Mesh Urinary Incontinence & Bladder Spasms

Thankfully so many women out in the world want to help others and they are the reason I find out about some of the things that could possible help other women, so when a woman tells me about something and then asks me to research it and write about it, I get on the ball because it may help many women.

What she told me caught my interest because so many women after removal surgery suffer from bladder spasms and urge incontinence because the bladder has been so severely traumatized. Believe me I know what this feels like and I sympathize greatly. I have gone through it on more than one occasion from first experiencing this after the sling was first put into me. My bladder went crazy and infections, spasms and urge incontinence was rampant. Then after each surgery I have gone through it again. When it happens to women it is painful and very scary so I am interested in anything that may possibly help. Our bladder are badly injured when we go through this and it does take time for things to settle down but it is far from pleasant.

She told me about an old practice of alternative treatment called Ayurveda. I had no clue what it was so I looked it up and began to read. I will give you all links at the bottom of this blog. Anyway it sounded very interesting and this is a little from that link.

Ayurveda – The Science of Life

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India. Although suppressed during years of foreign occupation, Ayurveda has been enjoying a major resurgence in both its native land and throughout the world. Tibetan medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine both have their roots in Ayurveda. Early Greek medicine also embraced many concepts originally described in the classical ayurvedic medical texts dating back thousands of years.

More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur = life,Veda = science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vital while realizing their full human potential. Providing guidelines on ideal daily and seasonal routines, diet, behavior and the proper use of our senses, Ayurveda reminds us that health is the balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit.

Like so many women I have turned to alternative therapies to get myself back up and living again, because I have had far too many allergic reactions to prescription drugs and I have been on overload of antibiotics so many times since the sling was first put into my body. I knew it was up to me to find ways to deal with my health, for my own wellness and survival. I cannot tell you how much doing this has changed my life for the better but you can’t be wishy washy when you begin alternative therapy healing.

The absolute honest truth is I hate taking piles of supplements and herbs every day, but when I stop I have noted a fast down fall of how I feel and often I pay for stopping doing them. I will share with you what happened last week when I decided I really didn’t need to take so many things and I stopped taking everything for two days and then cut back on things. I thought it would help jump start the things I remained taking by leaving them off for a couple of days. But I found out I had made a huge mistake when I woke up the night of July 2nd and it felt like someone had punched me in the back around my kidney areas. By morning I knew I had to get to the doctor and they fit me in even though they were fully booked due to the upcoming July 4th holiday. My young female PCP is wonderful and when I asked her to do a culture the order was set up immediately and the lab was ready. I had to wait for the normal dip stick test which showed I definitely had an infection but of course without the culture no one knew what it was.

She asked if I would like an injection of a drug I had taken before to jump start the attack on the infection and I agreed or was afraid I would wind up in the ER over a very busy holiday. They make me wait for 20 minutes to make sure I don’t have a bad reaction because even drugs I have taken before, I can suddenly have a reaction to. Believe me I like their caution and always wait. Then we picked up the prescription of a drug I have not had any problems with and I began taking it. I knew within a couple of days it was not working well, although the first shot had, but until the culture was back they couldn’t determine what would work.

I received the call from her nurse yesterday and she gave me the name of the bacteria. It is Providencia. Of course I wondered how I got it because I am fanatic about cleanliness and change everything before I shower, towels and wash clothes so that I always have fresh towels. But I don’t think there is an answer except my urethra was so badly damaged and I am susceptible to any kind of bacteria now and will be forever. When I told my daughter she went into action to research what we needed to get to add to my regime of supplements and herbs and she came up with garlic which is easily available. I am still taking the antibiotic which is every 12 hours, but in the middle of the day I am now taking 2000mg of garlic. In another week I will go back to see if the infection is clear and I have informed my doctor what I am doing because she is quite open minded. She knows what I have been through I take my own care in my hands to try to improve my situation.

But now onto what this other lady asked me to research. She had removal surgery just a few weeks ago and wanted to know more about Cardamom. So I began researching and reading yesterday and found a really good article which I will give you the link at the bottom of this blog. This will give you an idea of the article and you can read more when you go there direct.

Does Cardamom Have Any Health Benefits?


Actually, it does! This herb is native to India and known for its medicinal properties. In Indian traditional medicine, Ayurveda, cardamom is considered as a very useful and effective medicine. It is also used as a spice in Indian cuisine. Cardamom or cardamom is referred as Queen of Spices as well. This herb belongs to the ginger family Zingiberaceae and it is mainly categorized in two types – Elettaria and Amomum. Elettaria is commonly known as green cardamom and used in many cuisines for its strong aroma and flavour. Amomum or black cardamom is larger than green cardamom and an essential ingredient in many South Asian dishes. Important point is that both of these contain significant amounts of medicinal properties and provide many crucial health benefits.

So now you may wonder where to get it and how to take it, so I looked that up too and it seems it is best taken in extract form. I gave another link for you to read at the bottom of this blog but this is a small sample from that link.

Side Effects of Cardamom Extract:

Cardamom extracts should be 100 percent pure when consumed.

Some have reported slight irritation when the extract is placed directly on the skin.

Besides a possible allergic reaction, there are no known significant side effects of using this extract.

Users should follow the manufacturer’s dosing requirements when using this or any other herbal product.

So now you may wonder what I think about this. Well when I was in the throes of bladder spasms and bladder urge incontinence I would definitely have tried it. You see the doctor will hand you something like Vesicare another prescription product but after a day of taking it I couldn’t pee at all and in fact I had one of the side effects of that product. I became totally dehydrated and had to stop taking it which meant I had to deal with the spasms on my own. I got very little sleep at night and spent most of my time sitting on the toilet in pain of spasms. So I would gladly have tried it.

I believe every woman should do her own reading and make her own choices which is why I write these blogs. So if you try this and it does improve your incontinence and spasms, please come back and leave a comment for other women to read. You will be helping immensely as this is a huge problem for mesh injured women.

Now here I found a great link to tell you more about the type of cardamom that will work.

Yi Zhi Ren (Black Cardamon) – Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Name: Yi Zhi Ren
English Name: Black Cardamon

Clinical Usage and Indications
Warms the kidneys, retains essence, holds urine – spermatorrhea, frequent and copious urine, urinary incontinence, dribbling urine.
Warms the spleen, stops diarrhea – cold spleen or stomach patterns with diarrhea, cold abdominal pain, excess salivation, thick/bad taste in the mouth.

More for you to read.

All about Cardamom

Cardamom extract

Cooking with Cardamom

This will tell you all about Providencia

If you really want to get into the Chinese Medicines of the past then you can begin reading here about Kidneys and water

On a different subject, here are links to more things you can read to understand about your case. I want you to know outright that it is my daughter Kim set up a site called She did so to help me and all mesh injured women. When she did an explosion happened because women wanted someone to do what she is doing or were very angry because she is exposing those who are not to be trusted. She doesn’t write like me. She has worked in lawyers offices in the past and she writes the way lawyers do. She is going to slam it on the table with links to prove what she says is true. You may not like it or you may. But it is your choice whether you want the truth or not.

Truth is sometimes a very hard pill to swallow. I have gone through the stages of disbelief and grief, but because I deal with the truth of what has happened to women all over the world and I am willing to deal with the seedy side of mesh and money making. So here are a couple of things you can read if you so choose to.

This one will help you understand the 95% situation than will be used. Go here

I know how many women feel about all that has happened and you can read more here

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