Let’s Stop Mesh

This morning I read a horrendous story in a comment on my blog from a forty two year old woman who almost lost her life during mesh removal. I read stories like this every day and I work non-stop trying to help these women and so do the women who help me. Sometimes it is hard to keep going because I too have my own problems but I do it because of what I read.

I have been doing this 4 years and I have been writing even though I have a case of my own. I told my lawyers I had to keep doing it because more women would kill themselves if they did not have somewhere to go and to read about women just like them. This blog is dedicated to real stories of women who do NOT want to speak out in the world for their own reasons. They don’t want to be known as the face of mesh. They don’t want their friends and non-close family members to know of their very personal details. But they do want to know things about where to go and how to survive mesh complications and get better.

Other sites or blogs write things, but they do not go into the detail I do. They don’t talk to hundreds of women nor understand the depth of mesh injuries. I am mesh injured and I have had to get myself up out of bed and figure out how to live again after each surgery. That means I take or try things and do things in a non-conventional way because of all the allergic reactions I have had to prescription drugs. I share what I try and when other women share things with me, then I share them with you.

Sometimes women have been reading this blog for a very long time because they suffer and no one around them understands how hard this is on a woman’s body. They read here because they know I have been through a great deal and have never shied away from the truth. They also know why I share. Until mesh is completely off the market I cannot rest.

Every day when I read a horrible story of another woman who should never have to go through this it makes me cry and then I work harder. Honestly I don’t have much of a personal life because of mesh. Not just because I am injured but because so many other women are going through the same things and often worse. So I keep doing it because mesh means devastation to women’s lives.

This is the story I read this morning that made me scream “Let’s get mesh off the market”.

“thank you for your website….. I’ve read and read for almost a year now.. i am 42 years old, used to be a very healthy go getter, love to work in my yard, love to be outside, very active, married, 3 kids. I’ve never posted. as i type this i am laying in my bed(when i was a little girl) at my mom’s house.. she is having to take care of me.. i just had surgery last wed to remove the mini arc anchors and mesh and stones..im really not sure what they removed.. i do know that i went to surgery at 730am and at 530 pm i had to have emergency surgery.. when i came out to recovery from my 1st surgery , i woke up , i just didn’t feel right… i had this pain in the top of my bladder it was real hard , my catheter was full of bright red blood, they sent me to another little area after recovery i guess post op? i was in PAIN SEVERE pain! i kept saying something was not right.. the nurse had this huge syringe, she had sterile water that i was holding with my right hand, she would draw up water and then push it in my catheter, it would not go every time, there was blood all over the room, all over me, it was terrible, i think i was butchered. my mom was in there, i kept crying out in pain, the nurse just kept “retrograting”(not sure if that what she was calling it), my mom went for help because the nurse i had, nobody would help her.. a nurse would come in, they would just look and ease out. the head nurse came in seen what was happening, went out and came back with versed(sp). Then i went to surgery again.. this was going to be outpatient. I ended up losing ALOT of blood.. they kept me till Saturday. i am so sick and weak. i don’t understand why this happened. I’m devastated. my 65 year old moma and dad are taking care of me from this surgery, this is not fair to them. I’m sorry if none of this make sense. my mind is not working right. im so sorry that we are having to deal with all of these problems. it is so so sad. much love and hugs to you all.

i should let you know i had a mini arc sling in may of 2011 because i used the bathroom when i coughed or laughed or ran , by my gynecologist. started having multiple problems july 2011. but was told it was uti, yeast, hormones, lupus, fybromalgia, blah blah, had ovaries and tubes removed july 2012, then placed on tons of hormones. i am a total mess.. (had to have hysterectomy 2-02 after my 3rd child. got infection in my csection incision, was told it was staph. this was before sling). thanks again. im in tennessee”

I am posting it here so that women in Tennessee have a heads up that some doctor in their State has almost killed a woman while he/she was removing her mesh. She posted on the blog I wrote about Mini Arc slings because she knew what doctors are saying about these slings is a load of bunk. THEY DO HURT WOMEN. I will give you the link to that blog at the bottom of this one.

