Taking the Holistic Approach

Lately I have been speaking to women who had their mesh out some time ago to see how they are doing. Many women remain with infections for many months so I wanted to know if it was the majority or the minority. I learned some surprising things and I realize those who take the holistic approach seem to do far better. I have also learned that it is a complete lifestyle change and one you have to stay on for it to work well.

We all know that once our bodies are compromised with medical mesh, no matter the brand, we have many struggles to deal with that do not just end with mesh removal. I learned this myself after my own mesh removal and began a path of a lifestyle change, seeking alternatives for just about anything. However. This does not mean I’m stupid and completely ‘doctor’ myself. That would not be smart. But I pay close attention to the signs of problems, go to a doctor when I need to and then pay attention to what prescription drugs work, their side effects and how my own body reacts to them. If I have a problem I have a choice to see if I want to try many other prescription drugs or I can find an alternative to try to get back to good health.

Back in 2008, both my daughter and I had an allergic reaction to a different drug for two different reasons. Those bad reactions were very serious and scary, so my daughter began researching and began taking a proactive approach to her own healing and mine. She gave me articles to read up on things she ‘thought’ could help me on a path to wellness and I made my own decisions of what I would take and so did she. You basically take the holistic approach after you find yourself backed into a corner and you are very sick and doctors don’t know what to do for you. They then just guess and give you another pill and hope it works. Sometimes it does but then again sometimes the drug itself causes you more problems than you had before you took it. It is usually around that time that you begin to look into alternatives. If you want to know more about what she and I went through at that time you can see a link at the top of this page and it states, Cipro Damage. You can also see at the top of this page a link to take you to the supplements I take. You should choose your own path to healing and this link shows you how I deal with my own health issues and not to tell you what to do or take.

Some women still have a loved one who can find the money to go to an alternative specialist and have a custom program put together after a series of blood work and medical history has been taken and viewed. However most alternative doctors do not take insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, and many women can barely pay their living expenses. So these women would be left out in the cold if they did not decide to take a chance and figure out their own plan of action. I am one of those women who has to do it this way. At first you feel like it is a guessing game and when you don’t have an instant reaction you wonder why you are doing it. But then you have to reason with yourself that your body is in a mess and you have to give it a fair length of time and be consistent with the supplements you take, just as you would a prescription drug. Once you have been doing it for a while, you know the difference if you stop and it usually happens within a few days of stopping your plan. I personally feel much better when I adhere to my plan of action.

The first thing you have to do is write down any prescription drugs you are taking and check if anything you take holistically will react with any one of them. I am not taking any so that part was easy. Next you have to view your own medical history, if you have on-going issues that could react to any supplement or herb. This is a lot of self-study I know but if you don’t have cash to let someone else do it for you, then you need to do the work. Even if you are going to a holistic doctor, you still have to give them all the details so that they can do a good job for your health. You can’t just sit back and have a magic fix and you have to be evaluated or evaluate your own health issues.

If you are having any memory or brain fog issues then you need to write it all down and set up a system where you can remember when you took your holistic meds so that you don’t forget to take it, or take it more than once a day. Even if you have a great memory, which I do, you still need a system that you can handle no matter the other things that go on in your life that may throw you off. Lately my little dog’s illness has thrown my normal habits, so it is imperative I keep track of my own health approach as well as care for him. If I get myself off course then I cannot help my little dog.

Even when you buy your own supplements, it can be quite expensive. So my daughter has signed up with a couple of good vitamin and supplement suppliers and she receives emails when they have specials. She likes ‘buy one get one free’ deals with free shipping, so we evaluate what we both need when we can afford to order AND they have specials. Buying locally is far too expensive.

Premixed supplements are usually very expensive and tout the miracles they can give you, but if you can evaluate what the product contains and search through Google and find what it is and once again if there are any interactions with your meds. Then you can decide if you want to take it or not and order what you want to take separately. It pays to do the work and make your own decisions. Don’t get caught up in hype.

My daughter has actually began to build a special cabinet in our laundry room to house our supplements. Some we do buy locally if it works out the same as bringing it in from on-line companies or if she found a clearance deal. Our local grocery store makes changes about twice a year and marks some supplement down to as low as $1. They usually have 2 years left on the dates, but they find when they aren’t selling well they need the shelf space, so they clear them out for more profitable items. She found some that were very expensive for me which I still take. Cost was $30 a bottle and she paid $4.00. Saving money is also a lifestyle change even with supplements. She has to finish the edges of the triple cabinet and build the doors, but she has built all the cabinets in our house, so it will get done this fall.

If you are afraid to take supplements without guidance, some things are good and you don’t have to worry, such as magnesium. I know that most people as they get older are magnesium deficient and definitely mesh injured women have this problem. You can also get your doctor to run blood tests and find out about your vitamin D level and that is another easy one. Even Medicare will pay for that blood test. Other than that, it is a read and learn game that may pay off in dividends.

I just had a conversation with one woman who was seriously ill even after her mesh removal and she began doing things herself because of lack of money. She did all I suggest here, read and learned and now has her husband on a good approach to help him with his own health issues. She finally saved some money paid to go to holistic doctor and he told her she had done a great job and just added a couple of other things that could help her. So her very proactive approach has helped her tremendously. I wish holistic doctors were covered by insurances and government programs, but sadly they are not. But that does not mean you can’t try to help yourself.

There are many good books out on the Internet and often used books are very cost effective, so if helping yourself scares you, then try that approach. You may want to join a chat group to learn what others are taking and how it works for them. But whatever you do, it is better than doing nothing and feel you are slowly dying.

Holistic for Pets

We recently changed our approach to dealing with out little dog Beaux’s seriously illness of congestive heart failure. We had a really bad day about ten days ago when we thought he would not live through a day longer. My daughter was very upset and began reading how to get him through the night and we took action. We feared he would not be around in the morning, but there he was sitting up in his little bedroom waiting for us to get up and feed him. We had had little sleep that night after a discussion of where to bury him, but there he was looking so much brighter. We took him to the vet that morning to discuss with him what we could do and then my daughter read a lot of holistic vet’s sites and began using his body weight and taking capsules apart and sprinkling the contents into a pill holder for me to use in his food throughout the day. I mix the things together and then sprinkle it in his smaller meals three times a day. It’s a set up that works for us well and seems to be working for him. It won’t cure his heart condition, but we have noticed a remarkable change in his actions. Will it last, we don’t know, but we want to do the best for him during whatever time he has left.

We also changed everything about his diet. No more dog food. Making food for him is nor hard because he is a small dog, so this is how we put his vegetables together. We mix cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, carrots, yams and sweet corn and then divide it into two bowls. Then we cook chicken and cut it up, make up some oatmeal cereal and use all the meat juice and then mix it up together. We freeze half of it and then refrigerate the rest for his daily meals. It does take time, but now we have got it down to an art it is much easier. We also give him treats of lettuce during the day which he loves and he will grab it out of my hands before it hits his bowl. We have been feeding him fresh veg for a long time, so he is quite used to it and loves it.

When you decide to make a lifestyle change for yourself and then you pet gets sick, the two usually runs hand in hand. You can buy all natural dog food but that too is expensive and many people cannot afford it. So sometimes, if you do the work, you can save money.

I hope this will help many women to think more about the holistic approach to their wellness plan and I am going to do more work on this subject in the next few weeks, hoping some of it will help other women.

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