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For the past couple of weeks I have dealt with so much that it would make your head spin. I would never believe it could happen because first and foremost, my daughter began asking questions on Medical Mesh News Desk Facebook support group. This open group is supposed to be for mesh injured women and their families. But four days after my daughter joined it, she was kicked off and blocked. It was said by Jane that it was the first person in history she had done this to because she was rambling like a crazy person. Really? I can tell you why, because she asked Jane Akre a question she did not like. You can see that question by clicking on the link I have given you below. Then my daughter was told by Jane SHE WAS OUT OF LINE and kicked off. Later after this happened I asked Jane the same question along with one about a documentary that has not materialized after two years. But part of it did appear a couple of weeks ago as a link on Aaron Horton’s Mesh Warrior page. Later in another blog you will find out the connection. I wanted to know why it happened on Aaron’s site and yet none of the women who were in it were given the heads up, INCLUDING ME. There was also something else about that video that was highly questionable and I told them what it was. It was a seventeen minute newsreel that was geared towards J & J and yet half of us did NOT have J & J mesh in us. I was one of those women who didn’t.

I was under the impression that I was going to be in a documentary to warn non injured women about the dangers of MESH and I thought that the brand was unimportant, that ALL mesh was the issue and I stated that under the documentary. I also said did not like the lawyer’s adverts on this so called documentary for one reason. This has been two years of waiting. I have now been told they need to raise three hundred thousand dollars to get a one hour documentary out there to the public and yet not one cent has been raised in two years. If that is the case, it will be ten more years until if ever it happens. I also said that by then the ads will be null and void so why were they on there at all. There was also a segment where women met and spoke out at the 2014 J & J shareholders meeting which would be good if it was current information. But once again this looked like a newsreel that was aimed at that company to settle women’s cases quickly and this won’t matter years later. Did you know there was already a lawsuit against J & J that was settled in 2008? No I am sure you didn’t unless you were part of the suit. This is why MESH should be the topic not a brand. If a company decides to remove their line, all the have to do is set up a new company and a new line of mesh products which will continue to injure women. Your daughters and your granddaughters. That is why this upset me so much.

You may think isn’t that a good thing to raise Cain at J & J and that is logical thinking by any woman affected by this, but is it really? This type of thing is done to save your lawyers money because they want to force the hand of Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon). It does not mean this is necessarily any better for you as a mesh injured woman. So if you have a lawyer ask about these things in WRITING and never let them answer over the phone. They can send the answer back via email but make sure you save or print out a copy for your files. Protect your case but getting everything in writing. No more friendly phone calls that you can’t prove what was said.

But that is not the point of this blog. You should know because of my comments the newsreel clip was taken down from public viewing and I am sure I upset the people who went to the trouble of making it. But my purpose of commenting was to make them realize that it was NOT a documentary video. Does that mean it is not being showed? All you need to do is hand out passwords to anyone who can help your cause and they can see it when you can’t. That makes me angry. I did not sign up for this kind of so called documentary.

On my Facebook Mesh Angel Network page, I also asked the same question my daughter asked Jane Akre. You can view the screenshot. Click on the image and you can read it and see what happened to me.

But I’ll deal about the cost of a documentary another time because this is about Facebook.

We all know our lawyers want us to lay in bed sick and in pain and not contact anyone. But is it right? This blog reaches so many women now because they are lost and lonely, living in pain. Every month it has between fifty and sixty thousand visits which means it is overwhelmingly successful in helping women. But…. Two years ago I received a letter telling me I could not have any communication which was worded as if this was for my sake. However lawyers are not dealing with all the pain and anguish we mesh injured women deal with. They don’t know how it feels to know everyone around you doesn’t understand what you are going through and often expect that you just need to get better and it is all in your head once the mesh has been removed. So I told them I could not take down this blog.

So how else do we find those women or read what they are dealing with. My blog is one place and Facebook is another.

You should also know why I use Facebook. I have as many as twenty private messages every day from women who lay in bed, both before and after surgery who remember reading a blog I wrote that could help them and they ask me for help. I also give them support with anything they are going through because the object of what I do is to get women back on their feet to live their life once again.

So when I was knocked off Facebook for asking a question on my Mesh Angel site that other women wanted me to ask, I was shocked. When this happens to you, you of course will wonder why and who did it to you? If someone doesn’t like you just unfriend and block the person, don’t do something like this because for many women this is their ONLY lifeline to the world. You have no right to shut them down just because you don’t like what they say or the questions they ask.

Now comes the next bit. After three days where I could not post or even like anything other ladies were saying, we took legal advice from others who know what I do and decided to take legal action to help me. This is at no cost to me but because of what I do I have made wonderful friends who know and are part of the law.

First I want to answer a comment accusing me on the same Medical Mesh News desk ‘support’ group that I had attacked a woman on there in the past and she then was sanctioned by Facebook for 24 hours. Hear this now. I DO NOT ATTACK WOMEN WHO ARE MESH INJURED AND I HAVE NEVER ONCE HAD ANYONE SANCTIONED ON Facebook and I did NOT even know what to do about my own sanction.

So what do you do if this happens to you? Here is a good example of a basic letter and I have included the people to email. This was mine, which was read and approved by my new law team. You don’t need to write a lot of stuff or personal details.

Dear Facebook,

I have recently had an issue with my account.  I was locked out of Facebook for 24 hours with a message stating you removed something I posted because it violated the Facebook Community Rules.  After 24 hours… I have been let back into my account.  However, I am unable to like or post anything.

I would like to know who is responsible for reporting my account for lock down?  I am asking you to provide the person or organization’s name and relevant information in this matter and on what they based their action. Please provide this information as soon as possible by this week’s end.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Under this add your name, email address and your profile link.  Then send it to the legal department of Facebook legal@facebook.com.   Don’t forget to print it out or save it.

I have to speak to my lawyers tomorrow to find out how long to wait before I send them a registered letter with the same thing. That is to get the names of whoever did this if Facebook doesn’t comply quickly. After that my lawyers told me they will give me the next stage. I will post an update on how long to wait once I speak to them. There is another step if they don’t respond, but I am taking this one step at a time.

To see the reason why Facebook sanctioned me and the question my daughter asked and I asked once again read this

If you want to know about freedom of speech of this country read it here

There is an action group against this type of thing on Facebook. Join them here

Now let me ask you something. If I was doing this to other women, would I give you all this information? I think not!

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  1. Gina

    OMG yes Linda I remember I was able to see it back in May I believe. I even showed it to my husband but didn’t realize all that you mentioned. I think she did the same thing to another lady…Lanna I think. I rarely go to her site because I feel your blog is safe, HONEST and can be trusted. I have seen no other blog like yours. I, like thousands of other women do rely on your blog and I know they see the difference and that’s why you have so much traffic. Mesh injured know the money hungry blog from your heart felt one you have. Hopefully the women on her blog will see that. The way Jane feels she can talk and has rights well you most certainly do as a MESHED INJURED Women! Thank you for being our voice. “I guess the truth hurts” and she did need to be put her place! Bravo to Linda!!


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