Loan Sharks & Snake oil

I know women everywhere already have so much to worry about when it comes to your mesh and your future, but I have been concerned with what is going on and I want women to know that YOU should be in control of your destiny, not someone who stands to make money from your suffering body. First let me begin by giving you the exact words written by a woman who is writing this on a support group. I am not going to give the name of anyone she is promoting including her own company. No one doing this is going to get free advertising here.

Hello ladies, I have amazing news! As you all know from my last post I am working on helping mesh ladies get their much needed surgery!  ————————– have worked out all the details with certain “mesh” surgeons, such as Dr. ——————— and several more, in order for ———————- to “purchase” the surgery!

The surgeons will receive an LOP (Letter of Protection) from the law firms then once the client/patient’s case settles the surgeon’s will obviously get their cost back in the settlement which would happen no matter what but normally the surgeons would demand payment from patient way before surgery, then the surgeon will be paying back ——————–! Along with the cost for travel and expenses will be allotted in the amount funded as well!!

We have negotiated a special “mesh” rate in order to try and help you ladies so we are starting with ladies that live in ————– since one of the main surgeons Dr. ——————— so please message me immediately if you are in need of mesh removal!
These surgeons will book up quickly so don’t wait! Now if you don’t live in ———— please message me anyways because if we have open time slots we will get the others in as well!

Yay!! Great news right!

P. S. Don’t stress about the what if’s on settlement amounts and what if it doesn’t cover the cost of my surgery! Just message me and let’s get you on the phone with our guys and a registered nurse! I feel so positive about this and well let’s just put the settlement amount in God’s hands and get that mesh out of you NOW!

You may or may not have seen this message but to me this is deplorable. This is written by someone who has great marketing abilities but when asked to say exactly what the costs were up front and in writing on this group she gave run around answers and no direct response. This is a HUGE RED FLAG!

For a long time I have stayed away from support groups because I have seen firsthand things that concerned me. Frankly I have found them stressful rather than helpful. But when this went up I received phone calls and messages from upset women who were concerned by this woman’s statement. They know all that is going on and how bad this could turn out for some women who feel desperate and live in pain. They want to women to stand back and take charge of their own destiny and not get into something they cannot change later.

First, the people who do this have no knowledge of the seriousness of mesh in women’s bodies and just because they say they have an R.N. standing by that does not mean this is the truth nor that the R.N. understands mesh injuries. I know many, many brilliant nurses who did not understand it until this happened to them. So who will be on the other end of the line? That is anyone’s GUESS.

The letter of protection means they will get paid of course but what do you know about the surgeon they are working this out with? Is he capable of removing all your mesh and the anchors without leaving you further damaged? That is the million dollar question and it is your dollars that will go to these consulting firms instead of to you, without the answer.

I love this woman’s statement. “Don’t stress about the what ifs on settlement amounts”. Of course that is easy for her to say. She is not mesh injured. She has no clue about how your mesh was put in, what it has attached itself to such as spine, colon, organs and pelvic bone. Can these doctors she is hooking up with remove it? Who is checking that out! No one. You should know that the chance for repair surgery is also possible let alone removing the scar tissue in the future. The money that you would have needed will be gone to this woman who will enjoy every bit of it while she buys that next pair of expensive shoes and will totter about on a cruise wearing those shoes she plans with YOUR money. Money you will need for whatever issues you have in the future that no one took into consideration.

If you do go this direction then open your eyes to the fact that these companies are not working for YOU. They work for THEMSELVES.

Here is a check list.

This is a ONE TIME offer for you to get the mesh removed. It does not include how the funding will be handled, or if funding is even possible after this surgery.

It does not take into consideration how your next surgery will be funded if you need fascia sling surgery done because your urethra was compromised and you are now totally incontinent.

It does not take into consideration that if your mesh removal causes you serious nerve damage because the doctor they hook you up with does not know how to remove it safely and you live in agony and decide the only hope is the Interstem implant to try to control the pain, who will pay for future surgeries and trips. Doctors who do implant Interstem pain pumps are not in every City and you will have to travel once again.

