My Pledge to Dr Raz

No one will try to smear your good name!

Why would anyone begin a smear campaign about a doctor who has helped over a thousand women? Well that today is the question I AM asking because this has got way out of hand! Dr. Raz removed my mesh completely and I will not stand for anyone to say bad things or INSINUATE bad things about him.

There is a woman on Facebook who now goes by Teresa Ray but when she was in my friends she was Teresa Jones. When I first spoke to her over the phone a couple of years ago it was because SHE had made contact with me through Facebook telling me she was mesh injured, but the mesh could never be removed because she has a serious lung disease. I took the woman on face value literally and did what I always do. Behind the scenes I gave her every bit of advice I could to help her stay well. Although she said she could never have the mesh removed, I told her never give up and to send Dr. Raz an email and give him details and ask him if he could help.

She shared with me all the emails VOLUNTARILY and forwarded them on to me as she also told me she wanted me to do her story. So I saved them to keep the details so that I could stay as accurate as possible when the time came to write about her. However I was not too worried about her privacy because although it was going to be anonymous, this woman has posted all over Facebook and support groups everything about her situation, so it was not something she did not want others to know. I have never met this woman in person and
as far as I know, no-one else has either including Aaron Horton who calls herself the Mesh Warrior. I only write this because Teresa was/is the secretary of this organization and perhaps Mrs. Horton should make a trip to visit this woman and do a story on her so that the questions that arise about this woman in private can be put to rest once and for all. Mrs. Horton seems to want to do other women’s stories so why not Teresa’s? After all she does not keep everything about her mesh injuries private and she would be a good candidate. Plus the woman has stated on many occasions that she could die suddenly from her lung disease and frankly if it was me, I could care less what would happen to my case because I would want the world to know that a doctor put mesh in my body knowing full well I had this serious health issue. But then again, that’s just me. I am trying hard to stop mesh from being used in women, even more so those who already have serious health issues. As the Mesh Warrior’s Secretary, Teresa would be a great face of the destruction of American women’s health due to mesh complications.

Here is why I am writing about Teresa once and for all today and hope she will stop what she is doing. The last couple of days this woman is posting something about Dr. Raz in support groups, that she says has taken her seventeen months to find. It is a book that Dr. Raz wrote. Believe it or not I found this expensive book a long time ago which is written for scholars of medicine and I would have given her the link myself had she asked because it was not that hard to find. It is time to stop her ploy to discredit Dr. Raz and here is why. I had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Raz when I went out to UCLA for mesh removal in October 2012. We discussed the use of mesh and he told me he holds patents on slings and also that mesh has been part of all urology for the past fifteen years and he once believed in it. But…….. because of all he has seen with complications arising and the suffering of women, plus his full time job of removing it, he stopped using it and NO LONGER will use any form of mesh products. The man has kept his word and he has not used mesh for a long time, has never tried to convince women to have it put back into their bodies and will not ever use it again. In fact on articles written by others about mesh he has stated he no longer uses it.

Mrs. Jones pointed out to others that this book was updated in 2012. Well in case she knows nothing about books and publishing, it takes time for a publisher to take any updates, edit and bring a book to print. It is NOT done overnight.

I have stated that he no longer uses mesh more than once, but this woman seems to be on a vengeful path against Dr. Raz, a man she has never met. I have been quite suspicious of her motives for some time and so have many women who have raised those suspicions to me privately. When she first came into my friends on Facebook I did not suspect her of any wrong doing but as time passed, she pointed out to me about a loan company that would give women money against their cases. I thought at that time she was trying to help women struggling with money, but as she became more insistent that this company was doing women a great service, I began looking into them and realized they were NOT. In fact they were charging such high interest and I told her this. It was not long after this that she unfriended me without saying a word why. I do believe this woman along with others may have had something to do with trying to get me kicked off Facebook recently and I am still in the process of finding out through the proper channels.

Teresa Ray Jones. I am going to ask you this outright because I know you will read this. Are you receiving money from loan companies for refers women to send them to doctors who these loan companies are working with? It is a question many women are wondering about because you blatantly give out your phone number when women say they have just seen Dr. Raz and will have surgery by him. You know full well UCLA is a teaching hospital and will not take part in any pre-loan lending scheme with their doctors or the hospital. Therefore they will not sign up with loan sharks. You also know nothing of the mental torture it takes for any woman to make the decision to have her mesh removed and you should be ASHAMED of yourself for trying to force a woman to change her doctor after she has made that decision. YOU have NOT been to ANY doctor for mesh removal and cannot give your opinion of how they work, or what will happen after a woman has one surgery. You don’t know if they be allowed follow up surgeries and care with these loans. In fact to me it sounds like you really don’t care. So if money isn’t your motive, what else could it be?

