The Power of a Blog

If anyone had told me four years ago that this blog would reach thousands of women around the world, I would have thought they were crazy. Even the word blog was foreign to me at that time, in fact the word seemed downright weird. But I was desperate. I couldn’t sleep for leg pain. I could not lay on my right side or serious pain would envelope me and send me out of the bed to try to find a way to ease the pain. When I couldn’t sleep I researched just to stop the pain from making me lose my mind. Then I began writing what I was going through, on something new to me called a blog. I never expected anyone to read it, but all I was doing it for was to stop me from immersing myself in my own pain. It was my distraction.

It took a couple of months and a few blogs, before I received emails from other women who were going through the same thing. I was quite surprised to find more women like me because I had been told this never happened to anyone else but me, by the doctor who put the sling in me. I didn’t know how to researched mesh injuries because at first I didn’t even understand that mesh was put into me. I did not know at that time there were implants used in every aspect of gynecological surgeries. I was totally bind as to all that was going on.

At that time there were no TV ads about mesh injuries to women. There was very little information on the web and no one to answer my question. Why was this happening to me?

It doesn’t seem possible that it was such a short time ago and yet everything has changed since that time. When the FDA report came out in July 2011 with a warning of mesh complications, I at last felt vindicated and excited that all this would change quickly. How foolish and naive was I? I did not know that it would make women everywhere come out of the woodwork to recognize why they had so much pain but they still couldn’t find a doctor locally to remove their mesh. However, it took time and I finally got it through my head that this was going to be a very LONG battle and thousands more women would be injured by mesh. And it hasn’t slowed down even now, four years later. So I keep writing and sharing.

A couple of days ago my daughter decided to look at the specs of how this blog is reaching others. It had been a long time since she had done so because she now does everything I can’t do. I was resting after a long day of writing and beating away all the negatives out there that could interfere with the life of this blog. I had been feeling quite down and also sick and tired of all the negatives that happen when there is a chance of others who can make money from women who are down and out. I guess my daughter saw it was taking a toll on me and she wanted to give me good news. This is good news she shared with me.

There are around 2.000 visits every day to this blog and anywhere between 50.000 and 60.000 visits during any month. A visit is any time someone logs onto the blog regardless of how much time they spend here and how much they read on any blogs.

Not only that but she told me something I would never have thought possible. The page with the most visits is the one about alternatives to having mesh in pelvic surgeries. This means this blog and the TV ads are raising awareness in a huge way and women are searching for what to do BEFORE they are injured by mesh. I just said “Wow” when she told me that news. But then I realized somehow I need to do more research and give more and better answers for women for want to know what to do. It also makes me realize that although the blog is primarily a self-help blog for mesh injured women, there just aren’t the resources out there to help women who want answers as to what to do to get fixed BEFORE they wind up with mesh.

I did say before that mesh is a world catastrophe right now and if this continues there will be an epidemic of disabled women.

So as hard as it is for me to do this, I will continue to research and write and ask questions of those who may know the answers.


First of all a blog is about freedom of speech. That freedom allows women everywhere to learn what they can do to better their lives. It also allows them to learn things that could change their lives for the worse.

Women everywhere are being mesh injured. IF they were not, this blog would have NO visits at all. None. Zero.

Women want to hear from another woman who is also mesh injured and understands what she is going through.

Women want the truth.

Women want to know how to help themselves move forward and get better or live a better life.

Women want hope.

Women want to feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that means they want to know which doctor I went to and what happened when I went there for mesh removal.

Women want to know which supplements they can take to stop them from going downhill before and after surgery.

Women want to know what it is like to travel far from home to have a surgery and how it feels to be mesh injured and take that long journey.

Women want to know what to take with them when traveling. Where the food places, hotels and other things are that she may need when she travels far from home.

Women want to know how they can raise the funds to travel and what it will cost.

Women want to know what it is like and what to do when they travel home again with a catheter in place.

Women want to know what to do when they get home and every doctor in their neighborhood wants nothing to do with them.

Women want to know what to do after surgery and she is at home with stitches in her body and she feels afraid.

Women want to read stories about other women who are dealing with the same issues and they DON’T care if they if they are kept anonymous because they feel the same about keeping their information private.

Women want to read what other women do or feel like when their family and friends abandon them.

Women who cannot urinate, want to know what to do when they need to self cath.

Women want to know about others who lay in bed because they are in so much pain, and yet their families do not get it, because they are doing the same.

Women want to know that I do not accept money
from anyone to support this blog and therefore I am not biased or owe anyone air time.

