You can get her in to see Dr. Rodriguez much sooner than at UCLA if her condition is safe enough to travel. Do everything you can to save your loved one as this is a terribly painful way to die.

At the bottom of this blog, I will give you a link to arrange for free airline travel for her and someone to go with her and low cost hotel if she is on a limited income. Please do not think she has dementia or Alzheimer’s because she doesn’t recognize you when you visit. First take her to the E.R and tell them you suspect a UTI and a culture test needs to be done to find out the type of bacterial infection. IMPORTANT. Don’t let anyone at her doctor’s office dismiss her by doing a urine dipstick test. The type of infections mesh injured women have will not show up in a simple doctor’s office test. The culture will go off to a lab and it will take around four days to grow the bacteria. Then they will decide what type of antibiotic can kill the bacteria and often if serious it will need to be done in hospital by IV. In the meantime they should use an IV when at the ER to help her until the test comes back and it will be an antibiotic that crosses over many types of infection, but one dose will NOT kill the infection. So it is important that you follow up on the lab work and make sure your aging parent gets the right treatment as soon as possible.

The daughter told me that her mother had a really good urologist and gave me his name. My first reaction was that there are no honest and good urologists in the Houston area and I doubt if he is if she is now in bad shape and nothing has been done for her. A good urologist will admit that they do not have the skills to remove all the mesh and the anchors and tell her of a surgeon who can. I can tell you that there are few in the world who can remove it all and removing parts of it will not help but for a short period of time, if at all. The daughter said her mother had already had several surgeries so I told her as soon as her mother is doing okay, she needs to make arrangements to go with her and pick up all the medical records from these past surgeries. This way she can take the information to a good urologist out of this State. Her daughter may not understand it all but I will definitely help her if she wants me to read them. I intend to follow up soon and ask the daughter to read this blog.

I know the struggles travelling far from home because I have done it. I know the cost and the sacrifices our families have to make. I am grateful when I hear that many family members step up to help their loved one and feel sad when they don’t. IN the meantime of waiting for consult and removal surgery, there are supplements that can help rebuilt the immune system so that she can survive long enough to travel for surgery. Look at the top of this blog and you will see the link. The daughter told me her magnesium was very low, which is very common in the elderly and can be fixed without a lot of cost. The link for that is there too and if you don’t find what you are looking for put what you need to know in the search engine and those blogs will come up.

I have spend hundreds of hours documenting my own journey through blogs and it is all here. I have told you what I am doing to help myself stay alive and be as well as possible on this horrible journey of mesh. I wrote a blog that gives you every detail of travelling out to UCLA and here it is It will tell you what to do if the person lives on a low income.

I personally know women who would have died by now had they not found this blog and then the strength to go out to UCLA. But they did and they changed the course of their lives by doing it. This blog has the names of the UCLA urologists and Dr. Rodriguez who I highly recommend and it is well worth travelling from home. Please read and learn

Ladies regardless of what is happened to us we cannot sit back and let someone else do all the work to get the word out about how bad mesh is in women. We all need to do more. We must to talk to women and tell them the truth. I have been doing just that when prospective dog adopters come her to visit our dogs. I have found out that many women have seen the ads but never realized how bad it is. I also found out from one woman that has a lap band to lose weight was told that to have a tummy tuck they would need to use mesh. Thank God she said “No”. Some women they may not want to know and you learn the things we know and that is when you leave the subject alone. I have heard women say “I’ll let God handle it”, but I know God is only a guide and you have to handle your life yourself. Don’t wait until you are seventy three and dying from sepsis. Please do something now!

My life has changed recently for the better, even though I struggle on many days. On the last blog I told you I had a fall. Since that blog it happened again and thankfully although I injured my knee I have mostly healed. I am learning to be more cautious and even slower to try to stop myself from falling again. Since mesh I have often wondered if I will make it through another year and every New Year I am thankful and grateful to be alive.

I won’t be writing as many blogs as I have done in the past because now I have another blog to write for that I am passionate about. Dogs don’t have a voice and I intend to give them one. In the past I have spent many hours helping senior citizens and then children. Now I will continue to help women but I cannot take phone calls continuously if I am to give saving dogs from shelters a good go. Helping dogs has also given me a new lease on life as I see everything I learned to help myself can also be used to help dogs come back from illness, lack of good food or even too much of a good thing. I am proud of doing this and every day I learn something new that they are teaching me. You are never too old or too sick to learn. I will continue on with this blog and check it every day to read women’s comments and answer them. Blogs will go up once or twice a month from now on, but you are not forgotten.

I am sixty seven years old and like I have in the past I want to continue living my life in a way that helps others. This is the blog which we named after the dog we lost in 2014.