Why am I sharing her comment? Because I have to. How this woman did not die I do not know. But her three children were almost left without a mother and I still don’t know how well she will survive this but I sent her an email and put her in touch with someone who can help her sort through her medical mess. I am also giving women in that State a chance at survival by being careful who they choose to do their mesh removal. I don’t know who did this to her because like all of us she could not post the doctors name. But I wonder…. Is she another victim of bad doctors who are working the mesh loan system to get their business? I will give you a link at the bottom of this blog where I put an alternative to borrowing money for removal, which was suggested by another mesh injured woman. That alternative will allow you to choose a doctor to remove your mesh, not rely of one the loan companies choose for you and they do NOT stay in touch with women who go through these surgeries. The only way anyone can know how women do after surgery is to stay in touch for a year after removal. But these loan companies are like puppy mills. They good care less about the situation of women or the outcome, so long as they make MONEY!

For the past couple of years I have had to change directions more than once. The last few months I have been side tracked when I learn of people who are trying to make money off the mesh injured and that makes my job even harder. I could keep my mouth shut and not care, but I INFORM you of what is going on so that you can CHOOSE what to do to help yourself. Then you can either believe me and go another direction, or go the way you already planned. I honestly feel it is your right to choose but you also have a right to know the facts.

My last blog will explain why I have had to change directions yet again. I will give you a link to that blog at the bottom of this one and it will summarize all that has led me to this point. It has not been fun exposing things that are going on in the mesh world. But like I have done throughout this blog, I can make a choice to stay quiet or to inform. You have a right to believe me or not believe me. You have a right to choose whether you read what is there or not read it. Information is all about choice. But if you don’t have any information then you can’t choose.

Until we got so sick from our injuries, we didn’t know what mesh could do to us, our family or our lives. No one spoke out. Lawsuits were filed in the past and the results buried. This is the way of the world. Bury it and you can make more money the next time around. I can’t let that happen while I am alive. If I stay quiet about all I know my life will be easier with less stress. By speaking out I have opened up a can of worms and sometimes I squirm when I do it. I want to live in a fairytale world like everyone else. It would be so much easier. I want to believe that all people are good without underhanded wrongful intentions, in fact I have often been naive and gullible over this four years and when the truth is forced on me and I have had to face it, it has been very hard. I have enough to think about with my own injuries without more things to worry about and at times I would rather shut my eyes and forget about it. I have tried hard to do so but I have a conscience.

My daughter just began a website to help me stop mesh. I explained yesterday what the beginning of this passage to getting mesh off the market was supposed to be, but when she began the Facebook Mesh Avenger page, she was flooded with women who wanted to expose what has been happening in their world. They had gathered and kept information because they had been further hurt by those who begin a project that is supposed to help mesh injured women. But these people often turn women away or have deleted their questions. At the bottom of this blog I am going to give you the direct link to Stop Mesh.

About deleted questions or complaints. I too delete some here but this is NOT a support group where women can yell complaints about Doctors. It is a blog. A place you can leave stories like the one above. Your stories won’t automatically go up. I have to read them and decide if you said something that will hurt your case. On support groups your questions go up immediately. Other women will answer and they are moderated by the person(s) who set the site up. They can and do remove things you say even questions if they do not want to answer. But sometimes these administrators lie and say they don’t remove anything, when I know it has happened to me and to other women.

I want to address something else. One woman on my daughter’s Mesh Avenger page just said something that I need to address. We have both mentioned we now have free legal advice. This woman asked wasn’t that our motive for doing this. These lawyers have nothing to do with my case. Believe it or not even lawyers can have mesh put into them and wind up like us but they too have cases to protect. But they wanted to help us because I have helped them in the past. They were afraid that my daughter could be sued and they wanted to make sure everything she does has back up. And let me assure you she has. Much of it was provided by Mesh injured women.

