One Woman’s War on Mesh

This morning I woke up and thought about a woman in England who is a one woman show and I thought it is time to honor her. You see not everyone in the mesh world has a personal agenda. There are good people who regardless of what they go through in their own mesh struggle, they pick themselves back up and try to get the word out. They continue the fight to remove mesh off the market.

Before I honor Teresa Hughes I want to talk about the press. There is good press and bad press. There is press used for a cause and there is press used for a hidden agenda. But I want you to know that the best kind of press is the kind done by a mesh injured woman without the backing of any outside organization. Yes it is tough to get the press to listen but there are good reporters who will pick up on something simple and they run with it. Not because they work for an organization. They write because they see something deeper in a story that could help other people recognize a danger. Now that is GOOD press.

Most of these reporters won’t have a fancy website unless that have someone like my daughter who will build one for free. Websites cost a lot of money to hire someone to build and maintain. If someone has a huge fancy website you may want to search deeper for clues in how they are making a living. Usually the clues are there although often hidden with all the good things this person says they are doing.

Many independent reporters will have a blog where they write about things they see and are not right with the world. They usually don’t concentrate on one things they write stories about many bad things. Their blogs can give you a hint of who the person behind the blog is and you have to learn how to read all the hidden signs. Most reporters work for a news group somewhere. The news groups pays them for their articles and that is how these reporters make a living. Here’s what I say to the folks who make a living from injured women. “Go out and get a legitimate job!”

There is such a thing as over exposure when it comes to the press. When I wrote about Estelle yesterday all I could think about is how overexposed she had made herself by doing so many stories, videos and radio interviews. She may think all this is good press but she needs to look at those behind it. I tried to tell her about drugwatch and gave her a link to read about them. I am going to give you a link at the bottom of this blog so that you understand how we are marketed to. When you are overexposed by doing many stories with different groups because you think you are getting the word out, please remember the lawyers will read, listen or watch every one of them and pick out all those flaws. You think it is just other mesh women? You would be so wrong. So be careful.

Once a story is up, it is up to the discretion of anyone writing it whether or not they will take it down. I want to give you a heads up about Medical Mesh News Desk. I sent Jane Akre a private email two weeks ago asking her to remove both stories about me. The one she originally wrote and the one Aaron Horton wrote without my awareness of what she was doing. Yes, that slipped by me too I am afraid. I gave Jane Akre my story a long time ago, because nothing was out there on the Internet. So I thought doing it with Jane was a good thing. But now I know she has her own agenda, I asked her to remove both stories. She came right back with one word. “Why”. I answered I did not think explanations were necessary. Nothing happened. So I left comments on both stories telling her why and how I felt. But the stories remain and I am sure she will keep them there because to her I am ‘good press’ on her site. I reach thousands of women through this blog so it will help her cause, or so she thinks. But I no longer want to be part of her ‘good’ cause now that I have figured out how she is going to profit from me and all mesh injured women. But there is nothing I can do about it because it is up to her.

Lawyers often set someone up to be a wonderful representative for their Hearts and Minds campaign. Someone who seems to be just like you. So a female is a great representative for mesh. She doesn’t have to be a mesh injured woman, but if she has anything in her past that says she has been a right fighter, then she is a great candidate. So I ask women to be independent of thought and decisions. Don’t base your decisions on group thinking. Don’t follow the crowd. Don’t think a large group of women meeting up in Washington will generate getting mesh off the market. No, what it will do is cause fifteen minutes of media fame for those who have their own profit making agenda.

I will give you links at the bottom of this blog so that you can read and learn. But now it is time to honor a woman who works independently to get mesh off the market in England.

So you think you need an army of women? Think again.

Note the wheelchair beside this woman. I have never met Teresa Hughes in person but we have spoken on the phone several times. At times when I spoke to her she was lying in bed not knowing how long she would live. She suffered a rare infection that almost took her life. I have seen photos of her with the deep pain etched on her face. You can’t see where the mesh is in her body, but you can see how it has ravished her when you look at her face.

