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I have come to the conclusion that mesh for women’s pelvic floor surgeries are here to stay. No I am not happy about it because I have had to live in mesh hell for four and a half years, with no cure in sight. What makes me far angrier is that young women will have many years of pain and torture because of these products and no manufacturer will accept responsibility for the injuries that these products cause. Just before this Labor Day holiday a new comment came in from some such young woman who wants other to know what is happening to her. There are stages for women to go through when they know there is a problem from their surgery. Stage one is disbelief and hope things will improve with time. Stage two is facing things are not going to get any better and you begin searching for answers. That’s when women find this blog. There will be more stages for this young woman to go through, but each stage takes time and decisions occur as acceptance and fear sets in, mixed with pain and anguish.

This is the comment she left. I removed her last name but she wanted every woman to know her fear and what has happened to her.

“Hi I’m 37 years old and I had a partial hysterectomy on May 22,2013 due to the fact that I had been having a period since December of 2012 and they could not find any medical reasons why. I had no cysts is or fibroids.I just simply would not quit bleeding even after taking medications that have been known to help with prolonged bleeding. At the time my doctor and I decided a partial hysterectomy was the best course for me he suggested I get a bladder tack at the same time due to the fact that when the bladder is removed and the uterus is no longer there for the bladder to rest on some women develop incontinence issues. So I went to a urologist and he suggested since I wasn’t currently having incontinence issues other than when I sneezed occasionally that he would not do a bladder tack but he suggested a bladder sling. I questioned him at that time about the stuff I had been seeing on the news and he assured me that those brands of slings had been taken off the market and I wouldn’t have any of the issues I had heard about on the news. That there was nothing for me to worry about. So unfortunately I didn’t listen to my gut and I went ahead with the bladder sling operation on the same day as my partial hysterectomy so that I wouldn’t have to undergo separate surgeries at different times. I noticed almost immediately after coming home from the hospital that I was having leakage that I didn’t have before surgery (except occasionally when I sneezed as I stated earlier). It seemed every time I went to the bathroom after wiping when I would stand up urine would run down my leg. As you can imagine this was very upsetting for me but I thought maybe it’s just because I’m still healing. When I went in for my two week check up with my urologist I let them know what was happening and my concern. They told me to do Kegel exercises and to practice starting and stopping my urine flow while going to the bathroom that this was more than likely just part of my recovery process. When I went back in for my six week check up even after following their advice I was still having the same problem. This time I was told to decrease my walking and water intake along with continuing the Kegel exercises and that the fact that I walked five miles every day and drank a gallon of water a day was probably what was causing the problem (even though I done these things before my surgery with no problems) At this point I was feeling more discouraged and embarrassed that now I had to take extra panties woth me places,or wear panty liners (I should add here panty liners were not something that I ever wanted to see again considering I had developed an allergy to them after wearing pads for almost six months straight). I was also told at this visit that my next visit I would be meeting a new doctor because my doctor was retiring just six weeks after my operation. So I came back for a ten week check up with the same symptoms only now I was aware of new symptoms the fact that intercourse was painful and that my sensitivity while being intimate with my husband was greatly diminished.I was devastated and for the first time in my life I didn’t feel like a woman, I felt like my femininity was gone somehow. I was hoping a new doctor might be the best thing, only to be examined by a man I had never laid eyes on before, before he ever even introduced himself. Afterwards he told me to get dressed and he would be back to talk to me after. I felt violated and hopeless at this point. I will admit when he came back in he was nice and listened to my concerns but his only new suggestion was for me to go to physical therapy. At this point I just felt like I was being brushed off again just like I had been from the beginning. I never have gone to the physical therapy because my insurance changed and it meant a new detectable to meet which I didn’t have the money for but also I didn’t think it was going to help me. It has been almost sixteen months since my surgery and I still have the same symptoms plus I get up four to six times a night to go to the bathroom and it is like I can feel the sling a lot of the time, I have discomfort often but no severe pain as of yet. It worries me that more severe symptoms will follow as time goes on but I’m also so scared to have surgery to remove the bladder sling because of all the horror stories of multiple surgeries and complications. It’s like trading one nightmare for another. I feel like having a bladder sling was the worst decision of my life. Maybe sharing this will help other’s with their decision.
Seriously, Lachelle

Thirty-eight years ago one of my sister’s in England also had a partial hysterectomy done two years after her second child was born. She had some pain and bleeding and that is why it was done along with something she called a bladder lift. It was the days when you stayed in the hospital until you could pee on your own after the catheter was removed. She told me she remembered other young mothers who were there with her who all had the same surgery. It was the days of NO MESH surgeries. My sister is sixty-eight years old and has never had a problem since that day. However, everything has changed in England as it has all around the world. Easy as one, two three. Open a packet, slap a mesh sling in a poor unsuspecting woman and you’re done. Any surgeon with basic skills can do it after a weekend crash course and perhaps one visit by a rep to be there on the first try of putting it in a woman’s body. I wrote about it earlier this year when I announced World Mesh Awareness Day. I will give you the link at the end of this blog so that all women will know the truth about what their doctor is doing. Just be aware of one thing.


I want women to know there are doctors who can fix you without mesh but you will have interview and hunt them out. Then more than likely you will have to travel for surgery. Wait…. Before you complain or say it is impossible, please read this woman’s story again and then more stories on a link I will provide where many women have left comments. There is a link about doctors at the top of this blog where you can find a few. If you go to any more, please leave a comment and I will share it for all women to see.

I know how life it. It is much easier to go close to home and to your nearest surgeon to have a hysterectomy or prolapse repair. However, in time you will find out how difficult it is to find someone who can remove it all including the anchors where it is attached to your body. You cannot imagine the horror of going through multiple surgeries which will damage your body and leave you in serious pain for life. That is why I am writing this blog today. I hope the title of this blog will find those women seeking to understand what these products are BEFORE one is implanted in them. Don’t become a statistic like other mesh injured women.

If you are a mesh injured woman, please leave a comment here so that others will read what this has done to you, your life, your family and your financial status. This way others will read it and we can hope we will save some lives together.

This link will take you to a blog with another horror story of what has happened to a women and on this blog you will find links of what is going on. The truth will not be squashed by all mesh manufacturers as long as I am able to tell the world what is happening to women. Please read this

Together let’s stop mesh!

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  1. Karen

    It took 6 years for my TWO bladder slings to erode through my tissues and urinary tract before the true problem was diagnosed. By that time, the damage had been done. Within the last 10 months, I have had removal surgery by Dr Raz at UCLA and also a repair surgery. However, since the mesh damage was so extensive, there is at least one more pelvic surgery in my future. This ordeal has been pure hell. Doctors are padding their wallets while causing extreme suffering to women. Transvaginal mesh MUST be removed from the market. Please, never allow mesh to be put into your body. It is just not worth the risk!


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