Women want to know the truth about the loans they are being offered.

Women want to know if they are being scammed and what to do if they are approached by someone who has that intention.

Women want to know that I am not seeking fame or fortune from writing this blog. That my intentions ARE to help women through a difficult time of their lives, not to use them for a step up to fame.

Women want answers

Women want to come here, read what they want to read, get out of it what they want to and then leave with no one the wiser. And I respect their wishes.


Women don’t want fluffy, useless blogs or written articles that do not help them move forward.

Women do not want me running all over the country and the world getting or giving interviews with any Tom, Dick or Harry who wants the limelight.

Women do not want crappy, sugar coated blogs/articles.

Women do not care about all my personal problems or issues, they want to read about mesh related issues and how I or other women deal with them.

Women do not want to read interviews with doctors who do not know what they are doing and leave them worse off just because I want to fill up my blog.

Women do not want me or anyone else to hoard their email addresses and use them for any illicit purpose such as giving them to a shyster loan company or to keep them as ‘member’ of anything.

Women do not want to read testimonies written by others who say I do what I do. They want me to just do it and prove it.

Women do NOT want me to put a price on the information I give them. They are strapped for cash and they are in pain. Only a mesh injured woman who has been through mesh removal and the subsequent surgeries following it can understand what this costs.

I am sure the list could go on and on, but I have more research to do that could help women try to get their lives back.

Here is why I do this now

There are days when this all gets to me, but when I read something like the following, I feel wonderful for the woman who did NOT go through any partial removals and she is doing so much better and she WILL regain her life. And she did this without taking a loan with HUGE interest rates from a shyster loan lawyer.

As I have said many times throughout this blog I do not do this alone. My small band of mesh injured helpers take up a lot of the slack and they stay in touch with some of the women that I don’t, so that we cover a larger field of injured women. So we all felt so happy when one of the ladies wrote about how she was doing now, to one of my helpers. This is what she wrote.

“I am doing SO well! I cannot wait to fill you in. Going to Dr. Raz will go down as one of my top 10 decisions I’ve made in my life. It has been a brutal recovery. However I’m reaping the reward as of the last week or so. My mind keeps getting sharper. My body is healing I think very fast after what I had done. I will never be able to think you enough for that last final push over the edge to becoming mesh free. As seemingly unimportant as this sounds. I can finally sit square on my bottom, for the first time in over two years. I have started back walking. I did three and a half miles today. Slow and steady progress is amazing!!! As long as I’m headed in the right direction lol! I’m getting closer to starting to think about how I can be of service to other woman who have found themselves in similar circumstances as I did over the last two years. I will let you know as soon as I can do something. From the bottom of my heart thank you for all that you, Linda and the other ladies who emailed me have done to help me change my life for the better.”

Now THAT’s the power of this blog and a blog can only have power if there is a huge need for it.


  1. Lisa

    I was trying to tell you again how you gave me hope. I want to know how to make my own blog page to help women locally here in south Florida where it is an epidemic spread of mesh implants and sadly my realtor was just implanted not long ago with a monarc like mine. She had no clue that they cause mayhem. I have helped two other mesh victims here and pointed them to your website and Dr. Raz. I also have to go back to dr raz on the 25th to see if I can get a sling made of my own tissue since I am having complications after the mesh removal I had on Dec 5th at UCLA. I also have a two doctor’s names and the sites I found them on who claim to remove mesh, but as the sites say were compensated from AMS to perform at conferences. I was outraged. Please email me when you have time I hope you are doing well. You have inspired me and I want to help these women who were not as blessed as I to get the mesh out.

    1. lavalinda

      Lisa when I began my first blog I had no clue and I found a simple way to do it without a lot of problems was to begin one on My little blog grew to a giant and my daughter who has a lot of knowledge changed it over to WordPress. But WordPress is a lot more involved. So begin simply and keep writing then you will be amazed at what happens. Every woman can make a difference.

  2. RR Okie North of the Red River

    Linda, I know there have been times when I was recovering from my surgeries almost the same time you started having yours two+ yrs ago when I could hardly think! Never-the-less try to help others. BUT I DID try to reach out to EACH one you referred to me. How good I did I have no idea??

    I must suffer from the BRAIN FOG you have talked about. But as my counselor told me it is NOT I have lost my marbles! It is just the pain takes precedence over thinking! So when my pain goes down I can think better and more clearly. I apologize and am TRYING to recognize how I go on too long and take rabbit chases to get to a point. When it is worst it probably is like trying to interview a woman in labor! augh!

