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Every day I have to check my blog for new comments and this morning there was no exception. There are 2,443 comments as of today and many are from women who have every make and model of sling there is. Like I keep saying it is not the brand, it is the MESH! Until we remind women of this, more and more women will be injured and many of them permanently. So I try to remind women that the best defense when planning a removal is to look up your type and put in patent information. This was a comment today that made me do it for a woman in trouble.

“I had a mini sling placed less than two years ago by my gynecologist. It has cause me pain ever since. It always felt tight and very painful during intercourse. My doctor didn’t seem too concerned with my complaints. Over time the tightness eased, but occasionally I would have bleeding after intercourse. A few months ago, my husband complained of something cutting him during intercourse. Upon examination, by my gynecologist, he discovered that the sling had eroded through my vagina. He wanted to “snip off”(in his office) the part of the sling that was poking through and for me to use Premarin cream to close the exposed area. I was scared and crying, lying on that examination table. Lucky for me, he couldn’t reach the area. He said I would need to be put to sleep for the procedure. I decided to get a second opinion, because to me, this would only cause further problems. I went to a urologist, who informed me that it needed to be removed. Only he wouldn’t remove the anchors, only the mesh. Again, my mind told me that leaving the anchors would still cause problems. After a little digging, I found this very informative site. Dr. Raz sounds like the perfect doctor to do the surgery, but he is so very far away from Louisiana. Does anyone know of a closer doctor that performs the total removal surgery?”

She is the reason I keep researching, learning and trying to help women so that they do not go to the wrong doctor for removal and wind up far worse. So I decided to give her the link to the patent information so that she could learn how her sling was anchored. Believe it or not that is one of the main problems when it comes to having your mesh removed. Not all the problems but one of them. So the more you understand how your sling is made the better that you can talk to any surgeon BEFORE you choose him or her and they will be a little surprised when you show them you have a good knowledge about it and they will be less likely to lie to you about what they can or cannot do when it comes to removal. Don’t run away from your issues, get armed and ready to deal with them.

When I read her comment about doctors wanting to snip the eroded mesh in the office the first thing I thought of was the blog I wrote back in April about how doctors are told to deal with this problem and if you did not see it this will shock you. Read here I did have to break the news to her that I am in touch with many women in her State who are in a mess after they went to local doctors, so now it is up to her what she will decide to do. I cannot make choices for any woman and all I can do is tell them what I know and they must decide for themselves.

So I began researching to find her sling and give her a link and when I clicked into AMS otherwise American Medical System I found a link that had me wondering what it is all about. But I could not find out because my sling was not by AMS. So I decided to post this blog and ask women who have or had this sling to find out what this reimbursement is all about. Are they reimbursing the cost of the sling to the patient or the doctor? But I would also ask if they will reimburse you for the cost of surgery(s). Then if you will please leave a comment on this blog so that women all over the world will also know. I am sure it would be appreciated by many. This is what I found

Welcome to AMS Healthcare Affairs! We have put together a set of tools that provide you with important coding and reimbursement information. For your convenience, these resources are available for each AMS product and are easily accessible.

AMS Healthcare Affairs is continuously working with public and private healthcare companies, CMS, industry advocates, and others to address appropriate reimbursement for our products. If you have additional questions, please contact one of our HCA Associates at (888) 865-3373.

This is the patent info

Please read the list of doctors who designed this sling and you may recognize some of them. You may also recognize a doctor you are choosing for mesh removal and that could be your deciding factor. Then I googled drawings images and a whole bunch of drawings came up. So you need the make and model such as TVT or TOT model. You can see all these images here

The other thing women need to learn is who designed and patented their sling. You will often find doctors who tout them openly on TV or throughout the web. Put this link into Google and open the file.…Minimally…minisling/…/60b7d52..

So now do your homework before you make any plans for mesh removal. You may be glad you did.    


  1. beth

    thank you for your website….. I’ve read and read for almost a year now.. i am 42 years old, used to be a very healthy go getter, love to work in my yard, love to be outside, very active, married, 3 kids. I’ve never posted.. as i type this i am laying in my bed(when i was a little girl) at my mom’s house.. she is having to take care of me..
    i just had surgery last wed to remove the mini arc anchors and mesh and really not sure what they removed.. i do know that i went to surgery at 730am and at 530 pm i had to have emergency surgery..
    when i came out to recovery from my 1st surgery , i woke up , i just didn’t feel right… i had this pain in the top of my bladder it was real hard , my catheter was full of bright red blood, they sent me to another little area after recovery i guess post op? i was in PAIN SEVERE pain! i kept saying something was not right.. the nurse had this huge syringe, she had sterile water that i was holding with my right hand, she would draw up water and then push it in my catheter, it would not go every time, there was blood all over the room, all over me, it was terrible, i think i was butchered. my mom was in there, i kept crying out in pain, the nurse just kept “retrograting”(not sure if that what she was calling it), my mom went for help because the nurse i had, nobody would help her.. a nurse would come in, they would just look and ease out. the head nurse came in seen what was happening, went out and came back with versed(sp). Then i went to surgery again..