My daughter said yesterday to me that we cannot stop mesh until we expose what is going on in the mesh world NOW. You may wonder why we can’t just bypass all this other stuff and just go for the big guys. Well here is the reason. The lawsuits of 2008 were settled and mesh went away like it never happened. Then mesh hit women hard once again and more cottage industries and bigger fishermen decided it was a money maker. They want mesh injuries to come back because eventually it will pay off. It does take a few years to make money from it but then there will be enough for those who are NOT mesh injured to enjoy their retirement. So let’s send a message to the little guys that this is NOT acceptable. Then they cannot become big fishermen/women. Smaller fishermen often begin as do gooders. But then the smell of money is so alluring, they give in and become bigger fishermen. That is why I refused to listen to the stories of those who would like to use me to get to you. That is why I refused any sponsors. Sponsors want to make money from YOU and my mesh injuries. I cannot and will NOT be a part of it.

I can’t shut up and not speak out because of the stories like the one above. Real stories of real mesh injured women. So you may not like what I am doing, but you may at least respect why.

You can go to Stop Mesh here. Just remember it has just gone live and there is a lot of work to go, so many of the redirects will go to Facebook Mesh Avenger page. However, you can read about TVT-No as that one is up there.

This is the link to the rest of the TRUE story of what is going on out in the mesh world

And this is the link to the blog about the mini arc sling


  1. Mary Kay

    My dearest friend turned me on to your Web site. I am literally scared now. In 2002 I had a complete hysterectomy and bladder lift. A year before this I had a partial hysterectomy. I have medical records that mesh was used and with a law firm now. I have had medical problems for years and till all this mesh info came out didn’t put 2 and 2 together. I’m in constant pain,numerous uti’s, just don’t feel good, depressed and no sex life. I have went too numerous doctors and had numerous testing done and no one wants to say it’s the mesh. Just give me antibiotics and call if that doesn’t work. Even been times if I mentioned mesh it was like couldn’t get me out of the office fast enough. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband but it has put a lot of stress on our marriage. I just turned 48 and was 36 when all of this started. I never know what kind of day I will have. Will it be a good day or bad day. I feel as if my joy of life has been taken away. I have a 18yr and 23yr old children and I want to see them get married and enjoy my future grand babies. But the rate I’m going I’m not going to be able. I just want joy back in my life and with the love of my life. Last year we renewed our 25th wedding anniversary. I want to grow old with my love but after reading all these stories has me very scared. I’m so angry at these industries for ruining so many lives. And for us that don’t have the money. It’s always the little people that get hurt and lose. I’m with a law firm and it has bothered me cause I know they are going to make money off every case that’s the down side but the up side is at least they are going after some of these companies. It’s not about the money cause I know I want see much or any. But for us that don’t have any money in the first place at least we can be heard. Your blogs are so inspiring. Makes me want to voice out STOP MESH!!! I’ve read about UCLA for removal but I’m one of those that don’t have money to get there. A Texas resident and my friend and I are always searching for someone to listen and help me. I’m SO tired of not feeling good. Please keep this going it’s finally good to read that there are more of us out there who is dealing with the same thing. If I can be a voice let me know. Not good with computer or writing as I’m sure you figured out. Sorry if I rambled. Praise God for you taking the time to do what you are doing. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! !! I will keep you and all who are reading in my prayers.

    1. lavalinda

      Mary Kay I understand the position you are in and all the sadness, frustration and anger that goes with mesh complications. I am so happy you have a good husband and a friend who wants to help. Don’t give up. Search for an insurance plan that will allow you to go out to UCLA and ask friends to help you with airplane miles, hotel costs etc. Mesh is a journey and this blog may help you. http://meshangelnetwork.com/2013/02/mesh-is-a-journey/


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