Estelle the Con Artist

Yesterday I spent time on the phone talking to people who are not mesh injured but know Estelle Tasz well and they want me to inform all the mesh injured women not to trust her, nor give her money. These people although fearful for themselves as they are being threatened, feel what this woman does to others warrants holding back their fear in order to protect others who are vulnerable. I agree.

What I was told by more than one person did not surprise me at all. Mike Tasz, her soon to be ex-husband had posted on my daughter’s Mesh Avenger timeline on Facebook that the FBI is investigating this woman and the irony is that she turned in my daughter’s Mesh Avenger page to the FBI to get her to stop writing about her and the tables were turned on her. Yes folk’s bad people can’t afford to holler about good people or they go down, and not the reverse. You see my daughter has never posted anything without proof of what she states. In fact the proof does more stating than my daughter does. How did she get all the proof you may wonder. Many, many mesh injured women provided it because they had enough of all the lies and those who make money from our terrible situation.

Here’s a little more irony for you. Estelle Tasz otherwise known as Hilliard and Rogers and could be using other names, actually told non mesh injured that she did have mesh, but never had a problem with it and everyone else had jumped on the band wagon so she did too and joined the lawsuits. I believe her lawyer needs to be investigated and her case dropped. I knew there were unscrupulous lawyers getting non injured women to sign up and pretend they were injured as I received letters telling me to make sure I was injured. So that is proof what a con artist she is and Jane Akre knows it and has basked in her story to help her gain clients and money.

I was quite amazed at how resourceful Estelle has been in the past, as I learned about fund raisers she has done to raise money for the adoption of little Audrey, the child she constantly states is such a wonderful part of her life. The sad fact is little Audrey was just another pawn in her games and now her husband is asking for full custody and has taken out a protection order against Estelle. I was also told that Child Protection has been called in after little Audrey had bruises and had been neglected by Estelle. It seems she raised a lot of money for the adoption and all of it disappeared. It did not surprise me when I was told she has a drug problem as I already suspected it. Yes that can take everything and more money is always needed and desperation occurs.

My daughter had already found proof that she posted on that Estelle had stolen money from her own mother and her mother had taken her to court and won. Well the story to me from Estelle was that her mother was the drug addict and she wanted nothing to do with her. Yes that is what pathological liars do, they turn their stories around to gain sympathy from those who can be used. These people are dangerous because they will do anything to get what they want.

Please do not let this woman into your home. She has gone into women’s homes when they tried to help her and her children and stolen goods from them, some very expensive. She has no conscience and will steal from anyone the moment you turn your back. If you followed her own stories on various sites including Jane Akre’s, she speaks of having daughters. What she doesn’t talk about is the fact that she also has a son. I learned of this just yesterday. There were many more damming things I learned and this is why I am writing this blog.

Remember the fund raiser I was foolish enough to set up on YouCaring? When I realized she was a fraud, I wrote an email to her telling her how I felt and told her she needed to give the money back to these women who were mesh injured. She said she would but of course that was also a lie. No one received a single penny back. I apologized for my part in this because this woman is so good she had me and others convinced she was badly injured and about to die. Once again she is a fraud and you should not believe a word she says if she comes up with a story to blame everyone else and seek help from you.

The good news is, my daughter and I have received some apologies from those who believed we were lying and made it up. We graciously accepted them because we know these people were taken in by a very bad woman. In fact she wrote to others telling them I was the bad one, not her. She was just a poor mesh injured woman that I was lying about. Con artists are good at what they do and none of us are to be blamed. My daughter and I have no animosity to anyone for believing all her lies. She is very convincing and to her it’s just business as usual.

One person told me yesterday that they could not imagine why anyone would not believe my daughter when she has all the proof on her site. Sad to say it is hard for some to accept that they have been duped and open their minds to the reality that they were taken in. I understand it isn’t easy. This is because we were all raised in a Disney world of wonderful outcomes of good people helping others. Often however what looks good on the outside is sordid on the inside.

None of this has been easy to do for me and my daughter. We have of course worried about our own safety. However sometimes you have to push it aside and do the right thing. I have been called a few names and been told what a terrible person I am by a few people. However it really has been just a few bad apples. Many women have thanked us in private for exposing what is going one because it affects all of us and our cases. When a woman like Estelle lies and Jane Akre writes these lies and knowing that they are lies (she has been contacted and she ignored it) it does affect our cases. It also affects all the women who will have serious complications from mesh in the future because none will be believed.

Women are not stupid. When Jane Akre wrote about Estelle Tasz, she knew a lot of it was lies. Jane Akre is not an innocent reporter as she has read many, many stories I received from mesh injured women. When other women read that story (yes story) it was very apparent to us that Estelle was NOT injured. The photos belied what it is like for injured women when they leave a hospital after surgery. Even Estelle’s family now believe she went to Dr. Veronikis in Missouri for a tummy tuck, NOT mesh removal. Estelle is a very vain woman who believes she is beautiful and deserves attention from men. In fact she apparently will sleep with anyone to get what she wants. I gave a link in my last blog about her stealing money from her husband’s business, twenty seven thousand dollars and apparently she gave a politician she was sleeping with five thousand dollars of his money. Nice going Estelle! I will give you the link to the last blog I wrote about her at the bottom of this one.

