Bad Patient Advocates

Yesterday afternoon I was so upset about a new story Jane Akre wrote about another poor woman’s case because I feel her case is at risk because of Jane Akre and Estelle Tasz. I went to bed last night wishing I could warn this poor injured woman because she and her family have no idea of what these bad women are up to. Apparently Estelle has been staying with Jane in Florida, although I have no clue how long for, and yesterday they took a road trip to West Virginia together ready to grab the headlines of this poor unfortunate woman’s trial. I am not going into the details as it has already been covered and I will give you the link at the bottom of this blog.

I know a lot of women thought I had lost my mind when I began stating about the bad things that are going on in our world of mesh injury. I understand how you feel. I know some thought I was not of sound mind and my daughter was leading me down a bad road, or some thought I was using her to get the facts out there. Neither would be correct. I am not feeble minded and this all came about because I began observing what Jane Akre was doing and it was very apparent she wanted me to hand her on a plate, any women all over the country who were injured because of Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon) mesh products. When I tried to ignore her she did not drop it. I finally told her to ask women herself on her Medical Mesh Newsdesk support group. And she did just that. That caused a flurry of anger from women who contacted their lawyers to let them know, and they were told not to give Jane Akre any information. Those lawyers looked into Jane and sent out letters warning their clients not to get involved with her.

If you have missed all of this I will give you a link at the bottom which will prove these things to you, IF you really want to know. If you read the facts it will prove to you that Jane Akre has NOT been a hero to mesh injured women, she is a predator and will use any of us to get a story. Why? Because she is looking forward to financial gain for her retirement when J & J settles women’s cases. You don’t believe me? Fine. I am not forcing you to read anything. If you want to stay in your own world of sweet make believe, then please do so. But remember that this unfortunate woman whose case is on trial right now, is tainted because of all Jane Akre is doing and she may be tainting all of our cases because of her actions. Not only that but her latest side-kick Estelle Tasz loves the limelight and she too will use any woman to get a photo of herself out there in public view. She is a very sad individual indeed.

These two women together are deadly for women’s cases. Jane snapping a photo of Estelle Tasz wearing high heel shoes standing outside the courthouse yesterday caused a swell of anger among mesh injured women who have suffered so much and are still suffering. They want to know how dare they trivialize what most of us go through because of all brands of medical mesh. Most mesh injured women can’t wear high heel shoes after their injuries ever again, let alone within a couple of weeks of Estelle’s so called mesh removal. No one has figured out if she truly had mesh removal because she has lied non-stop even posting photos of various mesh removed and said it was all gone. How much mesh was in her you may wonder? Well, unless any of us can see her medical records we’ll never know. Some women even speculated that she was never mesh injured at all. This is because she has woven such a web of lies that the truth is buried to deep to find. None of us care if Estelle wins her case because she obviously doesn’t but it is wrong what she is doing to other women’s cases. Estelle lays claim to any woman who she can buddy up to as her ‘mother’. Yes I was there once until I realized who she is and what she is about and right now lays claim to Jane. Jane however has her own agenda and I am sure she is lapping it up, until Estelle proves no longer useful. Then she will be the wicked step-child and Jane will wash her hands of her and cast her aside. She is just another pawn to Jane Akre. But then again, each should look in the mirror as they are two peas in a pod.

Estelle Tasz is announcing all over the Internet that she is now an advocate for Dr. Veronikis. Women have been emailing him to ask if she was because every mesh injured woman has had enough of Estelle’s lies. Turns out he says she is not. I repeat that NOT! So if she approaches you in any way and tells you she is, once again the lies roll from her mouth so easily. Do NOT give this woman any credence as a self-imposed patient advocate, nor give her your information. It will land up with Jane Akre to use without your knowledge.

When I woke up this morning my thoughts went in a different direction about Jane Akre. She has lied in other articles she wrote, so what constitutes the truth this time. She will spin a truth into a fantasy lie. So why is she writing about this poor woman at her trial? Well someone has to pay for her and Estelle’s jaunt to West Virginia. Guess who? YOU, the mesh injured women who still believes in her and will press that donate button and give the few dollars you have. Please do not do it. Save those pennies for your own care. Don’t be taken in by Jane’s “I’m doing this for you unfortunate J & J women”. No, she is doing it to feather her own nest.

Estelle Tasz received seventeen hundred dollars when I wrote about her and she kept it all even after I denounced her actions and women asked for their money back. The proof is all out there in her own words on the link I will give you. These two women are about greed. They will use you and leave your body crushed. Don’t be fooled by them. Don’t listen to Jane’s whining about needing money. Over the years she has perfected her art to extort money from anyone who will listen to her ‘I’m a hero’ story. Keep your money to help yourself in your time of need.

Some women have wondered how a mother could leave her small child at home while she bounces around doing Jane Akre’s bidding. I don’t get it either. I was a mother to my young child in every sense of the word. I would never have left my child unless I had no choice. Other women who were so ill because of mesh have told me that after mesh removal and healing time, they were trying to make up for lost time and rebuilding their relationships with their children. Obviously Estelle doesn’t care about bonding with her child. Her baby is just another tool for her photo opportunities. Someone else is bonding with her child while she is out and about enjoying her photo opportunities in the limelight.

If you want to see photos including a selfie from these two women’s road trip (read summer fun) and learn more about what is going on please go to this link

If you would rather stay oblivious then I understand but just watch out if your case is chosen to go to trial. The vultures will be swarming.


  1. Sunny

    This breaks my heart because I do know a lady that they have gotten to and the lady cancelled her surgery with dr Raz to go use the doctor they recommend. All I can do is pray for her. Red flags went up for me and trust I will not be in their click! Thanks for all I do and for telling the truth.

  2. Cherie

    Well said.

  3. Jeff Silverman

    Thank you for vindicating every thing I’ve been saying and thinking. Jane Akre is NOT to be trusted, she lied to me the first time we talked four years ago. She is a pathetic and dangerous idiot. Too much to go into here, but suffice it to say, there is something SO wrong with this whole picture. How does Estelle travel doing Jane’s bidding? Because it’s all by design.

  4. Karen

    Those are such wise words to save our money for ourselves and our care and NOT to donate to Jane and the huge scam she is imposing on mesh-injured women. You and Kim have been so selfless in your pursuit of truth about how Jane Akre and Estelle are taking advantage of mesh victims. You have endured rejection, harrassment, and lost many friends – and yet you press on speaking out to expose this scam. It seems that your persistence in spite of your losses is finally waking people up. THANK YOU, LINDA. THANK YOU, KIM. Let’s hope others wake up to Jane’s lies and bad intentions before more women are hurt.

    1. lavalinda

      Thank you Karen. It has been very tough at times but I have never regretted it because these lies are hurting mesh injured women just as much as the mesh has. It has been hard for women to realize I am not a nutcase, but women are watching and understand that I was scammed by Estelle and Jane knows it. Life is not about making all the money you can off of those who suffer. Sometimes you have to do the right thing even when it compromises yourself. I have seen women turn around a corner that I did not believe would and they now know and see what is going on.

  5. Dee Dee

    I’m so very happy the truth came out. I personally know Estelle and ended our friendship because she’s a thief and a pathological liar. I can’t even make up the stories she would tell and she didn’t care who she told them to. She became a joke. I feel so so bad for those kids. It really gets me mad knowing she’s a con artist and there are women and men truely suffering.

    1. lavalinda

      Thank you Dee Dee for shedding light on the truth. We are all vulnerable and these people take advantage of our situation.


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