Boston Scientific or BS

Decide for yourself if you are upset over yesterday’s big loss.

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  1. pam

    linda, i read another trial date started in Mass. aug.11, I know we don’t get updates like we did when mesh trials began, in W virginia either. Have you found any web site that we can get info. of other women and how they are doing in courts. IT SEEMS LIKE NEWSPAPERS IN THOSE CITIES WOULD CARRY THE COURTS, BUT HAVEN’T FOUND 1 YET.Very CONFUSING , how some win and some do not, all mesh related, how can 1 state rule different from 1 state to another, when the mesh problems are the same, for those truly damaged by mesh.

    Guess it is like 1 dr. being praised, (not dr. raz) and when I TRIED TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT , i still have his message on answering machine, he refused to see me. he said the doctor that trimmed, my mesh was a good doctor, and was very hateful to me. THAT DOCTOR DID NOTHING AND EVEN LIED TO ME, FOR OVER A YEAR, . he said mine could not be removed as another doctor, i wanted that dr, that was being praised by another mesh web site , to give me a second opinion , and he refused. I DON’T KNOW WHY THEY SAY THEY ARE HELPING WOMEN BUT NOT ALL WOMEN DAMAGED BY MESH.
    INFO we were getting about courts and mesh, we are not getting anymore, we got more in details what was said and not said, we not longer get. I also would like to know , how many that dr. raz has seen and resullt of mesh removal, I KNOW IT TAKES MORE THAN 1 SURGERY, HOW MANY, AND DO INFECTIONS AND PAIN GO AWAY. fistulas, THAT CAME AFTER MESH IMPLANTS DO THEY GO AWAY TOO?


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