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It’s been a long time since I have written a blog to help women travel to see a doctor who can remove all their mesh safely. The past few days I have been trying to warn women about scams through shyster loan lawyers because I am afraid that this will backfire in a huge way within a few months. That is because although you will be offered something that seems like the answer to your prayers, it could be the beginning of your nightmare. If someone is making deals for you with doctors and hospitals you can bet your life that company is going to make a huge profit by waiting to be paid. That is just the first problem.

You may be told that if you need more surgeries, no problem. However, if the doctor does not know what he/she is doing you may need multiple surgeries and you may be permanently injured. So don’t look at this as a gift from God.

So what do you do now?

Have you thought about taking a smaller loan to cover insurance? Or fund raise to buy the insurance you need? It will be far cheaper in the long run than loans against your case and YOU will be in charge of which doctor you choose to do your mesh removal. Yes, it could cost around $600.00 a month for good insurance coverage but that is only $7200.00 a year and that should get you through one or two surgeries without worry. If you have a waiting time for the insurance to begin and you want to go out to UCLA for consult appointment, then don’t wait to make the appointment. It will be about 3 months until you get one, so by then your new insurance should be set up or you can ask for a date for consult according to the time you need, to be sure you are covered. So here is what to do. Get the insurance started first. Then call up UCLA and tell them you are self-pay to get the appointment date set. When you have your insurance, call them again and give them the insurance information.

BUT! BEFORE YOU GO WITH ANY INSURANCE COMPANY, CALL Dr. Raz’s office and ask if the one you are thinking about is one they will accept. If not, ask what they DO accept. Save yourself some time without making big mistakes.

If you make an appointment and find out you cannot go for any reason please cancel the appointment AT LEAST 2 weeks in advance. DO NOT make another woman wait or cost UCLA money because you were not able to go. This would be a very self-centered thing to do and frankly you won’t get a new appointment later. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot!

When you have to travel from home it costs money. There are flights, hotels and food away from home, or gas if you drive. So if you are trying to work to pay for your insurance, then set up a account with WePay.  The reason for WePay is because once the money is raised it will then be deposited into your WePay account and from there you can set it up to transfer the cash directly into your bank account automatically.  Then you have a couple of options. First you or someone you know can set up a fund raising account with YouCaring or another company. Be sure to read all the rules and fine print to understand and make sure they do not take a share of your money. If someone else does it for you ask for them to print them out so that you can study it.

If you set up on one of these fund raising links, the key to gaining the money is to set the first fund raising event up low, you can always raise it later.   If it is to pay for hotel, flight and lodging, and taxi or shuttle, work it out first and do a rough estimate. This is not a vacation time so a consult trip will be much lower in cost. One or two nights is all you need when out at UCLA if you are in pain or traveling far from home and I am going to include the first blog I wrote to help you figure this out. So set that one up first because if you go too high on your estimate, you may never reach that goal and will lose whatever you raise. Don’t be greedy!

Once you have been out there, and have returned home again, then it is time to set up to raise funds for your longer removal surgery stay because you will know more about what this will entail.  If you will have a hospital stay for a few nights, then you need more hotel money.  If you do that, then you should raise the money you need in. Greed is the biggest failure in fundraising. This is not a fund for you to catch up on your bills. This is to give you a better chance at a new life.

There is another reason to set up a WePay account now. If you get out there and have to stay longer than expected, or you get really ill and have to go early, you can let everyone know from wherever you are and ask them to help raise money for your stay and you do not need to get so stressed out and get sicker because you cannot afford the longer hotel stay.

Why not PayPal?

Well this morning I was discussing this with my daughter who knows everything. I am not kidding. She told me that PayPal is good but not for sudden expenses. This is because they have rules about how much you can take out during any month or transfer to your bank account and access is not always easy. By going through WePay, it will go direct to you, as and when you need it, so you can pay that unexpected whopping hotel bill and once again be stress free.

I hope this blog helps you make better choices when choosing doctors and gives you some relief to the stress of dealing with mesh complications. Now read this for more help and information.

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