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This is now becoming a bad situation. Warning and double warning. If anyone asks you for personal information on a ruse of praying for you, prayer vigil or suicide watch prayers, please DO NOT GIVE IT OUT. I have it on good authority that this is happening. You must know that even if you have known this person for some time and you believe them to be mesh injured, that these companies use women to snare you into a trap and they have no conscience. They can easily infiltrate any organization either knowingly or unknowingly of the person who runs it. Your future is at stake. I have included more blogs at the bottom of this one so that you can read and understand what we are up against. Trust NO ONE. Now read on.

Ladies we live in difficult times. Times where you need to have your guard up every moment you are awake.

I really do have other things to write about to help women and I do have a life of my own. But I am seeing and hearing things that make me stand up and take notice. Like it or not we all have a HUGE target on our backs. Everyone knows it and those who stand to make money take extra notice. They know they have a short open window to make all the money they can from women’s injuries. They do not care about YOU. They make money for themselves and you are the victim they seek.

Am I being paranoid? I can assure you I am NOT. I also know that many women are being contacted and offered deals that could hurt their future so today I did a quick search. This is what I did.

Just Google Loans against injury settlements.

You will get a ton of warnings by lawyers who want you to know that this is serious business. You should stop and view everyone you know or don’t know who writes absolutely anything about the mesh injury subject INCLUDING me! I have no problem with anyone running a background check on me. This is because it would waste their money. I will give you a short list of who I am.

I was born in Luton Bedfordshire England. I met the man I would marry in England and his job was on offshore drilling rigs. He was sent to Singapore after his contract in England had ended and by that time he had asked me to marry him. I flew to Singapore to marry him and we did so, then lived there for the first year of our marriage. To come to the United States a complete background check was run on me to find anything possible of any criminal action I had been involved with. In case you don’t know it, getting into this country legally is not easy.

I arrived in this country and then was under green card status. Because of my husband’s job we lived in many countries. Before we left each country a background check was run on us before we were allowed to leave. Other countries have stringent rules and regulations and if there are any concerns they won’t let you leave. I waited until I had been here in the U.S. five years and then began going through the process of becoming a U.S. citizen. I wanted to belong to my chosen country. I love my birth country but I am an American by choice. It takes a long time to go through the Citizenship process and I am happy I did it.

I have never been given a parking ticket or speeding ticket at any time and I have not been under any accusations of anything illegal. I try very hard to be a good and upstanding citizen.

I did not choose this battle, it chose me. I was living a life I was very happy with until this hit me like a ton of bricks. I began this blog because of pain and frustration and did not realize it would become such a huge issue.

So now I am going to give you some excerpts I took from two of the law sites I chose at random.

First I want you to know that justice is a dirty business filled with people who will step on your body to make a buck. Now read on.

The business of lending to plaintiffs arose over the last decade, part of a trend in which banks, hedge funds and private investors are putting money into other people’s lawsuits. But the industry, which now lends plaintiffs more than $100 million a year, remains unregulated in most states, free to ignore laws that protect people who borrow from most other kinds of lenders.

Unrestrained by laws that cap interest rates, the rates charged by lawsuit lenders often exceed 100 percent a year, according to a review by The New York Times and the Center for Public Integrity. Furthermore, companies are not required to provide clear and complete pricing informationand the details they do give are often misleading.

A growing number of lawyers, judges and regulators say that the regulatory vacuum is allowing lawsuit lenders to siphon away too much of the money won by plaintiffs.

“It takes advantage of the meek, the weak and the ignorant,” said Robert J. Genis, a personal-injury lawyer in the Bronx who said that he had warned clients against borrowing. “It is legal loan-sharking.”

And another

Settlement Advance Loans,” “Personal Injury Loans,” “Pre-Settlement Funding.” All these names are synonymous and describe services offered by lenders to desperate personal-injury victims who are in need of cash. The loans are secured by any eventual recovery made by a personal-injury claimant.

These loan companies charge extremely (almost criminally) high interest rates which will dramatically reduce (if not completely eliminate) the amount of money we can put into our client’s pocket.

In addition, there is a risk to the attorney-client privilege. These companies will request certain medical and case information so they can determine whether or not to approve the loan. This information is usually protected by the attorney-client privilege. But it is the client, not the attorney, who holds this privilege; so it can be waived if the client distributes otherwise protected information.

Injury claims can take a long time to resolve. By obtaining a pre-settlement funding loan, our ability to make a recovery is hindered because the amount of interest paid is always incredibly high, so the amount owed on these personal-injury loans increases rapidly. The amount owed on the settlement can even rise to the point where the value of the case is less than the loan!

Even if this does not happen, prior clients who have obtained these loans (always against our advice) inevitably complain that they are not getting as much money as they initially expected (because they did not realize how quickly their loan would inflate before settlement or verdict). They will then ask us to reduce our fee. We will not. I will have the very difficult conversation and remind the client (armed with a letter we have them sign, acknowledging that we have explaining the many drawbacks of obtaining these types of loans) that they went ahead and obtained the pre-settlement loan despite our warnings.

If you decide you must take a loan, please send the contract to both your lawyer and co-council and ask their opinion. Your future is at stake.

These are more blogs you may want to read.




I know you live in pain and don’t know where to turn. I write these blogs to give you a chance at a better life and a better future and not to be scammed out of your money.

I wish you much love and hope. Now I hope to write other blogs about women and things that could help you feel better.


  1. a meshed-up nurse

    Thank you Linda, for warning women that these unscrupulous people, who only end up harming injured women even more, are out there, waiting to make a buck off of someone else’s bad misfortune.

  2. Sharon Mcbride

    As always, looking out for our best interests. Words cannot relay how appreciative I am and I’m sure most women are. Thank you Linda for warning us and looking out for us like a mom would her brood.

  3. sylvia

    Thank you, Linda. Whatever it takes to expose charlatans, I am all for it. Exhortation is needed, we will all be hurt in the end if this is allowed to continue.

  4. jacqui scott

    thank you linda i was aproached by someone who should remain namless but i nearly fell into it before i started reading posts and comments when people are desperate for a resolution but please do not make the mistake of going to one of these terrible people we have been damaged enough thank you linda for looking out for us and watching over us

    1. lavalinda

      I do appreciate every woman who posts a comment her because it is happening and this give credence to the facts. I cannot respect any woman who does this whether of not she is mesh injured.


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