Free Mesh Angel T-Shirt Art

My plight is to help mesh injured women by giving them the power and the knowledge to live a better life. It is also to give them the strength to say to the world
“I am mesh Injured”.

Today will be a short blog to announce the wonderful T-Shirt art my daughter has designed. In the last blog I shared that in the upper right hand corner of this blog you will see where to click for ‘No More Mesh’ Art. I asked her to size them for you to be used on T-Shirts to wear. First though I would like to clearly state. This art is NOT to be used by any non-profit to raise money. This is because the only non-profits I know take 50% of what they raise to be used as they see fit as administrative costs. I have been doing this for four years without asking or taking one penny from anyone. This is because I believe that giving of oneself should be part of life and if you do not have the money to do this, you should not take from others. Raising awareness of mesh injuries should be a privilege not a business.

When you click on the artwork link you will find six designs. I asked her to do both Mom for the American women and Mum for British, Canadian and down under women. This is because I was born in England and have lived in many countries and understand the differences. I want women to be happy with this art and I also hope relatives will have a T-Shirt made to give a mesh injured loved one, perhaps for the American Mother’s Day next Sunday. You can print them out yourself and iron on a shirt, but there are also many T-Shirt printing companies who will do a great job quickly. Just Google search to find one and you may find one locally. The best way is to email the artwork direct to the company for the greatest clarity. My daughter wrote instructions of how you can collect this art to use. She has done this with the same feeling of giving that I have. Purely from her heart.

The other link you see at the top right corner is a blog she kept when she went through a terrible reaction to Cipro. She kept a diary of all she did to get back up on her feet. The damage is permanent and takes constant monitoring and work so as not to allow it to rule her life. She just did an update to post this blog for you. Her reaction was in 2008.

If you are asked to donate to ANYONE you should check out their status and how much they are actually giving to those they help. This is the link. In these times of financial struggles, many new people pop up by calling themselves by a title but that does NOT mean they have full status as a charity or organization. It is always up to the person who donates to do the search. You should always find out exactly what they are using it for and if the money is going to a purpose you believe in.

I write for YOU the mesh injured woman because I care deeply what happens to you. I hope you will enjoy using this artwork as a symbol of how you feel. With much love. Linda and Kim.


  1. Lisa

    What organization would take 50% of donations to keep for themselves? I certainly hope it is alot more reasonable like 10% or lower. I am glad that our network of mesh women give freely of their time and information like you Linda…you have helped thousands of women, it did not cost anything, but it does tAke alot of your time, and for that, we are all eternally grateful!

  2. Marci

    I am mesh injured. I would love to be contacted by someone who understands the problem I’m facing and guide me to doctors who can help me.

    1. lavalinda

      Marci after years of research and listening to women I can ONLY recommend one. I didn’t just wake up one day and decide Dr. Raz was the one. I spent two years seven months listening to women and writing while I waited for Medicare. It was a long wait and I learned. This is the journey.

  3. drucilla

    I too am a mesh victim. After three years of hellish misery I am on the road to rebuilding my life. I had my sling removed 3 weeks ago and I am feeling great! I am trying to find others who are dealing with the legal battle in the aftermath. I would also like to post my story on your blog if that is ok, let me know.

    1. lavalinda

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