Mesh Free & Thankful

Today on Thanksgiving Day I have so much to be thankful for, as last week I had a fall and was thankful and grateful that I did not break any bones. I am thankful every day for the daughter I have who lives with me because although she cannot feel my pain, she sees what mesh has done to my body and she is here for me. She knows that at times I wonder what my future will be and if mesh complications will kill me. No it is not in my body any more, but the residual complications keep giving me hell.

I woke up this morning thinking about all the women around the world who are suffering. In this country today is the beginning of our holidays and will end in the New Year. For most people it is a time of happiness and family but for mesh injured women it is a time to figure out what they can do to survive it. Yes survive! This is because everything in their lives revolve around pain and bodily functions. At a normal family gathering you would not think about any of this, but a mesh injured woman has no choice. She may be having so much pain when she urinates or has a bowel movement, IF she can have a bowel movement. If family comes to stay she will be thinking about how she will do what it takes to have a bowel moment or to self cath with people in the house who may be able to hear her through thin bathrooms walls as she struggles with pain. She won’t want her family to hear her moans of pain nor to see the apparatus it takes to have a bowel movement. Yes that is life for many women around the world whose colons have been ruined by mesh.

If she has to attend a family function she may worry if the nerve damage will allow her to sit long enough at the dinner table. Pudendal nerve damage means sitting, although a normal part of life, is not easy for these women. I, like others will worry about walking because of femoral nerve damage and will do as little walking as possible while trying to enjoy this holiday. It isn’t just mesh injuries women have to worry about and endure. Family often does not understand when you have to turn down a normal gathering because you are in so much pain while mesh is in your body, that you can’t spend more than an hour out of bed let alone sit around a table and be pleasant.

I know what all these women are going through because I too suffer and get what this does to us. I am thankful to have survived so much in the past five years and I keep working on living my life, regardless of what I have to endure. I hate what is going on and I can’t seem to slow it down no matter how hard I try or how much I write. If you are about to have a hysterectomy please don’t believe the new rhetoric by doctors. ALL MESH INJURES. There is no new mesh, only new names, which is meant to fool you into believing bad mesh has been taken off the market. It is NOT true!

For those of you who are suffering and are offered a pittance for your injuries, stand tall. You do NOT have to accept a low ball offer. Think about what this has done to you and put it on paper and then send it to your lawyer or the lawyers who have taken over and may try to coerce you into taking nothing for your injuries.

This is YOUR life. YOUR future. To live this way without money is hell on earth. Everything you’ve lost should be accounted for. Home, family, job, career and future life. Don’t let anyone bully you into taking less than you feel you deserve. You have made it without money this far and work hard to get what you need for your future.

I wish you the best holidays possible under the circumstances of your injuries. With love and hope. Linda


  1. Donna

    I am so glad to know you did not have any serious injuries from your fall last week. I hope all mesh injured women can see reason to give thanks as you have. I insisted my husband and boys go to the family dinner today even though I am not feeling well enough to go. Living with all my mesh injuries have been very difficult for myself and my family but I try to find other reasons to be thankful daily. I am forever thankful for your knowledge and words of advice. Thank you Linda

    1. lavalinda

      As hard as it is at times to be thankful for things not being any worse Donna, I constantly remind myself that life goes on all around us and we cannot make everyone else suffer as much as we do. Love is all about a two way street and I hope your boys understand how hard it was for you to see everyone go off for the day without you. I hope they have empathy for your situation.


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