    I NEVER did this when I was a busy teacher, wife, Mother etc. It got to this point of RAMBLING after being mostly housebound many of 12yrs and especially after the death of my parents we helped care for 5 & 6yrs through 2008 and 2009. I have said before my Dad spent his last 6yrs w/us who had Alzheimer’s. YOU know too well the roll of a caretaker for someone you love. You have been kind enough to go through my posts and sometimes take out things I don’t realize I said AGAIN! OR not NEEDED! ugh! I APPRECIATE your effort in doing it! Yet including what I wrote!

    Funny thing is my Mom was the SAME way her entire life. SHE took FOREVER to get to the point. Would start talking about someone with NO explanation who they were! My Dad, who was Norwegian would say a FEW WORDS if ANY! ha! I say people from Northern Countries have little time to talk in the COLD weather! So I have drifted to Mom’s side of the two sides I have. But I know people wish I would drift back to Dad’s!

    But I am getting SOME pain free hours EACH day in our pool day NOW that it is open and summer, we will keep it open probably through Oct.! if like last yr. Because we bought a solar cover for it that GETS the water WARM and keeps it that way. In Oct. when we finally shut it down last year the water was STILL
    85degrees but the temp outside was TOO COLD!

    I SO MUCH WISH my suggestion of someone trying to get in a warm pool at least waist deep could take all the pain away temporarily like it does for me, I would find out works for another who suffers?? But I haven’t heard back from anyone who tried it and it worked?! BUT I KNOW IT HAS TO BE WORTH TRYING! Perhaps because it is summer you could post my suggestion? I don’t see how it could hurt anyone hopefully?

    My Pudendial nerve is permanently damaged Pudendal Neuralgia is what it’s called. I found out that diagnosis a few yrs before I found out what I KNEW caused it! The Dr. says the pool makes it so NO pressure is on my nerves. EUREKA!

    Although we have been going through a NIGHTMARE refinancing our house to pay all the medical bills I still am QUITE willing to TRY to share my story with someone who needs HOPE and LISTEN best I can! I tell my close friends if you need me to LISTEN PLEASE stop my going on and TELL ME!!! I WANT to help! My BEST friends accept me the way I am, defects and all! After having mesh for yrs you SOON find out WHO your REAL friends ARE!

    So I am GLAD to help you reach out to anyone crying for help, wanting courage to go see DR.R. etc. and hearing from someone who DID GO see him 4times in 12months for 3surgeries by means of an RV because I can’t sit! Now I can sit 1hr w/an interstem and pain meds! PLUS walk again!

    Perhaps those who have had a mesh a DECADE or more like I did can relate!? Not that that really matters but it does show you improvements can be made no matter the length of time with Dr. R.

    So although I still have promised legally to keep myself anonymous on public sites and this is the ONLY one I’ve shared on I will TRY with all my MIGHT to HELP you LINDA what I can with your enormous load of cries for help! I did talk with the few you sent me early on and later and never heard from them again. Perhaps they took my story and had some hope?

    Or perhaps they didn’t want to hear my rambling again!? I also have Adult ADHD and since the mesh got worse and the med list got longer I don’t think my ADHD meds help as MUCH, but they DO still help. That has been a part of me since I was born. As a Teacher I could help parents understand both sides of the REAL PHYSICAL chemical deficiency problem. I have a son who is grown who has it too. And I found out soon my Dad was most likely the one who handed it down!

    I never forget the 1st time I saw Dr.R. HE HELD MY HAND with one hand and laid his other hand on my arm. He looked me straight in the eyes when he told me the TRUTH!!! I later found he had wrote papers on ADHD so he KNEW how to get the point across to me in a VERY KIND way! especially the hug afterwards!

    If I am in the middle of a crisis myself I will be HONEST and wait a day or two but I WILL TRY LINDA! Just wanted to remind You! I owe you EVERYTHING and Dr. R.! God Helped us fine you both! Without finding this blog after 12yrs of MESH I shudder to think of my life now. I will NEVER forget the phone call you made afterwards, I could NOT believe someone cared enough!! I cried as well as my husband afterwards! So you are right on top of the list of GREAT people for my husband also. IT IS QUITE an accomplishment to get THERE! lol!

    My life is one a lot of people think is HORRIBLE but they DON’T know how it was or COULD HAVE BEEN! And the most important thing is HOPE and KNOWING GOD will help us WHEN we ASK HIM AND LET HIM! And as you have said noticing all your blessings big and small! LOVE YOU BUNCHES! BLESSINGS! RR


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