  1. Linda Nachbar

    Linda, I thank God for you and your willingness to open your life to help others. My husband found your blog when my Tvt mesh came through the vaginal wall. My urologist was going to remove it and put new in, saying she had never had to remove any before. Because of your blog I went to UCLA and Dr. Rodriquez removed it. I still suffer UTI’s strep B. And struggle daily. I’m 75. Thank you for writing this one!

  2. Karen Pike

    God works in miraculous ways. It is amazing that the little dog led her elderly owner to you! I hope and pray this woman can be saved from mesh and have many more years of life. I’m so glad you recommended both surgeons – Dr Raz at UCLA and Dr Rodriguez at USC, both in Los Angeles, CA. Both of these surgeons have helped me and most likely saved my life. Thank you, Linda, for your blogs. You help so many women!

  3. Beth

    Dear Linda,
    THANK YOU…I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for You…
    To anyone that has been effected by this HEll..
    I have my appt with Dr.Raz next tues.. I didn’t realize that I needed to know exactly what type of sling I had in me until reading Linda’s blogs.. I knew I had a miniarc sling and I knew that it was put in June 2011, but I didn’t know that I needed that information. I started having problems August 2011, but I didn’t know Any of my problems were because of the sling until July 2013.. I’ve had 4 revision surgeries, oh how I wish I could have waited.. I know there are women that have had many more surgeries, love tyour hearts…This is so sad..I had this surgery to have a better life.. I did not know that it would RUIN my life.. I am so much worse after the “revision”surgeries.I was told the sling and anchors would be removed.. Not just “clipped away flush with my bladder” My last surgery I was told the sling and right anchor was removed, but he couldn’t find the left one so it’s ok..
    The pain,depression, seclusion, the mental fog, the skin hives and eruptions, my hair falling out, my teeth crumbling,sleepless nights,and many more things, all of this is a total nightmare. I feel so bad for my husband and kids.

    I’ve had to quit work, I’m not able to drive.. today my husband took me to the hospital so I could get my records to take to dr.Raz, Linda was right, get the PERIOPERATIVE NURSE NOTE!! UNDER IMPLANT LOG.. I had everything except that once piece of information.. MiniArc (R) Precise..with a ref and lot #, that piece of Hell is what has ruined my life.. as I was waiting on my husband to come back to get me, I googled that word.. The 1st thing that come up was where a momma had reported the same sling was used in her daughter and she had the exact same problems as myself, it was like reading something that my momma would have written.. The second thing was one FOR Sale on Ebay for $299.00!! HOW IS THAT!! So sad..

    Thank you again Linda.. You are a wonderful person. I’m very Thankful for you..
    I hope and pray that Dr.Raz can help me.(sorry if I’ve rambled too much and misspelled words)

    1. lavalinda

      Beth I knew how bad this sling was for women and just because it says ‘mini’ does not mean it is any safer than any of the other types. I wrote a blog about it. Thank you for adding again that women need to first look through the operative report and if they cannot find the name, get the nursing notes as you suggest. The information I needed about mine was on there not on the operative report. This is the mini arc. Dr. Raz will help you I have no doubt so you just go and then work on the future.

  4. Beth

    Oh Linda… Somehow I missed that blog about “how to treat”.. it’s awful, it makes me so mad, I’m crying, my gyn did this to me when I complained that something wasn’t right 3 months after my sling was placed.. he gave me Premarin… i had no idea it was the mesh..HE is just as Guilty as American Medical System!!! The man I trusted,I considered him a great friend.. it makes me so ANGRY.. Then i go to the second Dr, he
    Blames the dr that put it in,he blows me off after revision and stone removal, “takes the pain pills and I’m sending you to neurosurgeon”, i never went back to him or the neurosurgeon, Finally FIND the DR in Knoxville that PROMISES me and my family that I will be pain free soon.. HE LIED. I dislike these 3 men!! So much!! They all need to be sued and held responsible! But the Damn Tennessee Politicians passed stupid laws.I Want to put Every one of these Doctors names all over, but it’s probably best that I dont. They are all the Devil just like American Medical Systems!!

    He is a friggin idiot…

    Thank you linda. Sorry I’m mad, guess it shows in my words.

    1. lavalinda

      Beth I know exactly how you feel as I stayed angry for a long, long time but in the end I had to find peace in my own heart. Don’t expect the anger to dull quickly as it won’t while you go through this horrendous journey but as you get through and heal you’ll be able to cope more. Right now the biggest thing for you is to go through the surgery and start to heal. Stay in touch and keep us all informed. Your journey is the journey of thousands of suffering women who have stayed quiet for a long time, but then said enough is enough. We are all with you on your journey.


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