Used & Lied To

Yesterday a damning article went up, written by Jane Akre. Damning because now there is no guessing on my part that I was used and lied to by two women. Jane Akre and Estelle Tasz. From the moment it went up, angry women hit the phones and the Internet all because of the continuous lies and innuendos. They wonder what the truth is or even do these women KNOW what telling truth means. I know how they feel.

For the past week or so I have been trying hard to get my mind in a different place so I stepped back trying to concentrate on some things in my own life. A sick dog that needs special attention, let alone my own constant battle with the ups and downs of medical mesh complications. At times stepping back is the only way I can deal with all the things in my own life and get my mind in a happier place, so I do this from time to time just so that I can continue writing about things that may help other women. Right now I have research sitting on my computer, waiting for me to write articles, but I just needed some time off before I could do the kind of job that I need to. Then yesterday’s article hit the Internet and women were hot and angry.

I look back over time since Jane Akre first contacted me and I feel sick. Sick because I now know that from the very beginning, she had a motive for making that contact. I do not know if you have noticed that Jane’s site popped up a month before the warning from the FDA about medical mesh came out on July 14th of 2011. I will give you the link at the bottom of this blog about the FDA warning. Now I suspect that whoever she is working for, set her up in a position to gather stories about injured women as sympathy stories for their own sinister, financial gain. Whoever these backers of Jane Akre are, they had inside information as to how many women were reporting their complications to the FDA and when the time came for a warning to happen. However, I don’t think the information would be any secret. You just have to know where to go to view the numbers and decide when the time is to set someone up that poor unfortunate injured women could relate to. Those women are US! It had to be a woman who had a ‘do good’ past and Jane Akre fit that bill. But who she really is, none of us will ever really know because she is highly guarded about her past except what she has not been able to control. In other words she has learned the art of burying as much information as possible.

Why did she choose me you may wonder? I had been blogging about my own mesh hell for several months when I could not sleep from the pain. Women had been contacting me and telling me of their pain and it was becoming evident that my blog was reaching other women. At that time, no one was blogging who had been injured and my blog was beginning to be found by other unfortunate women who began leaving comments to the blogs I was writing. Back then, I did not know that I was a good mark for Jane Akre, but now I realize I was.

I can tell you I WAS a willing fool for Jane Akre. Foolish because I thought I had help to get the word out about what mesh was doing to women. I could not change my own sad situation, but I wanted other women to know the complications so they did not wind up like me and many other women. The reason why I was so willing was simple. I had researched medical mesh after I was having complications from my own surgery in March 2010 and had come up zero. No one was saying that mesh was destroying their lives and no one gave details of their complications until I began writing. Those details that I gave in my blogs began an avalanche of comments from other women willing to describe their varying complications and those descriptions finally gave women the truth about why their lives were so messed up and they were so ill.

Fast forward to the time I was introduced to Estelle Tasz who had seemingly come out of nowhere and had found her fame as a willing contributor to many mesh injury sites including Jane Akre’s. Although I had been having some suspicions about Jane by the time Estelle came on the scene, I truly did not want to believe them. I had however noticed that Jane had begun pushing for women’s information from me and the women who help me, to bring her women who would be willing to participate in her new ventures. Even then I shoved my thoughts aside as I was not willing to allow myself to believe I had been duped by this woman. However now I know I was.

When Estelle Tasz came on the scene I did what I thought was the right the right thing to do. Help a seriously ill woman get the help she needed. However now it is my opinion that Estelle is a pathological liar who will do anything to be noticed and does NOT seem to have a handle on the truth. I have had experience in these matters due to running across people like her in my own past, but I can assure you, you cannot recognize the signs until you are in deep with these people. However when you come up for air, you wonder how they got to you so easily. I am sure every reader of this blog has come across this type of person in their own past and it’s just hard to admit you were duped.

So now what is the truth about Estelle? There is evidence that she is a liar and that Jane helped her lies get out in public, for whatever gain she will finally have when our cases are settled. You can see the evidence or leave it alone, but either way I am sure you will remain as confused as the rest of us as to why these women have done what they have done. Only they know why and perhaps they are now just as confused about the real truth as we are. That tends to happen when you constantly change stories. The reason I am writing this blog is because I want women to know I was duped by these women and I hate that Estelle took money from you that she raised because of me and she has no intention of giving it back to the women she took it from. It all happened because I wrote a compelling story about a woman I thought at the time was really injured and in dire need of help. I am sad I was fooled to easily and led my readers down the wrong path to give from the little they already have. I have cut all ties with Jane Akre and my stories are no longer up on her site, per my request. I want no part of her or her site.

You can now see that evidence here

Burying information is easy when you know how or you have the means to hire someone to do it for you. Or you can get the information free if you are willing to do whatever it takes to bury the negatives. Women wondered why Jane Akre had been posting the same article time and time again as they thought she had a screw loose. Not so when you read why at the bottom of this blog.

In case you missed it, you can read more damming evidence here about Estelle Tasz

The day the report came out warning about the dangers of medical mesh

In case you are curious, here are a few articles about burying information


  1. Cherie

    Good for you for exposing the lies.

  2. Bella

    I don’t think I can’t take anymore of this.

    1. lavalinda

      Bella I can’t either but I cannot leave the lies under cover. If this is so hard, please don’t read this blog. It makes me very sad believe me because I was such a believer in good. Now I wonder when it comes to this kind of thing, is there any such thing.


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