It does not take into consideration that scar tissue is a huge factor in every surgery you go through and scar tissue needs to be removed if it causes you pain in the future.

This contract does NOT take into consideration that every woman is different. Every mesh removal surgery is different.

I could never have predicted that the mesh that was in my body was causing so many issues before it was removed and it would be a very difficult removal when Dr. Raz tackled it. Had it not been for his expertise I would have been far more damaged by the removal. However I wasn’t. My life is better because of the surgeon I chose, even though I couldn’t afford it nor wanted to travel far from home. If you have not been through any removal before then read the blog I wrote after mine.

After this surgery I had two more and only time will tell if I will need another. I am trying hard not to think about it because it causes me stress.

I never thought about what would happen in the future, before I had mesh removal. I could not sleep for pain and I just wanted it gone. Now though I am so much more educated on this subject and want to warn women that mesh removal may NOT be a onetime thing, especially if the WRONG doctor does it.

Whatever you choose to do is your business and I am not making that decision for you. All I am doing is explaining that there are no Fairytales when it comes to people wanting to help you. They only want to help themselves, so if you do this, do it with eyes wide open and don’t go back on support groups asking for others to feel sorry for you. They are struggling too and you have been warned.

Make your own decisions and trust no one. These people are not your friends and they will be gone when you are stranded and desperate.


  1. Karen

    Once again, I must thank you for writing this blog. The point you make today is so important! No one should sign on the dotted line of ANY DEAL that does not give full disclosure of ALL the terms! If we give into our desperation to find help for mesh removal and the subsequent injuries by making a hasty and uninformed decision, we are setting ourselves up to be victimized again.

    1. lavalinda

      Karen, the women who got upset and posted on that thread were chastised for doing so, but we knew this woman worked for lawyers and would have overnighted the paperwork and had a woman sign on the dotted line before she had time to think. We should NOT be chastised for pointing out exactly who the woman was regardless of how we did it. There is so little time to get the point across to the innocent victims.

  2. sylvia

    Thanks for calling “a spade, a spade.” I also commend the other women who weren’t afraid to speak out.

    1. lavalinda

      Thank you Sylvia. This is very sad for us that this is happening to so many good women and we felt the need to stop it.

  3. sylvia

    Agree, Linda. NO chastising when it comes to telling the truth. We are in the eleventh hour.

    1. lavalinda

      Yes Sylvia and they are well aware of it too, so pay back for them is not too far off. This is a great gamble for them because they are certain they will get their money fairly quickly.

  4. Laura

    Thank you for exposing this scheme. Bravo to the ladies that feared no evil in speaking out against this scam to pray on ladies suffering mesh complications.


    Especially when they are set up as an LLC. Thank you for doing the litmus test on this. Sharks are circling, and they smell blood.

  6. joy

    Please email me because i just had mine roved and i not sure if it was a scam or that i am in serious danger of more damage or if it was a good surgeon i truely in a panic i am 5000 or so miles from home and set up in a hotel room cant sleep in pain my surgery was 13 hours or so ago i havent sleep and i am still bleeding and they had to replug me 4 hr after surgery and i am still bleeding and scared please email me your name and a way to get a hold of you please i am only 45 and i dont want to die

    1. lavalinda

      Joy I sent you an email along with someone who understands medical issues. I want every woman to know that if you are bleeding red flowing blood, please get to the E.R immediately. Any surgeon who knows what he/she is doing will not remove the packing (plug) for several hours and if there are any problems they should never have sent you out of the hospital. Now this young woman will have to find a way to go to a doctor who will help her. I hope she gets through this and I am waiting to hear back from her. I am definitely worried for her well being.

      1. sylvia

        I am praying for Joy. Please keep us posted.

        1. lavalinda

          I will if/when I hear something. We are on it.


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