You have said in the past and posted it everywhere on support groups that Dr. Raz refused to help you. When I found this out I was upset because this man has done more for mesh injured women than any other doctor I know and he does not refuse to help women even though some are severely damaged from many partial removals. When women have gone to him after having many partials removals and still have mesh in them, he will do all he can to help remove it. There are times when a small piece of mesh cannot be removed either because of placement or where it has migrated to after being in the body for some time. Then it may not be possible to be removed because of the danger. But if it is possible, then in my opinion, Dr. Raz is the best man for the job. So please Teresa stop saying he refused to help you. You know full well I hold emails that you sent me that tells the truth of what he said to you.

Why would I say great things about this doctor? I say it not from any monetary gain which has been suggested more than one time by others, but because he removed all my mesh from very difficult places and since that time I have been far better off with it out of my body. I sleep better. I don’t have endless stabbing pains from something that feels like a sharp knife tip poking into my groin. I am better because it was removed and I am very grateful I chose him to remove it. So I speak from true experience and many women HAVE met me out at UCLA and close to home. These women know I am who I say and I speak the truth.

So you the reader may wonder why would this woman post a smear campaign all over these groups? Well I really can’t say for sure, but I do know she is very comfortable talking to women about taking loans against their cases and she has suggested a particular law firm who gives them out, to me and other women. Why you may wonder. Well that question has been lingering in many women’s minds for some time who have told me it just doesn’t smell right. Only she can answer it if she is willing to tell the truth. So then why would she say Dr. Raz refused to help her? What is the motive for that when the emails she sent me from him are courteous and factual and who stated in his reply to her email that if she can pass the usual before surgery tests he will remove her mesh. However, she continues on the path of trying to discredit Dr. Raz for whatever reason is at present unknown and she has tried to discredit me on all these support groups and even on this blog.

I am not going to bother to bore you with the things she said about me which are all completely untrue. I am sure she will let others say for her, how terrible it is to ‘out’ this poor mesh injured woman, but she has had no problem slandering about me, another mesh injured women who has had many surgeries, including things she was trying to say on this blog. I refused to post her long slandering rant about me, but I kept a copy and can pull it back up from my spam file if I need to show proof. But I will not let her have this benefit of posting it here because that is exactly what she wants. However I am tired of this women discrediting a man who has helped so many women get back to their lives. So whatever purpose she has, she needs to stop and this is the reason why I am spelling out her name here because I want the women of the world to know what she may be up to for whatever reason she has, because it is so wrong. Even though I spoke to this woman on the phone, I have never met her in person and it seems that no one else has either. So exactly who Teresa Ray Jones is no one really knows and I will leave it at that.

One again by telling you about my real story going out to Dr. Raz, I have not, will not and will not ever receive any compensation either monetary or anything else from any doctor, lawyer or anyone else for that matter. But I will give you the link to the blog I wrote after I came back from removal.

If you need to get the mesh out why not take an insurance coverage loan and choose your own doctor. Don’t let this or any other women including me, make this important choice for you.

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Ladies we are in the eleventh hour and too many people are using us to benefit themselves. They come across as our friends and saviors, but who are these people really. If you want to know more start reading here


  1. Gay Courter

    There is only one Dr. Raz and he is a saint in many ways, okay a Jewish saint. But there is only one of him and one UCLA urology department. Thanks to Linda and others I had the great fortune of his care. And yes, I recommended him to others as have so many who know the miracles he can perform. Therein lies a terrible problem. It’s a funnel with so many desperate and needy women trying to get into the same small tube of surgical vacancies. It was bad when I tried 2 years ago and is exponentially worse now. Plus they fit in women who are desperately, potentially fatally, ill. Although this is frightening and frustrating for women with dire infections and in pain, what can UCLA do? It will only get worse and Dr. Raz will have to retire from his heavy workload. (I bet his family is very upset with his schedule!) Yes, he is training others and there are a few others in the department, but we must find potentially good surgeons in other parts of the US to learn these techniques, even study under Dr. Raz. There needs to be at least one good medical center in every state that we can trust. Dr. Raz told me that he is now seeing cases of mesh that seemed fine for 10 years suddenly migrating or eroding. I would not be surprised to discover that almost every woman implanted with mesh has some problems in her lifetime–if she doesn’t die first. Much mesh is put into older women for aging issues, so they might “get away” without dire results or not know exactly what their problems are and chalk them up to elderly issues. Until mesh implantation is STOPPED BY LAW and the products are RECALLED–with payment for explants, women will need doctors as talented as Dr. Raz. I’ve already convinced my implantation doc to stop using it and now I am trying to talk him into getting training to remove it. (He’s the kind of doctor who listens and wants to make it right.) Hope we can also work on this issue. We can’t keep sending everyone to UCLA. It is not sustainable.

    1. lavalinda

      Gay I definitely agree but it takes time to know if a woman does well after any removal surgery. the biggest thing of all is the translabial ultrasound which could help women before they travel again. I am working on it but it has been really difficult. It seems a simple test is not in use anywhere but I feel the reason may be because doctors who put mesh in women won’t acknowledge the problem. Even when mesh is hanging out of women’s bodies many will say they don’t have complications, or their complications are easily fixable. We who have been through mesh removal know it’s not that simple. Removing mesh is difficult and sometimes dangerous and it has to be done by someone who is highly skilled. That takes years.


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