Travel & Surgery at UCLA Update

There are women now who are now even more confused because of things other people have written about doctors and many more women feel angry that the focus has been on trying to disgrace Dr. Raz and his associates for some time. Women have been trying to give good reports on support groups only to be bullied or have their comments removed and they are tired of it. Some women just want their questions answered about travelling to UCLA but their voices are drowned out by others who have decided to continue their work by placing false information anywhere and everywhere that they can over the entire Internet. This kind of behavior is seriously flawed and is actually having the opposite effect. Women are now waking up to the fact that the doctors at UCLA are doing phenomenal work and they are choosing to go to him or one of his associates.

First let me say to you that once mesh has been put into your body, your life can change drastically and you can have any given number of complications over time. Many women do not have complications until five to ten years after mesh insertion. However some have instant complications where others have a slow decline of their health over a period of time, without knowing that mesh is the cause. These are women who have auto immune issues that are not recognized as mesh related by other doctors, including those who put mesh in our bodies every day. None of us can know before mesh insertion how our bodies will react to these products because we are all very different. I can tell you that after complete mesh removal, many women have reported to me that after a period of time (some very quickly) there immune issues were reversed and they are no longer on medications.

Everyone is different and the biggest factor for a good recovery is to take your healing after surgery into your own hands. The best thing you can do for yourself after removal is to not drink coffee or caffeinated drinks until you are completely well because of bladder irritation. Stop smoking and begin a good healthy diet and take supplements to allow your body to renew and heal. All this is common sense I know and we are all adults who have to choose our own approach to healing, but you can’t complain about your health if you continue down the same path and don’t allow your body to heal without any irritants.

Another factor is difficulty of healing will be the amount of prescription drugs you take, because they all have side effects and we all react differently to each drug. This means read every side effect and get educated if you feel you are not doing well. I recently had a conversation with a woman who sounded very depressed to me and she did not know why, but she then told me about a drug she was taking, so I looked up the side effects and sent her a note to say that depression was one of them. She stopped taking that drug and her whole attitude changed and she felt much better. I am not telling you to stop taking all drugs as I know nerve damage of mesh is a huge factor and many women cannot function without pain meds, but given healing time, try to wean off some if at all possible. Without these drugs, you may find your way back to being the person you once were.

If you have chosen to go to UCLA I have written many blogs to help you in your travels, things to take with you and where things are close to the doctors’ offices. I am now going to give you all those links and more to help you through this journey. If you have been to any other doctor for removal and are still having problems, you can still make an appointment at UCLA and find out what can be done to help you move forward with your life. They won’t turn you away.

My suggestion is if you are on any support groups and have decided to go to UCLA, it would be wise not to announce where you are going. This goes for any doctor as a matter of fact. The idea of a support group is that you will be allowed to ask for information as to things that can help you after surgery. However these things are never answered on these groups as suddenly you will be hit with a few women who want to make sure your right to choose a doctor is mired with suggestions and innuendos. Don’t get sucked in. Be on these groups as a voyeur if you like, make friends if you feel you have a connection with a woman who seems to be similar in your own feelings. Don’t allow yourself to be stressed out by others with an agenda. You have free will and you should assert that wonderful gift that we are allowed in this country. Freedom!

This morning a woman left a comment on another blog and asked about length of time to stay at UCLA. I can answer by asking how many days can you afford to stay. I can also tell you that if you want your doctor to remove the catheter before you fly home then the answer is that they will remove it one week after surgery and you can fly home the next day. This is another thing you need to know. Tests will be performed before they do your surgery and they could be scheduled all in the same day, or over a couple of days. You will find a blog I wrote about those tests in these links. But you will have this information before you go out there so that you can plan how many days you will need before your surgery as well as after. I wrote a blog about my own consult appointment and shared how long I stayed out there. I was on a very tight budget when I went back for surgery so I came home and removed the catheter myself. Everything is up to you and you will make choices based on how much you can afford, how long you want to be away from your children or pets. No one can make those decision for you.

Now here are many blogs with the answers many women need for their own journey. You will also find many comments left there by women who have also been on this same journey. 

The doctors of UCLA. Please watch the video.

I also just shared a photo from my own mesh removal surgery.

You will need to take your operative reports from any mesh related surgeries you already had as these will give the doctor you choose a good idea of the type of mesh, how it was anchored and how much mesh could be left in your body. I know the facilities where some women had their mesh implant surgery closed down and some women wonder about how long medical records should be kept.

My consult

Tips about going to UCLA

You will need to know about food for you and anyone who travels with you.

I have been out to UCLA four times and each time I try to look around and see what I can share with other women.

Things to take with you for surgery

Tests before surgery

All about the translabial ultrasound

My surgery

Traveling home after surgery

Stop worrying about incontinence after mesh removal, it may never happen.

It takes time to heal and sometimes you will feel very down after surgery.

You have got to stay well while you wait for surgery. This blog will give you ideas and help with infections.

Beware of vitamin D deficiency.

You can pay cash for surgery.

Money issues

Report your sling to the FDA

You should know I have been burned by recommending other doctors and therefore I no longer do. I learned something a long time ago that it will take 6 months before you know how well you are doing after mesh removal surgery. Many women begin posting on support groups immediately after their surgery how great they are doing. Experience shows us that we may have instant relief but in time, you will know the true depth of your healing and the extent of the damage before and after mesh removal surgery. What you do is important and can be a major factor to your wellness. Your future is in your hands and you can help things be better by both attitude and your participation in your healing.

Remember it is your right to choose who you go to for your mesh removal based on your income and how you feel. I have never dropped support of any woman because of the doctor she chose to go to. I am here for all mesh injured women and share as much information about all I have gone through and that is why women choose to come to this blog. Women have told me there is no other site, nor blog that does this and I have been happy to oblige. I have shared the truth about what I have gone through and have never shied away from telling the truth. I do it because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO.


  1. msm

    Thank you so much! This helps me tremendously!

    BTW, my scar after sling replacement with a fascial sling look identical to your’s. I wish I had known more about the need for complete removal before that procedure. I’m hoping the added scar tissue won’t complicate things.

    I look forward to seeing a doc with a good rep who is at a teaching hospital. They are more likely to teach others and have no pressure to perform unnecessary procedures to pay the bills of a private practice. That’s just been my experience over numerous other surgeries for ortho, etc. But that’s just for me.

    I agree everyone must make up their own mind. Thanks again!

    1. lavalinda

      MSM I just posted my new blog and hopefully answered all your question. If not you can ask away.

  2. Karen

    Linda, this is another great blog. Your dedication to informing women about how to get help with their mesh injuries is absolutely phenomenal. You seem to be tireless in your efforts to help us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    1. lavalinda

      Karen thank you for knowing how tough it is to keep going.

  3. Mary


    Thank you is all I can say ! I hope these ladies know the info you give us is always accurate. It’s always with love and concern. You saved my life. The aftercare info you’ve shared helped me more than any medicine the drs gave me. The legal guidance as always through trial correct and on point!

    Thank you



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