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Over the years I have been doing this, women have asked me did I have brain fog while mesh was in me and would it go away after mesh removal? The answer is no I never have had this side effect and as always I tell you the truth about anything and everything that I went through. I feel fortunate because this blog would have gone by the wayside had I had that affliction, however I think it is more because I took Reishi mushroom capsules every day during the 2 years 7 months before removal and began taking it again within a few days after each surgery. The answer to the second part for most women is yes, it does go away after a couple of months. However it also depends on if you still have to take pain medication for nerve damage because I cannot tell you if this will improve your brain function or not if you take prescription drugs.

I have thought of this affliction often as I know when speaking to some women and I share things to help them, a couple of days later, they will ask me about the same thing again. They also have great difficulty in holding down a job or career, taking care of children and generally keeping up with everyone else in their households. They feel frustrated and very inadequate and sometimes paranoid because they worry about what others are thinking or saying about them. So I realize this is a very important subject. I avoid prescription drugs as much as possible due to the terrible side effects many have had on me.

I am aware that others have written about brain fog issues when mesh is in their bodies, but I do not know if anyone has tried Reishi mushroom so I decided today was the day to tell you about this product and see if it will help anyone reading this.

What can you do to help you with this problem? This is what I take every day without fail. It is not expensive and often Swanson have buy one get one free and free shipping, so my daughter checks with me to see what I have left, when an email comes to her. This is 600 mg and I take one capsule a day now. I did take three a day for a while after I went through a great deal last year and knew I had to rebuild my immune system and I did not feel any side effects while taking it and then after a month reduced to two a day, then finally down to one a day.

I recently checked up on a lady who came to see me before she had mesh removal by Dr. Raz. She is a lovely person and she was very worried about mesh removal before surgery but hung in for the long wait to see Dr. Raz. She told me if she was going to go through it, she wanted the best. Her removal was four months ago and for the first two months she found recovery slow and had many concerns. This is normal. Your surgery is difficult but with the right surgeon you should be feeling much better after two months. The other thing she did both before and after removal, she followed a good plan of supplements and did all she could to stay well. This makes a HUGE difference in recovery after surgery. If you don’t feel better after two months you should check with your surgeon to find out what is wrong. I knew she had had brain fog before removal and she told me it had gone away and she is now studying and in Real Estate school and will finish in July. That made me so happy to know that life is better for her. She still has some leg pain but controls it with Motrin if it happens, usually after having marital relations. Yes she is living again and enjoying her marriage. Expect that you will have some leg pain and it takes time to fully heal. Checking up on her made my day! For many women there is life after mesh.

I took Reishi mushroom strictly to keep my immune system strong. However it has many benefits. I found a really good article about Reishi and brain fog and this is what is said about brain fog.  If you struggle with brain fog, Reishi mushrooms may provide help. You can read more here

I found a really good site about brain fog and took the following paragraphs and you will find a link to read more at the end of this blog.

The brain is the crowning organ of the human being. Therefore, dysfunctions involving it are always important. Brain fog is one of the most important symptoms today, even though I have not seen it listed as a diagnosis or recognized health condition in most medical or psychological texts.

A clinical definition of brain fog. Brain fog may be described as feelings of mental confusion or lack of mental clarity. It is called brain fog because it can feel like a cloud that reduces your ability to think clearly. It can cause a person to become forgetful, detached and often discouraged and depressed. It usually is present most of the time, meaning it does not come and go, although it may become better or worse depending on what a person eats, or one’s state of rest and hydration.

Brain fog is not recognized as a clinical diagnosis because it is not easy to test for it. It is quite subjective, in other words. The person just knows that they do not function well, and the mind often seems foggy or cloudy. This is not the same as dementia, mental retardation, anxiety, depression or other common mental symptoms. I hope that medical doctors will soon expand their diagnostic ability to assess brain fog, but for now it is a subjective condition, though it is very real.
Brain fog can have many causes. However, the most common, by far, are nutritional and biochemical imbalances that affect the brain and central nervous system of the body. In my experience, the cause is usually somewhat complex. It can involve a combination of many factors. The most common contributing factors are:

PHARMACEUTICAL AND OTHER DRUGS OFTEN CAUSE OR CONTRIBUTE TO BRAIN FOG A long list of prescription and over-the-counter drugs can cause mental confusion and other brain fog symptoms. The list includes drugs for allergies, pain, high blood pressure, heart arrhythmias, glaucoma, infections, depression, anxiety, inflammation and other disorders. Birth control pills, the patch and the birth conrol IUD can sometimes cause brain fog.