I do hope the FBI will investigation everyone who is taking money because of our injuries. Jane Akre asks for money constantly from mesh injured women and she told me herself that she does NOT have a nonprofit. Does she report it all to the government as income? What about Aaron Horton? Who knows what she takes in from lawyers? The Sawyers of TVT-NO claim they don’t make hardly any money but they ask for Walmart gift cards and those can be hidden income. Let alone the fact that one woman did donate a large sum for a concert they were going to have to raise funds for injured women, but the concert never happened. I have also been given proof by women who were told in writing by Teresa Sawyer of TVT-NO that she would send them money but they never received it. They wanted me to know that she is just as guilty as her husband David. She promised them in writing that they would be given money and none of it happened and this was devastating for any woman who needs funds for travel for surgery when they thought they would be helped. How cruel is that? All that proof is in my daughters possession and will be turned over to any government party who would like to bring a case against these greedy people. My daughter did not use a lot of it on her blog so as to protect innocent women from harassment but you should also be aware that my daughter passed it all to other parties who are keeping it just in case someone decided to take violent action again her. You just can’t be too careful.

I want you to ask yourself what do I have to gain from exposing all of this and I believe you will come up zero. Never have I taken any money from any lawyers or sold you out. I don’t because I have a conscience. You should also realize that Jane Akre has knowing posted stories with lies and it stands to reason that it is all for gain. Please do not believe everything she writes and view it from a different point of view that her writings are aimed to bring in more clients for lawyers. I am sure it is a good living if you don’t mind gaining from sick women and want to pretend you are their friends so that they will donate the few pennies they have. What kind of person does this? The answer is simple. Lifestyle! Jane has a daughter who goes to an expensive college and I am sure Jane is used to the good life. She does not care that many of you are about to lose your homes and still have no way to get the mesh removed. So don’t feel sorry for her, start taking care of yourself.

Just remember the Internet is a giant open book. I have no doubt people other than the mesh injured read this blog and are well aware what these people are up to. I just hope eventually they can make a case against them.

Now if you want to you can read more about these women here


  1. Cherie

    So glad you keep writing about this. You reach so many.

    I have and will stand behind you. You and your daughter are the truthful ones.

    1. Disbelief2016

      She also has pending charges for having sex with a 14 year old. Now this pig graduated the year before me and I’ve kown her my entire life. Her brother is the same as her.

  2. Sylvia

    Dear Linda, all of my feelings and suspicions have been validated. Thanks to you and Kim for putting yourself on the line to expose the truth. This is the very reason I left the mesh “support” groups months ago, those who were out to make a buck, those who wanted their name in the “lights.” I wish you both safety, improved health and peace!

  3. Queen Bee

    Dont be dooped by another pile of Poop!! I don’t see Mike’s master role of being victimized in all this at all! In fact, if he did however have $27,000 cash in a bank account, then what kind of husband would allow his wife to beg for donations from people for expenses and surgeries that she supposedly flew all over the USA to have. From my understanding he has gone with her and toted her as if he was the knight and shining armor. He didn’t mind taking credits for that role in any of that at all. If they had this kind of money at their disposal within hands reach, then people dont wait for money and donations from other when it is your life at stake!! I’m not saying that Estelle is or isn’t a MESH injured woman, and quite frankly I dont care. My concern is with much more “Real Issues” as the FDA, Doctors, and Lawyers that are all in the Master Scheme of keeping silence, so that they can carry on in their days as business as usual. In fact, the lawyers that have “Helped MESH Victims” and keep your vow of Silence from speaking to Media has really helped what MESH Victims? Really? If anyone believes that staying SILENT is the answer to a BIG PAYDAY, then I find that not very much different than the FDA, Doctors, and Lawyers. In reality the Pharma Corp’s just bought your VOICE, so that they can continue to injure and kill innocent victims. All this money that’s being settled, and won in courts hasn’t exchanged any hands in years, so a word to the wise….Dont be DOOPED by their POOP either! My MESH Sisters, WE all have to SPEAK up and demand justice because it isn’t a FAIRTY TALE LAND That we live in with happy endings. You can believe that majority of recalls happen in much lesser numbers, andeven in Breast Implants quicker than all the MESH MESS! MESH is still on the MARKET being implanted daily into people with injuries over 100,000 in AMERICA alone!!! If anyone of do see any money for the HELL we endure daily, then I can assure you that it isn’t going to be worth the HELL and your VOICE to allow this continue.
    The reason I have seen for this MESH MADNESS to be allow this to continue is:

    1) they get money from the pharma.
    2) our injuries are so hard to detect and can NOT be seen with the naked eye – for instance “Breast Implants” made from Polyprolene has been recalled with injuries less than 10,000!!!All those ladies are already having litigations
    3) Hard to prove our exact injuries due to the lack of skilled physicians, diagnosis, and too many varying Broad Diagnosis’
    1) Sold out their oath “First do no harm” for the Greed and Money
    2) Bought out by all the Pharma Corps from donating funds for their hospitals, foundations, schools, and research
    1) Only trials so far have been paid up front by the plaintiffs, annd not all of them will get to have aday in court either
    2) Theyare only concerned with their pockets, and will go the cheapest route only for a win of money, and not do anything. Explains the low low offers!!!!