    this was going to be outpatient. I ended up losing ALOT of blood.. they kept me till saturday. i am so sick and weak. i don’t understand why this happened. I’m devastated. my 65 year old moma and dad are taking care of me from this surgery, this is not fair to them. I’m sorry if none of this make sense. my mind is not working right.

    im so sorry that we are having to deal with all of these problems. it is so so sad.

    much love and hugs to you all

    1. Linda (Post author)

      You may not know who Beth is, but when I began reading her comments, which she posted throughout this blog, I contacted her and we began a friendship, but never met. She had full removal by Dr. Raz, once she learned who to go to, but sadly she died from health complications later (not from her removal surgery). If you want to learn more about this very brave woman, please read this blog.

  2. beth

    i should let you know i had a mini arc sling in may of 2011 because i used the bathroom when i coughed or laughed or ran , by my gynecologist. started having multiple problems july 2011. but was told it was uti, yeast, hormones, lupus, fybromalgia,blah blah, had ovaries and tubes removed july 2012, then placed on tons of hormones. i am a total mess.. (had to have hysterectomy 2-02 after my 3rd child. got infection in my csection incision, was told it was staph. this was before sling)

    thanks again.
    im in tennessee

  3. cindy

    No. They are reimbursing the doctor only. Additionally I would not contact them without discussing it with your attorney first, it could cause a problem with your case.

  4. Rhonda Lewis

    Cindy…I’m an injured mesh woman ad well. So many of these stories, I myself could have written!! I need to get an attorney. Could you advise me on this?? I’m sure I’m not the only one needing help in this area. Thank you so much for anything you can share!

    1. lavalinda

      Rhonda this blog is not for giving information on attorneys as I do not allow them on here, take money from them nor do I promote any. This is a place for women to be able to read other women’s complications to understand their own.

  5. Laura

    Idk what to do with my situation either. My mama has been helping me out bcuz of my Sharp stabbing like a knife pain, up my Vaginal Canal. Sometimes need a cane to walk. I had Implant made by AMS Pharma Co. I never needed it either. I sneezed four times in a row during allergy season once or twice max! My Dr was removing my Uterus due to having Endometriosis most my life. Asked Me the big question and I’ve never heard of it before but I trusted this Dr. Worst mistake! I’ve been barely surviving as my mom is divorced n so am I. Nobody Wants to help me out with this Major Problem!! I finally found out that I’ve gotta SPARC Bladder Sling TVM. Every Dr has Put there hands Up then Say Ahhhh I’m Not Touching U!! Like I’ve got a disease they’ll catch!!! Pls I’ve been completely misunderstood for way too long now n I’m isolated too. I don’t have internet connection either. So I hope u can help me out, or some guidance would be greatly appreciated? Thank you kindly for Ur support.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Laura I have seen what you are going through so much because of AMS implants, not just in this country, but in others. and I am very sorry. Honestly I don’t know anything else to tell you, but if you are on full disability and have Medicare (not Medicaid) you should go to UCLA and see either Dr. Raz or Dr. Kim. You can fly for free if you are low income and get the help you truly need. They remove these types of slings all the time. You should also read a blog I posted a week ago, because it will make your blood boil. Here is the link.

  6. Canadian Cinderelly

    Implanted with an AMS Precise Mini Sling in September 2015. I awoke in amazing pain, and have been in pain ever since. I knew there would be pain after the surgery, so I resisted going to the doctors. But, after four months, when I tried to exercise, I was wounded so badly, I could not walk upright for almost 2 months. When I went to the doctor because I still wasn’t healing, I was told I had a probably hernia (I was in amazing shape before the surgery, with out any sort of hernia)… and to do planks. Come back in two weeks if I didn’t feel better, to which I did, and was told it couldn’t be because of the surgery. Fast forward a year later, I found a new GP after moving provinces who took the time to listen to me. I don’t know if he actually believed me about the pain 100%, but then he watched The Bleeding Edge on Netflix, and messaged me, that I needed to watch it. I didn’t have the internet at home, so he was kind enough to bring up the video in his office during my next visit, and had me watch it. The documentary is absolutely heart breaking.

    I’ve now been to two different surgeons and have removal booked for this November. There are not many choices in Canada for surgeons who remove mesh. Dr. Flood in Edmonton is very knowledgeable but I was scared of her reviews on so I searched for another…. I don’t believe the removing surgeon I’m going with believes how much pain this device causes, but he has experience removing the device, which has been very hard to find in Canada.

    I’m nervous, that he may minimize my injuries in his reports, so that I am not compensated fairly for my injuries. I am nervous, he may have friends in the pharmaceutical and mesh industry, that are more important to him, than being honest on my report. I guess we will see where his loyalties lay.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Hi Canadian Cinderelly. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope more women injured by this particular implant or have long term pain, they don’t understand will recognize none of this is their fault. I appreciate all you wrote.


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