Many people are taking two to five of these drugs at once. Combinations of drugs may be toxic in ways that no one can predict. Combining medication with alcohol or recreational drugs may also produce unusual symptoms. If you must take medication, check the side effects and know that there may be side effects that are not listed on the label. Also, know that combinations of drugs are a complete unknown in terms of adverse effects. Try to avoid them as much as possible.

Toxic metals that can cause or contribute to brain fog. The most common metal imbalances with brain fog that we see include: Copper. Excessive or biounavailable copper is strongly associated with feelings of confusion, disorientation, racing thoughts, mood swings and confusion. Some women notice this condition is worse before the menstrual period, a time of the month when the cellular level and probably the blood level of copper level rises.

However, many people, and more so women, have elevated copper levels all the time. Using birth control pills or patches makes this problem much worse. Copper imbalance also affects the thyroid gland, and this, in turn, can create the symptoms of brain fog. Copper imbalance can be very hard to diagnose. Blood and urine tests are often normal. Serum ceruloplasmin may be normal. Hair tissue copper is often normal. A liver biopsy for copper is considered diagnostic, but it is a painful and somewhat invasive and costly test that is not worth doing in most all cases.

ADRENAL BURNOUT, LOW THYROID AND BRAIN FOG Adrenal burnout differs from fatigue in that it is a deeper derangement of the body’s energy system. It is incredibly common today. In fact, the majority of mineral analyses I review show some degree of adrenal exhaustion. On a hair mineral analysis, the calcium and magnesium levels are elevated while the sodium and potassium levels are generally quite low.

Adrenal burnout is often an underlying cause for toxic metal accumulation. It is also the underlying cause of a calcium shell pattern, and for iron and manganese toxicity. Burnout is extremely common and cannot be corrected simply by having a few good nights of sleep. It is sometimes called chronic fatigue syndrome or CFIDS. It requires a complete program of diet, nutritional supplements and rest. I also highly recommend infrared lamp saunas to help rebuild the body’s energy system. In adrenal burnout, the body is nutritionally depleted, toxic metals have replaced vital elements, chronic infections have often set in, and many biochemical imbalances may be present. These include impaired thyroid activity, weakened adrenals, impaired digestion, heavy metal toxicity, chronic candida albicans infection, chronic viral infections and others. While the burnout itself can cause symptoms, often it is these secondary imbalances that cause symptoms. Let us discuss a few of these.

THYROID IMBALANCE. Most people today have a low-functioning thyroid. The reason is quite simple. They either have copper or mercury in the thyroid gland, and/or they have iodine antagonists affecting their thyroid gland. These are fluorine, bromine and chlorine compounds. Read more here

Because I have managed to stay well despite what mesh complications have done to me, I am a huge believer in helping yourself and learning as much as you can about alternatives to prescription drugs. This is because I am very sensitive to so many and I still live with a major complication from an antibiotic. Everyone has to decide what they want to do to help themselves and please look for any side effects or interactions if you are taken medications. Give yourself a couple of months if you decide to try Reishi to allow you to assess any improvements. I hope this will help and I wish you less brain fog and a good boost to your immune system.

If you want to know about Reishi, watch this YouTube video.


  1. Renee Moreno

    I had a mesh implant 10 years ago. Nothing but problem and infections. I looked up Dr. Raz and found one at UCLA in Los Angles is this the correct one you speak of? After the removal did you still suffer from problems, infections, painful sex, leaking? Very scared to have it removed but fear it will continue to effect my health more if I don’t remove it. Renee

    1. lavalinda

      Renee yes that’s him.


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