    So, in all honesty and respect, it’s all a matter of what you want to happen in the MESH Madness today. Do you want money, change, or make a difference? I choose to stand alone if I must all because it is the RIght thing to do for all the people who haven’t been harmedby MESH!!! I choose to speak out, and tell the world what MESH has done to my life, and I will never be the same!
    The pain I live far outweighs the shame! Only bringing attention to anyone who lies about MESH injuries yourself is only bringing discredit from ALL of us who are TRULY INJURED since it is so hard to have definite doctors state exactly what the MESH did, and what the MESH injured!! There are not enough doctors willing to cut off their easy MONEY TRAIN to work with complicated patients that they can send on a merry go round of referrals for years and years!! This is true, ant that is a fact!

  4. Mandy

    How and why did Dr. Veronikis in Missouri allow his name and photo to be used in the article on MDND? Does he even know it is there? It now includes additional information. Remember the abdominal cut that was the subject of much controversy? Dr. Veronikis explains the “adominal cut” as making an incision at the mesh exit sites of the TVT which most of us know are in two spots on the mons and not hip to hip. The pic of mesh removed is not an Ethicon product as claimed. It resembles an AMS product. Did insurance fund these “procedures”? But I won’t open that box again (but I already did). Do Dr. Kim and Dr. Raz at UCLA realize they are linked to this scandal? Did they actually perform surgery and/or “procedures” as claimed? The FBI should be able to easily access those medical records.

    I am so glad you have and your daughter have been so courageous! Thank you!

    1. Deb

      Mandy what exactly do you mean by did Dr Razz actually perform surgeries and/or procedures as claimed.I got the impression when I saw Dr Razz to have my mesh removed he cared I received X-rays and a post oprotive report stating what he did plus a picture of the mesh that was taken out of me.Im concerned with a statment like this it actually scares me.

      1. lavalinda

        Deb this is all in reference as to photos and lies Estelle Tazz posted all over Facebook. It has no bearing on the work of Dr. Raz. This is because no one can figure out if Estelle even had surgery at UCLA at all. The photos she posted did not look like the type of mesh she had and everyone believes she took the photo of another mesh on the Internet to gain sympathy, collect money and continue on with her lies.

  5. Sick&tired

    I to feel that Mike T. is a liar and was a acting participant in all of Estelle’s lies! Something seems really fishy about all this! Blackmail maybe that went wrong?!?!

    1. no way

      She is known to be a liar and cheat since school; I seriously doubt he knew any of it! this is not her first go around..

  6. Wow crazy stuff

    As knowing who mike is and to why he has that kind of money, he owns a contracting business and is paid partially from clients before he starts his work, therefore that is why it seems like he has lots of money. And the misses “Estelle ” claimed that mike never went to any surgeries with her anywhere.

  7. Gigi

    It also makes you second guess Dr. V true motive if he is supporting Estelle lies!

  8. Gigi

    It also makes you second guess Dr. V true motive if he is supporting Estelle lies! He also believes in using mesh.

  9. Estelle the cow bell

    No way no how. I don’t believe Mike knew exactly what the little…oops big wifey was doing. I don’t think she had surgery in LA either if she did it was not mesh removal. Who has mesh Removal and go parties like she did a week later as Kim pointed out in her article crossing her legs. I heard from someone that she also had the cath removed 3 days after surgery not in the Dr’s office, not by the Dr it was done in her hotel room that she paid 115.00 a night for and she just had to wait to see if her bladder worked. I also know that she promised someone who was in trouble a lot of money to help cause that not one more thing she was doing was the real deal but in order to get this said money this said help this poor lady had to willing to turn over all messages from certain people to Estelle for certain proof of something. This lady was real bad off and slow has lost friends on her and going through a lot and just wants to die. She chose not to give Estelle anything and Estelle kept hounding this poor lady for days. While this lady was in a mess all about exposing someone and then money. She is very upset she wishes she would have done it. She needs the money. It would not have matter she would have never saw any of that money. She feels so bad now she truly wants to die. Estelle needs to stopped before she hurts or kills someone.

    1. lavalinda

      I am sorry this has happened to anyone and this is why I want women to know that she is a con artist. I found out yesterday that one of her alias’s was Crystal Rose. She works with her best buddy a physic and I am sure she is very good at conning those who have had a loss and want to contact someone who left this earth. I hope no one trusts her.

  10. James Falasco

    Great digging on an obvious con game. Your data is factual and potentially helpful in preventing others from becoming victims. If MESH were hockey this could all be settled by simply dropping the gloves at center ice and having at it. Since it’s not and Estelle seems so big on collecting why not do a Cage Fight challenge for MESH charity and end this once and for all. I’d think this would get such attention that there would be no where she could hide after the event .


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