Lies & Cover-up

I can look back over the last several months and can see so much clearer than before. I thank God for that! I could have continued living in a world of make believe and been used time and time again by those who gain from our mesh injuries. Now I am so glad it will no longer happen to me as seeing clearer has also made me take big precautions. In some ways it is a sad thing as before all this I would reach out to any woman I thought was in need. Sad because now I no longer trust with ease as my own world has been turned upside down by the dishonesty of the mesh world.

When I began writing about what had happened to me more than four years ago, I really didn’t expect anyone to find this blog and I did not expect the volume of women who are injured by mesh and it still continues in a huge way. I thought I was one of a minority and so did they. A couple of weeks ago someone told me over the phone that so many women are getting the help they need is because of me and this blog and now the genie cannot be shoved back into a bottle. She said, the word is out that mesh destroys women’s bodies and their lives and now that the word is out that there are plenty of people who would use our unfortunate state for financial gain. Yes, it really hurts to know how bad the world is and how some people will use others when they suffer, to make money from their situation.

When I began exposing the other dirty side of mesh injury I knew I was taking a huge chance. But at that time I never realized the depth of what is going on and how much cover-up and lies there are. However life has a force that no one can control, even those who would rather everything stay under the dirty sheets. I want you to know that goodness truly does prevail. That truth will eventually win out over lies and deceit. Life has a way of dealing with these people even when it seems impossible.

Yesterday morning I received a message that did not surprise me. I passed it over to my daughter so that she can dig and find out more to make sure it was the truth. I felt truly vindicated when I read it and I am so glad I have spoken out about Estelle Tasz and the kind of person she is. I am going to give you a link at the end of this blog so that you can read what I read. So that you the mesh injured woman can protect yourself from those who would enjoy using you for their own financial gain. Believe me there are many of them and I have no doubt more are lurking in the shadows. We also have to realize that just because a woman says she is mesh injured, does not mean she is telling the absolute truth about her situation. Unfortunate although only a few, there are women who would take advantage of others by boasting their stories as seriously ill, when in fact they are not. We must protect ourselves from those who have no conscience.

It would be so nice if we could all relax and deal with the terrible situation we are in with our mesh complications. So nice if we could trust others who we feel are in the same situation. So nice if we could deal with all our personal and family issues that arise from our mesh injuries, without feeling we need to hide from the world. Even though we cannot trust so easily, the sad fact is none of us can hide. Like it or not knowledge is power, and power means you can work on standing on your own two feet and take care of yourself.

I know not everyone was happy when I broke the news about Jane Akre. Women wanted to believe that someone outside our injury circle could be trusted to report on our situations and be there for us. Someone who could get through to the world how damaged we are, so that other women would not walk in our shoes. But sadly we don’t account for the fact that the world really doesn’t want to know about our injuries and those who look like they want to help us, really want to help themselves and profit from our sad situation.

I am just like you. I wanted to believe in Jane Akre, Aaron Horton and Teresa and David Sawyer (TVT-NO). Believe that they were out to help women, not just themselves. But regardless of what I wanted to believe when I discovered what was going on I had no right keeping it from you. The reason being is that I vowed to help other women because other mesh injured women helped me.

I want you to know that over this four years, with my daughter I shared many, many things that I felt were wrong and things that were going on. She wasn’t new to bad stuff but she did not write about any of it for a very long time. However when things became so bad and the lies and cover-up so huge, I told her my feelings that these people needed to be exposed. I did not want to be the tabloid of the mesh world as this blog was about helping women and giving them tools to move forward. I felt the two conflicted and tried to ignore the things I knew. But it ate at me to stay silent. I knew this didn’t just affect me, it affected all mesh injured women. So my daughter began exposing things so that I didn’t take the flack. But she did. Unfortunately it was because no one wanted to believe the lies and deceit because it means no one cares unless they gain from our bad situation. Like it or not we all must face the true facts.

This morning when I read what had been posted on Jane Akre’s Facebook page by the husband of Estelle Tasz, none of it surprised me. I soon found out Jane Akre had deleted it and unfriended both Estelle and her husband Mike Tasz and made it all go away. Poof! Gone…. No surprise there of course as I have said on the blog I wrote about Estelle Tasz that Jane Akre would eventually have nothing to do with her when she was no longer useful. However the story she wrote about Estelle has remained as if it was gospel even though so much of it is lies. This is because regardless of what Jane Akre knows about Estelle, her story is useful to continue her plight of lies and deceit and her plight for financial gain while working for lawyers. It does not benefit her to remove the stories of any mesh injured women even when she is told the truth or expose what has taken place. This means if left up to Jane Akre, Estelle will be allowed continue her ways as a con artist and perhaps gain the sympathy of other women and use them too. Why can Jane Akre do this? Because she is NOT mesh injured. She doesn’t care if Estelle is out there doing more damage with all her lies, so long as her story is useful.

Aaron Horton also knows the truth as she left a comment when Mike Tasz said what was truly going on. But she will also use women and will not admit that there is dirt under the fingernails of some. Why? Because she too is self-serving and uses women’s stories for gain. The Sawyer’s and their TVT-No website is no different. They will use women so that they have an income. Sad I know, but this is what is going on in the mesh world.

I look back at all the people I thought were honest. How stupid was I. I think back at when Jane Akre introduced me to another mesh injured women and told me how much they wanted to make a documentary to expose what is happening to women. I wanted to believe…. But the truth no longer allows me to hide and let more of this happen to others who are like I was. Totally innocent. I have a responsibility to continue this journey facing and telling you all the truth of what is going on, not just in the medical world with doctors denying women’s problems but in the seamy side of the mesh world with people who like to make money from our misfortunate. You need to be informed and then make your own decisions if you are approached by any of these people. Now read on.

Read here what made me write this post

Now read what happened when I was used by Estelle and she took money from other woman

And read here about the connection between Estelle Tasz and Jane Akre


  1. You tried to tell us

    Sadly, when the MDL’s are settled and the lawyers have their profits, we the mesh-injured women will be left with nothing to help us live out the rest of our lives. Mesh Medical News Desk will close when there is nothing to pick from our bones and Jane will be off to find her next big story. It makes me sick how our precious lives have been cheapened by Jane and Estelle. Can people NOT YET SEE that these women really don’t care about what happens to us?

    1. lavalinda

      Sadly for some it is better to look the other way. However so many women want to know so that they don’t fall prey to scammers.

  2. Sylvia

    Linda, you are right, the world doesn’t really care or understand what mesh injured women are going through. They don’t want to hear about it. With the lies and coverups, it has made a mockery out of hurting women. We appreciate your time in keeping us informed and always going the extra mile by giving special attention to the women that need extra help. A huge thanks to you and Kim! Stay safe as God watches over you!


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