Testing for Mesh Toxicity

Here’s a scenario for you. You have female issues and you decide to have a hysterectomy. You find a prolapse and you decide to have it fixed. Up until this time you have been an otherwise healthy women who was going about your life living it the way of all the women around you lived theirs. Vacationing after a year of working on your hard career or job. Yes you have many things to think about such as if the kids are safe. Getting them to their practices. Keeping your marriage fun and involved. Aging parents who are beginning to need your help. But none of it is anything you can’t handle because that is part of life.

You think to yourself that once your female issues are taking care of you can get on with life again and do what is expected of you. A little bed rest and time off work seems no problem if you can get back on with life.

This morning I spoke to a woman on the phone who was dealing with life not knowing that the mesh in her body was causing terrible things to happen to her. She had been to doctor after doctor and had every conceivable test there is only to be told “There’s nothing wrong with you”. Her sight began to fail. Her body hurt so much she felt like she had flu all the time. She had a terrible rash that would not go away and no one would sit anywhere near her for fear of catching something from her. She was so distraught for seven years until she found this blog and finally knew it was the mesh.

She has promised to write for me her symptoms so that I can share them with you while keeping her identity at bay. She wants to help but not in the forefront as mesh injured. It is women like her that can make a real difference in changing this situation and make my plan to get mesh off the market once and for all. So when I receive her written example of what life was like before and after full mesh removal, I promise I will share it with you.

But this blog is about the toxins caused be mesh. She told me that since mesh removal she still has problems that she feels is mesh related but at last she can live again and be there for her children. She is bright and takes charge of her situation and takes supplements to help her be better. But things are not completely right with her. She said when she was living like this for years she often wished they would diagnose her with cancer because then she felt that something could be done. Even though she was told there was nothing wrong with her she felt like her body was slowly dying. I am not going to write any more about her because I cannot accurately report without her input. But as we spoke I told her my daughter had just found a company to test for mesh toxins both before and after mesh removal.

I called the company myself and spoke to a man who was very willing to answer any questions. It is expensive costing $975.00 to do the testing on the mesh itself and your blood. He told me you have to go to your doctor or a lab and they need 25 to 35 ccs of blood and there is a chain of command for them to get the mesh for testing. Everything is on their website, but I will include a few things for you to understand.

Why would you want to spend this kind of money? Well considering most of us are struggling with money every day it won’t be easy to come up with $1000.00. It is HUGE! But I have spoken to my daughter and somehow we are going to sell things to have mine tested. When it is done, which I was told it takes 3/4 weeks so expect with things you have to do to get the process underway, it will be more like 6/8 weeks. You will receive a certified certificate that you can provide to your lawyers which will prove what has happened to you.

This company is very familiar with the toxins of polypropylene mesh and what you the mesh injured woman is going through. They told me that even after the mesh has been removed, the toxins are left in your organs. I am fully aware of all the women who don’t get better if even a small amount of mesh is in their bodies.

This is what the Carlson Company offers:

Surgical Mesh – Testing for Polypropylene, Poisons

We offer testing and evaluation for all types of surgical mesh implants including Pelvic Organ Prolapse/Urogenecologic, Vaginal, Hernia, and more.

Have you ever wondered how many humans die from medical mistakes which have taken place in U.S. hospitals? Please check out the link, you’ll be surprised.

Surgeons have noted the likelihood of vaginal mesh implant erosion problems for women as the synthetic polypropylene material mesh wears down.

Occasionally men need bladder sling implants, especially those that have had prostatectomies, or the removal of the prostate. It can significantly improve longevity, but it also leads to stress urinary incontinence even though some implants do well.


Synthetic bladder sling implant failures are common among both sexes.

We can  test your blood sample to seek out  polypropylene, a common mesh component.


Its most common medical use is in the synthetic, nonabsorbable,  Suture Prolene, having many applications including wound closures.  As the demands for the use of polypropylene increased so did the number of ingredients used for its composition.

Polypropylene has been used in hernia and pelvic organ prolapse repair operations to protect the body from new hernias in the same location. A small patch of the material is placed over the spot of the hernia, below the skin, and is painless and rarely, if ever, rejected by the body. However, a polypropylene mesh will erode over the uncertain period from days to years. Therefore, the FDA has issued several warnings on the use of polypropylene mesh medical kits for certain applications in pelvic organ prolapse, specifically when introduced in close proximity to the vaginal wall due to a continued increase in number of mesh erosions reported by patients over the past few years.[25] Most recently, on 3 January 2012, the FDA ordered 35 manufacturers of these mesh products to study the side effects of these devices.


I just sent my lawyer an email telling them I want to get mine tested and I also sent the company an email asking them about sending them blood for proper testing to see what is going on now. I promise I will update on this soon when I have the details.

UPDATE…  I did hear back about blood testing and this is what I was told:

“Hi Linda,
We recommend you also evaluate a second grey top blood sample with the plasma separated (this will require the services of a blood lab) and the sample sent to us on ice or with ice pack. The additional testing fee is $550.00.

This link will take you to the Chain of custody form

Watch this video about this company

POST UPDATE:  I posted this a while ago and then received a phone call from someone who knows both the law and toxins. She asked me to tell you all this. First contact your lawyer and ask IF doing this will help your case and if so THEY will pay for it. She said that the mesh has been cryogenically stored in a solution and it is doubtful if any bacteria will be left to test. Not only this but even if they find bacteria or infection, then they have to prove that mesh caused it which means a study on ten thousand women would have to be done from fresh mesh pulled out of the body and sent immediately to a lab. No one is going to pay for that kind of study and you will be wasting you money the mesh toxins link. The opposition will say that anything found will be due to your lifestyle, where you live, if you dye your hair, smoke or just about anything to say your issues were not caused by mesh toxins. But she also said if you are having serious illness issues and still have mesh in you could do blood testing by a local toxologist IF you can find one. Your best bet is not to mention mesh and ask for blood work to test for toxins that are causing you serious problems so that you can identify how you can treated and helped.

To read about the cryonic storing this will help you understand

Another update for you about your case which will help you understand how they are going to view your claim. It is not pretty but you can read it here


  1. Sandra D

    Linda…. can they test just the blood without testing the actual mesh.. for those of us who still have the mesh in? I also imagine that it would have to be done within the USA. I don’t think we could ship blood products across the border from Canada even with the chain of command.I guess we could cross the border to have the blood drawn there.

    1. lavalinda

      Yes I left an update about this.

  2. mary

    what is the name of the test, so I can tell my doctor. thank you

    1. lavalinda

      Mary everything I know is on this blog.

  3. Bessie

    St Paul’s hospital in Vancouver BC is doing research and testing of surgically removed mesh samples from patients who consent. I have surgery coming up and have agreed to submit my removed mesh for testing.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Bessie they should do the testing because there are so many problems. UCLA has been doing it for years and they have a grant to study mesh after removal. They are doing a great job.

  4. Cher

    I have fallen four times..on 18 meds 4 dme for breathing and swelling. I know its the da,n mesh but after 6 yrs my Ra finally gave me a script for toxin testing. I will call places thus was out in us…they can pay for the testing? If the atty wanted you to have it prove your case they would have said this…they are covering up the toxins and immune issues.

  5. Christina kirby

    Cher—what happened w ur toxin testing results

    1. Linda (Post author)

      I personally did not do this.


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