Rebuilding Your Health

We can all agree that mesh implants do a lot of damage to our health of that there is no doubt. Most of us have also experienced terrible prescription drug reactions that have also done damage to our health. Right now the jury is out whether we are predisposed to having issues with prescription drugs or is it part and parcel of mesh complications and the attack on the immune system. Do we become hyper sensitive to everything in our environment because of the chemical reaction to the coating used on medical mesh? Well no one wants to do research this issues so only time will tell if a brave University or Scientist would like to take on that subject. In the meantime we have to fend for ourselves.

I have been very, very fortunate because once my daughter realized my heath was being adversely affected after the sling was put into me, she began researching on how to help me stay as well as possible. We both believe that my taking many supplements and herbs have actually kept me very well. If I did not have two serious complications from mesh, one from an antibiotic drug and the other from medical mesh, I would be back on ladders and up on top of scaffolds painting walls and doing what I love doing best. You don’t know that side of me because writing this blog came about because of the disabilities I have courtesy of medical mesh.

I have always loved to work hard and stayed in shape because I worked hard. I don’t work out like others, I simply work. I enjoy hard work and I also enjoy creativity. Recently my daughter uploaded a YouTube video to share with family and friends. It was taken the year I turned fifty in 1997, when I volunteered my time and all materials to paint a very large Community Center in the city of South Houston, close to Hobby Airport in Houston. The reason I am sharing this with you is so that you can see the kind of person I was all my life, before the mesh implant. I am sure many of you can relate. I have always been energetic and being creative makes me very happy.

I have done many things in my life because of the man I married. He was a wonderful husband who died ten years ago, and he supported both me and our daughter in every way and encouraged us to live our lives the way we want to. If I said to him I wanted to do something, it was always “I’ll help you any way I can”. I was given the freedom of choice from the first day I married him and that is the wonderful legacy he left behind. I still do things most women would never dream of doing and I enjoy creating and sharing. Today is Father’s Day and of course I think of the three fathers who have been in my life, but no longer are. The father of my daughter, my father and my father-in-law.

When you watch this video, you won’t realize that the large tree in the corner I hand painted from off the top of a scaffold, while the Senior Citizens were playing games and having their lunch every day. They loved seeing me work and were amazed as the building took on a new life. I was honored by the City, the Houston Chronicle and Channel 11 news for being a good and generous citizen.

I am not looking for sympathy, but I want women of the world to know that everything can change quickly or even after a few years of medical mesh being in your body. I don’t want this to happen to you which I continually try hard to educate those who are not adversely affected as yet, but are at risk.


Before mesh I was still up on scaffolds painting, texturing and doing anything I could to help my daughter build our house. However the day of the surgery, everything stopped and I can never go up ladders or scaffolds again. It is very disheartening and sad for me, but unfortunately I cannot change it. But I can do things to stay as healthy as possible and so can you.

Even with a long wait for my mesh removal I worked at taking supplements and herbs and from doing it I learned a lot of things about them which I have shared so much with you throughout this blog. But many women still ask me what I take and I have to search through blogs to give them the answers. But now you can find the answers just by looking up at the top of this blog and you can see a link to take you to a permanent page and all you need to do is click. Then you can make your own choices, bearing in mind to read all side effects or interactions with any prescription drugs you are taking.

I can tell you that I take Olive Leaf without fail, twice a day and since my last surgery I have not had a single infection. I also take astragalus and marshmallow root. Plus you can read what I take to keep my immune system strong. If you take something for a week then quit you will remain with many complications and infections. The key is to make it a daily ritual and carry them with you if you go out all day or to work.

Mesh complications and subsequent surgeries can wear your body down. I realize how hard it is to think when you are suffering and in pain, so I hope this will help you live a better and longer life. I do not take any pain medications at all because of what I take which you will see on this page. I never live totally pain free but my pain is controlled by doing all I can to stay well. There are times when I feel the femoral nerve is entrapped when I’ve done more walking around a store and it hits me suddenly, so Ibuprofen reduces the inflammation in a couple of hours and then I am able to continue to walk. I have tried various physical therapies but my nerve damage gets worse instead of better and because I am so dizzy from the drug gentamicin, I cannot go out for walks. So I do all I can to keep feeling better. I can tell you this much. If I stop taking my supplements and herbs I will feel the difference within twenty-four hours.

I do hope this helps some of you find a new lease on life and a feeling of hope.

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