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I have other useful and informative blogs to write that could help mesh injured women but I am afraid so much drama has had me sidetracked. I will get to them in the next few days but today I want to make a formal statement and apology.

Today I want to apologize to any mesh injured woman who received an email from Jane Akre in the last few months, asking you to join her campaigns. Some women are very upset that she has their email addresses. The reason she had your email address is because when you came to my blog some time back, I had other ladies who I shared your stories along with you to give you the help and guidance you need. I also did include Jane Akre on many of the worst stories because I believed she wanted to help mesh injured women. I did not know she would keep women’s email addresses and later use them for her own purposes. But it has been brought to my attention that this is what has happened.

I also want women to know I do not give out your email addresses or even stockpile them myself. The true fact is there is no reason for me to do this and I don’t have time to do all that because of helping so many women. I am sorry this happened even though I was NOT
part of it. I am also NOT part of any plan she had to share faces or stories of women who are mesh injured. I know how many women want to remain private and I respect your wishes. I am here to state that over the past few months I stopped sharing cases with Jane because I saw many changes that I was very unhappy about. But I will explain more before too long including my past association and connections to Jane Akre. I promise I will tell and share the truth.

This blog today is to share with you a video of me the day before my removal surgery. It was taken on October 10th 2012 by a couple who I still believe to be good people, or I hope they are. My world is shattered enough as it is without finding there are even fewer people in this world that I can trust.

When I flew out to UCLA with my daughter for mesh removal, I knew I would meet up with some other mesh injured women. I agreed to be filmed for a future documentary to reveal the truth about medical mesh.

The day before my surgery, a backdrop was set up in a Tiverton hotel room and a camera was at the ready. My daughter was in the room with me and someone prompted me with a question here and there. There was no script and no preview questions. I felt a bit odd so I just began talking about what my life and other women’s lives had been like because of medical mesh. The tape is fifty minutes long and you may find it boring. But I sat revealing much of what I had encountered over two years seven months, struggling with my own mesh complications and what has happened to other women. No names were used.

I never shared it here before, because they asked me not to because they wanted to wait for the documentary trailer. I shared the first small trailer that was released quite some time back but now I have now pulled out of any future documentary because I believe it should be completely mesh related, not about the companies who make the products. I have shared all the reasons why this is my concern, over many other blogs. You can keep reading through this blog and find where I have stated my reasons.

Today I am going to share the uncut and unedited version that was taken so that you will know exactly who I am and that I am a real mesh injured woman. My daughter had uploaded the content to YouTube some time back so that my family can see it. But now you can too.

I hope this will answer any doubts or questions about my true character. This is why I am releasing it to you. It will soon be too years since my mesh was removed but I still have many issues I deal with every day. However I am grateful to Dr. Raz at UCLA for doing a terrific job. I am far better off without mesh in my body. If you come here to this blog and you are seeking the truth about mesh before it is placed into your body, I hope you will watch it. Don’t wind up like me and thousands of other women around the world.

One other note. I am no longer going to post anything about Estelle after this. I told her I would not and now I have turned everything over to my daughter because I have given this woman far too much time that I could have given to other mesh injured women. You can reading anything from now on here.

I did not realize that when I signed up to receive compensation for the money I spent for my own mesh injuries that I would be embroiled in far more than a lawsuit. It is hard to follow I understand but if you can it can set you free from the lies and stop you from becoming involved. Or at least I hope so.


  1. Danyelle robinson

    I looked at the piece on Michael Hutter…. Again there are no specific accusations just more guilt by association… I want to know specifically what these people have done to make you think they are not on our side……. I want facts…. not innuendo or finger pointing. YOU are making some highly libelous statements without providing any kind of proof. I want to see something concrete. I would never allow my reporters to do this without something concrete….. Where are these undisputed facts you talk about???? Its like saying well that guy has red hair so he must be hotheaded.

    I am truly trying to understand your perspective (as my background is bring together groups at odds with each other) Help me to understand what the problem is….

    1. lavalinda

      Danyelle I am guessing you do not mind a political action group being part of mesh injury litigation? Is pointing out that someone is a speaker at an upcoming tort convention, or is part of a women’s closed mesh injury support group libelous? There is proof.


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