Take a look at her approach to mesh injuries. This sign says it all about the damage done to her bladder by medical mesh. The scaring. A normal bladder changed forever because there is no repairing it.

If your bladder is not yet injured by mesh, then you have no clue how painful it is. So go and sit out on a public bench and try to raise awareness is huge when you live in pain. But this woman doesn’t care about groups. You see it is so hard to gather a group of women together unless you begin a campaign to rile them up. People who gather women together, do this in a big way will make you believe, that they, the heroes will get the mesh off the market because they know what they are doing and large numbers are the answer.

Teresa Hughes is a one woman Hero. Regardless of what has happened to her because of medical mesh, she wants to save other women the same fate as hers.

You may think did she get any press from this? Is press the only thing that works? Press is five minutes of fame and then it’s gone. But…. There are thousands of women out there who have no clue what mesh can do to a woman’s body. So how do you show them? She found a way to reach the woman herself. Maybe by reaching one woman at a time, women will say “No to mesh!”

So if you are planning on joining a large group headed out to Washington, look at more than the hype. Will you really be doing what you think you’ll be doing or will you be giving others what they want? More money in their pockets.

This woman, Teresa Hughes has been fighting for a long time. Using her and her husband’s own money to raise awareness in England. The photos above were ones I received from her less than two weeks ago. She did not ask me to write about her, she just wanted me to know that even after last year’s bed ridden battle, she continues to raise awareness. I say “Thank you Teresa. I wish there were more women who took this simplified approach to raising awareness.” We need more women like her.

This is her mesh awareness site. Please read and start helping Teresa to continue to get the word out. Being a one woman show is hard when you struggle with pain but that is who this woman is. A good woman.

Learn about the people behind not everything is how it is portrayed. It may look tempting to do a story with them but I recognized what they are up to and I warned Estelle and gave her the link. But we all have to figure things out for ourselves.


  1. teresa hughes

    Dear Linda

    I feel so humble about what you wrote of me and yes I cried. I can only hope that many other women in time will try to spread the word in this simple way. It is not easy I need help along the way but I will continue this campaign while I still have breath in my body.

    Teresa Hughes

  2. Teresa Hughes

    It was interesting to read the link to drugwatch.comI was contacted by these people but I would not give them the time of day. I could see right through them.

    Teresa Hughes

    1. lavalinda

      Teresa they contacted me too. I deleted them after I checked out who they were.

  3. Teresa Hughes

    Dear Linda

    In your blog you mentioned me as a one women hero. What I can say is that at times I feel like the Lone Ranger and the wheelchair is called (Silver). The work that I have done in England alone let alone forwarded on so many woman from Scotland to seek help makes you wonder if it is all worth while.

    Some women that is very few of them say thanks others take all and you never hear from them again. But I do know how you feel because for some unknown reason when something of important is asked and questions not answered they do treat you as a leper. They disappear from the face of the earth. But do you know you do not need these women you are the better person just as I am.

    The work you have done and the time in hours and telephone calls to help mesh injured women cannot be measured in monetary terms. Linda Kilpatrick you will bounce back from all of this and you will move forward because you are such a strong and truthful person.

    Teresa Hughes

    1. lavalinda

      Thank you Teresa. Yes, many times I wonder if this is all worthwhile and yet to save another woman’s life from this devastation is, even if it is only one life. That is why you keep doing what you are doing. We do it because it is the right thing to do. I have to clear the old decks before I can begin anew and do the work I want to do. Mesh awareness will not go away unless we choose to give up. You and I will never give up.

