Scams & Snake Oil Part Two

You may not like what I have to say but I do not speak with a ‘forked tongue’.

If you look up this phrase this is what you will find.

The phrase “speaks with a forked tongue” means to deliberately say one thing and mean another or, to be hypocritical, or act in a duplicitous manner. In the longstanding tradition of many Native American tribes, “speaking with a forked tongue” has meant lying, and a person was no longer considered worthy of trust, once he had been shown to “speak with a forked tongue”.

I did not begin to intentionally discredit anyone, any business or any organization because people working in these environments usually do that themselves without any help from me if they are not doing the right things. But when I see the injustice that continues being done to women by any of these factions I will warn you the mesh injured reader to take great care and trust no one. I have written that I will expose anyone who hurts any mesh injured women by putting them in a position of becoming more injured or destitute and I mean what I say and I will tell you why.

When people pass anyone on to these loan companies and they do not understand the seriousness of mesh injuries and they think removing mesh is a simple one time surgery, the do not know the fall out that can happen. Yes IF a woman has one sling that has not eroded in any other serious area, and she goes to the right doctor who can remove the anchors, arms or other ways it is attached, then it is quite possible that her mesh can be removed and she will do great without further surgeries. BUT when she goes for a partial removal there is MOR RISK AND DAMAGE that a surgeon who understands how to remove it, will have to work much harder and then fix all the damage. Partial removals have serious consequences and I know this because nine weeks after my sling was put in I had a partial removal without understanding anything about mesh or removal. The result of that eventually was a great doctor who carefully removed the mesh that was entwined in my nerves and muscles, two years and seven months later and thank God he did not leave me worse off. I do have permanent nerve damage because when the mesh was cut apart, it began moving and made my situation far worse. So I do know what I am talking about.

I have never once said I am an authority on mesh. I never once claimed to have any medical knowledge. I have been fortunate to meet wonderful women who wanted to help others who come from a wide range of experience including medical and without their help this would have overwhelmed me and I would have quit. THEY are the reason this blog stays here.

Now I am going to address something that has been thrown around like a ton of bricks. My faith or I should say lack of it has been bandied around everywhere. This blog is NOT about faith, either mine or anyone else’s. I do not talk about faith or prayer for one reason and one reason only. Women come here from every faith and belief possible. I do not write about things I do not understand nor will I insult anyone because I don’t. But I have friends of every faith there is and I love them all. They know the true me. A woman of substance who would not hurt a fly, let alone hurt a mesh injured woman. This blog began when I did not know how to help myself and women began helping me. In turn I helped others and still continue to do so after four years, so do not post anywhere with insinuations that I am an atheist or a heathen. I AM NEITHER.

But this blog is NOT about religion. This is a self-help blog that also supports women who are going through a very traumatic time and they do not know where to turn for help.

I slept very little last night because we have been helping some seriously injured women. I heard before I went to bed that one had been taken to the ER and was in the trauma center because she stopped breathing. Thank God she has a loving husband and family but I am yet to hear how she is. She was emailing me yesterday upset over all that is going on, on so called support groups and I was trying to calm her down and make her realize she cannot do anything about it anymore than I can. She has been suffering terribly and has been in the ER several times over the last few days. So now I will ask something I never do on this blog. Whatever belief or religion you have, please pray for her and two other women that are very sick right now. Please stop all the crap that is going on and start helping women.

Update. I just received a phone call from the woman who was taken to the ER. She can barely talk because her body is shutting down, but her husband is going to do everything to fly her out to Dr. Raz. She did have an appointment with him the end of this month but she is in seriously trouble and no one at her local hospital is doing anything. She has left me with us both crying. She is a young mother whose time should not end because of mesh! I hope she can get out to UCLA without her heath failing too soon. Her only hope is to get there and go to the ER and get in that hospital where they can do everything to save her. She needs many prayers from everyone and anyone.

Second update. This is why women die. Manufacturers I am furious with you. Her husband called Angel flights to try to get his wife out to UCLA. $25.000. They don’t have it. They are a young couple with a young family. Why do you keep doing this to women? When will you admit there is a serious problem? I am so sad and so angry right now I want to scream. You stay behind closed doors and ignore it all!

Update #3. Her husband sent me this just now. Linda or jane or both can you post something to let everyone know my wife was sent home to die maybe someone will see it dr —told Estelle she doesn’t need to pee or move her bowels and the fever is unknown the puss is an infection but nothing to worry about And said he will not put cath in so we have to keep her alive until she gets to UPMC I have someone who was also sent home to die and I am putting him in contact with her. They live in the same State.

If you think that doing this is a picnic I can assure you it is extremely stressful just reading all I read from mesh injured women. Not just me but my small group of helpers who truly DO help mesh injured women. This is not a game of how to get famous in a hurry. This is not a game of how to make money from those who are suffering mesh injuries. It is a serious matter and we take it seriously.

We are already seeing a fallout from these loans and we are trying to help one woman right now and we hope the doctor who removed her mesh knows what he is doing. If you do not believe me then you can see her comment and my answer on this blog Her name is Joy and we are in touch with her and are trying to help her. She did go to the ER and now it will take time to know how she will do. But we are there for her.

If you still do not believe what happens after a partial removal surgery is performed this just came in from yet another woman. It is a WORLD problem.

Hi, I am 46yrs-old and from Australia. I went from being a fit and active woman to sudden onset of fatigue and hardly being able to walk after doing a workout involving squats. I say many doctors and specialists who could not determine the cause of my fatigue and extreme leg weakness. I went from doctor to doctor and was eventually diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Finally I asked my GP to send me to a gynaecologist to check whether the sub urethral sling (TVT mesh) could be causing my health problems. It was confirmed that indeed I was suffering from mesh related problems. So now I’ve had a partial removal of the mesh but my symptoms still linger. I am basically housebound, can’t sit, can’t bend, am in constant pain and most days am barely able to walk. It is really hard emotionally being so exhausted, ill and immobile. Some days I think death would be kinder than living with the low quality of life cause by the mesh. Fortunately I have found a specialist who is willing to try to remove the remaining mesh. My prayers are that once the remaining mesh is removed my life can have some semblance of normality.”

This is heating up ladies because there is money to be made off of you and so little time left to make it. But it is not all about money. There are three main reasons people begin doing what they do. Fame, Fortune and Followers.
Sometimes it is all three. Once again I will tell you I do not stand to make one dime from anything I write, nor am I building a flock of followers. I had to remove my email address from my blog because I was continually being accosted by shyster loan lawyers who wanted to infiltrate this blog with adverts and by doing so it would make them look respectable. I refused them all.

First this blog caused an uproar behind the scenes

And this one caused a giant tidal wave.


  1. lp

    Thank Linda for watching out for us, warning us, and keeping us updated especially when we are to sick to watch out for ourselves.

    1. lavalinda

      I am happy to do it.


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