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Happy 4th July!

For the past year I have watched many women take a proactive approach to raise funds on their own, to travel to surgeries. However most do it through something like You, but by the time they have reached the mesh surgery date, many have lost jobs and are still trying to gain disability status. Once the job has gone, their friends have dwindled and their world becomes much smaller. So these fundraisers only reach more mesh injured women who have then become their only source of friendship connection. Because of this, trying to raise funds through You Caring is difficult because just about everyone you know is mesh injured and out of money. So you need a more creative way to raise funds through You Caring.

My daughter and I have been discussing how to help women help themselves. We were brainstorming ideas back and forth after she came up with a brilliant idea called the Cupcake Campaign. We are both creative people and she is brilliant at marketing having in the past marketed for some major corporations and well as smaller companies. She also has wonderful talents in digital design. So she has been working on ideas and designs to help you raise the funds you need.

Everyone these days loves cupcakes. I was recently at a local Walmart where they were selling smaller cupcakes for 88 cents each. When I say small, they were VERY small. They had a lady standing at a table inside the store with some cupcakes, bowls of colored icing and Father’s day picks. The idea was that kids could purchase the cupcake and choose the colors of icing, then the lady would put the icing on the cake and the pick. Easy money for a mini cakes and kids felt like they were giving dad a special custom gift. Mothers were very willing to spend money to please the child, who was then very happy. Two wins! I stood there watching and saw women buy two or three cupcakes from this lady. Brilliant use of marketing and I congratulate whoever at Walmart came up with this idea.

Cupcakes are big sellers. Grocery stores sell them for $1.50 each in this country and don’t seem to have any problems doing it. When children see cupcakes, mothers usually oblige by buying one, so the cupcakes need to be colorful. Therefore my daughter has designed Mesh Angel cupcake topper artwork that can be punched out with a circular paper punch and between the two of us we have put together an entire marketing strategy that will do two things. First help you raise much needed funds and second to get the word out to STOP MESH! The marketing plan is geared to women, educate young and old about the dangers of medical mesh.

Everything is done for you step by step.
But because you are mesh injured, you will need others to help you pull this off. Your kids or grandkids who are affected by what has happened to you can get involved by doing the selling at tables with you right there beside them sitting in a chair. By helping you it will help them deal with it. You can get church members involved by asking for donations of supplies you will need and help you put the cupcakes together if it is much too difficult for you. You can also ask them to help you sell them. Grown women who are sympathetic to your cause can be great sales people and wonderful at getting the topic of mesh known to any adult they sell them to. If you have young children or used to take them to a local child care center, then you can take a one leaflet to them (sample sheets will be supplied for you to print them out 3 on a page) then you can ask if you can set up outside their child care center to sell the cupcakes. Even if you haven’t taken kids to a day care center, you can choose one or more to drop a leaflet off and ask if you can set up at their day care center when parents pick up children.

Provided for you to print out and use is promotion material, table flags and cake toppers. The cake toppers are two sided, one with the angel and the other with Stop Mesh details. You can use a white sheet to drape your table or white fabric. Ask for someone to donate fabric if you don’t have anything.

The whole point of this is for you to raise funds while others feel they got something out of it and spread the word about what happened to you and the dangers of mesh. We can’t change what will happen to future generations unless WE, the mesh injured women of the world do it.

I live in the real world of the mesh injured. I know how financially devastated you are by the time you have recognized you have mesh complications and you begin the long process of getting the mesh removed. I understand why women take the quick approach to borrow money against their case. But it has not taken long for me to realize there are problems with this. Women don’t get to choose the surgeon they go to and it is pot luck how it will come out. Women often need reconstructive surgery and they need to be fixed using THEIR OWN tissue. But some doctors are refusing to do self-tissue repairs and some don’t know how to do them. So even if they have a good outcome from removal, they may be totally incontinent and then face a new problem and these doctors walk just away. This is NOT good enough.

There is another huge problem with these loans. If your outcome is not good, then once again your doctor will walk away telling you that you need pain management. You will be in the same revolving door of more mesh injuries without anywhere to turn. Plus I know there is another giant problem. If you have mesh on the colon or near it, these doctors do not know how to remove it. I doubt if they are going to call in a colon rectal surgeon and instead will try to remove it alone. Or most colon surgeons have no clue how to remove mesh and you may wide up with a colostomy bag. I can’t share with you the horror stories I now know because I am not at liberty to do so without a woman’s permission, but let’s just say women are far worse than before mesh removal because the chosen doctor does not know what they are doing. I can tell you where to go if you have colon issues. To know if you do have these issues it is simple to recognize them. Pain up the rectum. Agonizing pain when you try to empty your bowels. Sudden shoots of stabbing pain when you sit on the toilet or after a bowel movement. Difficulty to have a bowel movement to the point of not being able to. Women have described all this to me, which is how I know what they go through.

So you need Dr. Raz! No I do NOT make money from telling you this. UCLA is a teaching hospital and they do not have anything to do with promoting any doctors at their hospital. But women told me about him and I have never stopped telling other women who I now need his one of a kind skills. He is a brilliant man who can do it all. I literally know so many women who went to him who had bowel complications. NOT ONE of them I know had bowel dissection or wound up with a colostomy bag. No he may not be able fix you if you have been severely damaged by another doctor either when the mesh was put in you or when it was removed by someone else. He can’t put back everything that has been totally screwed up. But he came from a time long before everyone became specialized in various surgeries and he will do his utmost to help you. He is the most brilliant man I know when it comes to mesh removal and if you have the right insurance, Medicaid or Medicare he won’t turn you down UNLESS there is something in pretests before surgery that neither you nor he has any control over.

I have heard more women say I can’t go to UCLA. I understand ALL your concerns believe me but that is why my daughter and I want you to raise funds for travel. But you need to start with the right type of insurance to be able to see this man. I wrote about taking a loan not for removal from these companies, but for insurance. This was suggested by another mesh injured woman I met recently and I thought it was absolutely brilliant and I told her so when I met her. I will provide the link to that blog at the bottom of this one.

I want you to know that now my daughter has joined me in the campaign to stop mesh, I can do so much more with her help. I am so grateful to her because she can bring more to the table to help mesh injured women help themselves. We had to break the cycle of abuse of those who want to use us for the purpose of raising their own money for their own non-mesh needs before we could get down to business. Now we are working on how to stop mesh! We now want to move in the right direction to help all women who need funds while educating women who are not mesh injured now, to know what is happening to women of all ages.

To view how this works, click the fundraising drop down bar located at the top right hand side. This is your way to raise the funds and join all women of the world to stop this from happening to other women. There is an email address on the You Caring page that you can contact my daughter Kim direct if you need any help. This is an amazing project that took her about twenty hours to put together. We both hope you enjoy raising funds this way.

I also wrote about insurance instead of borrowing for the entire surgery. This way you will be protected if you need more surgeries.

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