Report Medical Abuse

There are many women who find themselves in an emergency rooms because of mesh complications. In fact most women do either before or after surgery. Over the years of doing this I have heard awful things that happened to them and at first I was shocked. However I hate to say this that shock then turns into normal for me to read. That is not a good thing for women.

There is an organization called JCAHO who can do something about your complaint and they take it seriously. If you are a patient or a family member please read this and start learning. Don’t let your loved one die because of mesh complications.

I know many of you live in fear. You are afraid of complaining or making any report when something like this happens to you, but please stop living in fear. Every time you let it go, it will happen to another woman. This is what this organization does.
Patient safety is its mission. This organization can levy heavy fines or close the doors of those not in compliance with patient safety standards.

Also understand that JCHHO is ONLY for hospitals and outpatient surgery centers and is nationwide. Not for individual doctors.

There are also agencies in many States. One is known as AHCA, Agency for Healthcare Administration. This one is in the State of Florida please be aware that any incident needs to be reported within one year of when it happened.

You may wonder why you have been treated the way you were and there could be another reason behind it. We think doctors are all good people who don’t do any substances and yet some do. So think differently and you may have the answer. Read this

I hope that is not the case, but no matter what women should be aware that they have rights and should NOT be treated badly by any ER doctor or other staff. It is time to stand up and say NO! These hospitals should raise their standards and vet doctors who care for emergency patients.

To report a specific doctor, one should report to the Department of Professional Regulation of the State you live in
or where this doctor has his/her license in. Some practice in more than one State and have admitting privileges in several hospitals. For all complaints, serious complaints, specify preferably dated incidences are needed. None of this should be about how a doctor’s office should be run or how appointments are scheduled. This is not a blog to condone frivolous complaints.



  1. Jackie Matta

    Thank you so much for this info!
    I myself was horribly treated by an ER doctor in February! I couldn’t urinate even after cath was put in and was needing more pain med AND immediate help with issue. I went here twice in 3 days. Instead I just got ignored b/c doctor said I was “just seeking pain med” and I am quoting what he told my husband and me to my face! So he let me stay in the room agonizing in pain!
    I complained to hospital while there but it was late at night and said there was NO ONE to help take my complaint!
    Thank God Dr Raz got me into surgery in 9 days :-)))))

    1. Jackie Matta

      I forgot to mention this hospital was Corona Regional Hospital in California!

    2. lavalinda

      Jackie, thank you. From now on I want to see every woman report what happens to them so other women won’t have to suffer.

  2. gina

    Thank you so much this was as Always great information that I will utilize.

    1. lavalinda

      I hope it helps you get your records. They are in storage somewhere.

  3. Terrie

    I have been in the ER where I live to yhe point I refuse to subject myself to being mistreated like that. I had so many UTIs after my sling removal that I had bloody urine and now have chronic c-diff from all the antibiotics prescribed. Im called “the frequent flyer” at my hospital ER and just went through a week of horrible opiate withdrawls because Id rather suffer than ask for pain medication. I just dont care anymore. I have been treated worse than an animal. Literally. No amount of money can give me my life back. My bladder has prolapsed and I now wear diapers, and my life is miserable.

    1. lavalinda

      Terrie I am so sorry this has happened to you but the real problem is that the mesh is causing all the infections and you are at risk for sepsis. E.R’s only give you stuff to make you comfortable such as antibiotics, but they do not help when it comes to removal. I don’t know your situation but perhaps this blog will help you find a way to get help.

  4. Pam Beauchamp

    I seem to have entered the zone of lawyers not being able to help because of this tort law. Sigh. I will keep fighting.

  5. Losted

    I’m still going through hell and I’m like no one cares so why should I even try anymore they don’t care my life is bad I hate it I’ve gave up ..


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