No More Loss of Life

I sometimes wish I could stop thinking about what is happening to other women, but I can’t. I read the story of the woman who died in New Zealand recently and posted the link on the last blog and I read it from the point of view once again, why does this keep happening to women? It makes me sad and very angry that this will go on for years and the numbers of injured women will sky rocket because mesh is being implanted in women every day in so many countries around the world. They will be like I was four years ago. What to do and where to go and the problem is it can be implanted quickly and easily but removing it is difficult and can be dangerous by the wrong doctor.

By now you may know I am a poet and I write children’s stories because I love to. Fairies are not the only subjects I write about and some may poke fun at this hobby, but for me it has always been another way I ease how I handle the bad things in my life. When my husband was dying, I wrote in a prolific manner. I couldn’t do anything to stop him dying so I wrote stories for children and it eased my pain. I have never found a publishing agent because it is extremely difficult to make money from children’s books. A couple of nights ago I watched the unauthorized movie about J K Rowling story “Magic beyond words“. It took her years of trying to get her books published and she was told exactly that. Children’s books don’t make any money.

I don’t write for any other reason than I love to and it makes me happy. So this morning I was thinking about the women who died and the fear I have that more will as time goes on and I wrote the following story. I hope this will show you why I say we must speak out about what is happening to our bodies. I don’t want any more loss of life.

The Injured Fairy
It was a warm and humid night
The forest quiet and still
The twinkling gleams of moonlight
Would dance through trees at will

 A perfect night, a wondrous sight
Of nature at its best
When fairies gather by the pond
And humans are at rest

 They bathe themselves by moonlight
They swim and laugh and play
This was every midnight
They’re gone by light of day

 But as they romped and giggled
One fairy made a cry
She’d caught herself in wire
They thought that she would die

 They rushed on in to rescue her
The wired barbed and strong
Had wrapped around her body
The piece was spiked and long

 They tried so hard to take it off
She screamed and then she bled
It worked on through her body
And curled around her head

 They got her to the pond’s soft edge
She screamed with hidden pain
The barb had pierced her stomach
Now panic in her brain

 They called for help from those who heal
They tried to squash her fear
But she was slowly dying
Her face was white and clear

 They held her hand and sung to her
And prayed the night away
But she was badly injured
And slowly slipped away

 The fairies crying softly
Had gathered all around
Their tears were like the raindrops
And barely made a sound

 They wrapped her broken body
And moved her far away
The pond was now a place of pain
And they could never stay

 As time went by the sadness left
But she was always there
Deep inside of all their hearts
Because all fairies care

 They wondered how this happened
But answers are but few
They had to learn a lesson
’twas time to change and do

They made a sign and put it up
To warn of dangers there
Not one more fairy would be lost
Because these fairies care

 The moral of this story is
Don’t leave a mess behind
Let the other fairies know
So everyone can find

 It isn’t just about the one
Who died that awful day
Future fairies could be lost
It’s time to have your say

 For all the mesh injured women of the world
Don’t let others die because of your silence
Linda Kilpatrick Copyright @2014

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  1. Donna

    Linda your words are beautiful and so very true. I make the time to tell anyone who will listen to me the dangers of the mesh. I feel I have an obligation to let folks know what can happen to them. I will never be the same again but if I can help prevent just one injury somehow I hurt a little less. You have touched so many lives with your words and knowledge to help so many of us including myself. I live in a rural area and I do not know even one person personally who can understand what I go through and have went through since 2009. You letting me know about the Translabial Ultrasound may have saved my life. I recently had the ultrasound done and I was shocked how much still remains after multiple explants. I will be having mesh removed from my bone, bladder, stomach, remaining intestines, and vagina within the next 2 months. I am to have a Urogynecologist, Colorectal surgeon, Orthopedic surgeon, and General surgeon all in the OR for this all day surgery. My explanting surgeon from before told me I had “no more mesh”. Hopefully I will feel some relief after this surgery. I have been sick for so long. I am rattling on but I want you to know you make a difference and are helpful to so many of us. Without your blog I would have continued my life believing I had no more mesh in my body and that I was just left sick from past surgeries. Thank you again.


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