    2. Ingrid Hardacre

      Just keep going and growing with your campaigns. We want to create awareness to safe people from further harm. Those that have been helped and have “dropped off” are also “saved”. We can only hope that they are brave enough to share their story in their own life and pass on their wisdom , through the benefit of their own mesh mess experience. It does take a brave person to do that! Let us hope we can all be brave! Ingrid


    Dear Linda

    What a fantastic blog website. (Well done, your daughter!) Well done! I totally agree with you, Teresa is a most courageous person, who despite her own personal mesh tragedy is determined, in a “hands on” approach, to get mesh off the market. Her strategies make sense – we can only raise awareness and warn of the dangers of mesh and make sure we get that message out there, where it needs to be – in the public, starting with educating our GP’s on the dangers of mesh. Only then women and men, who are offered mesh repairs, can make up their minds and consent fully to such an unsafe and experimental operation with mesh. After all, all patients have been experimental guinea pigs right from the onset of mesh about twenty years ago. Most medical and pharmaceutical companies/ manufacturers pay a fee to anyone who volunteers for trials. Mesh manufacturers, NHS hospitals, consultants and surgeons have had all mesh repair patients FOR FREE!!!! As far I am aware there was never a word said about the long term adverse reaction,to any mesh patients I have met or known about. Keep up the good work. Ingrid

    1. lavalinda

      Thank you Ingrid. Yes it truly is disgusting that women are the guinea pigs and even then when mesh is shown to be a terrible product, they keep slamming it in women with disregard to the consequences. Women pay a terrible price.

  5. Suki Mann

    Hi Theresa
    We are growing in number and we will win this battle together – I had someone refuse to retweet a petition on the basis that not everyone suffers …. And I add the word “yet” onto it! I totally disagree – we are made to feel one but we are many, we are made to feel we should remain silent for the good of the many …. I say “NOT ONE MORE!” Not one single woman on this earth should suffer this – pharma, government, profit or jobs are not worth mutatating women in the name of innovative & science or profit …
    Together across the world, let’s stand together, hold hands and shout “not one more”
    Theresa next time you go with a banner let me know – my wheelchair will sit next to yours – We will win this, don’t give up!

    1. teresa hughes

      Hi Suki

      We suffer in silence but not anymore. The word is getting out. I will take your offer up for you to stand or say sit wheelchairs and all with me and it will be very soon I can tell you. This is a simplified approach that works. I can tell you that meeting Human beings works and is more interactive.

      Linda Kilpatrick does a wonderful job of getting the word out she is truly a wonderful woman.

  6. Terence Bedson

    I have the answer which spells the end of polypropylene mesh I have already informed Teresa Hughes of unconsented experiments involving mesh implants at the Royal Liverpool Hospital I have researched none stop fot the past seven years into my medical history.
    The above mentioned experiments carried on,and on the 12/05/2011 at a private hospital secretely performed a laparoscopy which also involved removal of the gall bladder which had become chronically infected by mesh.
    The private doctor charged me £4850 to re strengthen my abdominal wall, which had previously been destroyed by surgeons at the Royal Liverpool Hospital
    The private doctor stated in a letter to my G.P. ‘Despite Mr Bedson’s insistence he certainly has not previously undergone a laparoscopic mesh hernia repair.’ The private doctor also wrote that before he operated on me I had a virgin abdomen
    My G.P. has now given me a letter which confirms that a mesh was
    Placed on the inside of my abdominal wall three years previous to the private doctor operating on me.a and that Dr Ashraf performed the operation, my G.P. actually writes that on the 8/05/08 Dr Ashraf implanted a mesh onto my posterior wall
    I looked further into my Royal Liverpool Hospital records and have found out that a surgeon who operated on me on the 12/06/06 actually removed part of my gall bladder, what is much more important than this is that my acting solicitor was caught severing the evidence related to the gall bladder removal from the page
    The solicitor did not know that I had already accessed my medical records before she accessed seperate copies from the Royal Liverpool Hospital. All this now needs is the mesh warrior
    My local councillor has writ ten one simple letter which confirms everything that I have written. The private surgeon performs operations on England international footballers

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Terrance what you have written sadly is no surprise to me. Lying and cover-up by doctors, seems to be rampant everywhere. Thank you for posting this.

  7. teresa hughes

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work that you still do. I remember Terence visiting me all those years ago. It is so sad.xx


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