Validation of Injuries

Early April after reading so many new comments everywhere on this blog I felt sick and angry. All I could think about is why this is continuing and more women’s lives are placed in jeopardy. There is of course no answer. So as I took a break from mesh, it would not leave my head and an idea emerged. It was time to honor women who suffer and create a day that would say to the world “No more Mesh”. I began the month by researching through piles of links on Google because I knew more information would be out there. It just took many hours to find links to prove that doctors are aware of what we are going through and they are talking to each other about how to do the least amount to help us. I found them.

I began writing blogs on various subjects concerning mesh injuries and gave the links to my research on each blog. I was so upset by many of the things I read but I kept going. I knew that hundreds of women read this blog and they deserved the verification that they have been right all along. I kept going. As I continued I thought about all the mothers who cannot care for their young children because of their serious mesh complications. How they miss so much of their children’s growing up years and all the rights of passage of their children’s lives. At times I was so upset I took breaks to try to clear it from my mind.

A week from today is Mother’s Day in the U.S and the sad part is many women’s own mothers don’t believe their daughters injuries. Why because nothing is out there to say it is so. That was why I created World Mesh Awareness Day on May 1st. If you are a mother of a mesh injured woman please, please believe your daughter is injured in a way you cannot see. She is NOT addicted to having surgeries, or crazy to fly across the country to have the mesh removed by a surgeon who has great compassion and equal experience. She is doing it to try to have less pain and hope she can return to a more productive life.

If you are the daughter of a mesh injured mother, please give her time and compassion. Don’t tell her she seems to have a problem and needs psychiatric help. I have heard of daughters who say awful things to women in pain and you cannot imagine the devastation you are causing. A rift you may never be able to repair when you say these things to her. Try compassion. You may not understand what she is going through but you can learn by reading the true stories of suffering women throughout this blog.

If you are diagnosed with breast or any other cancer you will receive sympathy. Breast Cancer has so many organizations that raise funding for women who have gone through it. It has become huge business for the sponsors who make millions from selling their wares. Their names are up in lights, draped at fund raising events and on every TV station. They are pronounced heroes. But are they? Why aren’t they taking issue with implant products used in women’s bodies that lead to the deterioration of women’s lives? Here’s the reason. Mesh products are owned by the giants of industry. They make the millions and consumers buy their products to make them more millions. They don’t just make mesh. They are involved with so many products that you may buy on a regular basis. Each company has CEO’s that make millions and they don’t care that you suffer daily. They are greedy heartless people.

Even though mesh awareness is still in its infancy, I have noticed that there are those who jump on the band wagon and try to get attention for themselves when they are not mesh injured. This makes me sad because it takes away from the plight of injured women. The spotlight should ONLY be on injured women and anyone else should step out of the limelight. Please also be aware that there are so many scams out there to separate you from your money. We all know how costly mesh injuries are and be aware that many people do not have a conscience when it comes to exploiting your situation. To give you an idea of how I feel, you don’t see me selling anything on this blog. If you want to wear a T-Shirt look up in the right hand corner of this blog and hit where it says ‘NO MORE MESH art’. My daughter created the new blog logo and other samples and they are yours to take for FREE! Use them any way you like on anything you want to wear or make. Use them in letters you send out to say NO MORE MESH. You can go to any T-Shirt printing place and have your own shirts made or even make your own computer iron on. She made them Copyright free for all the mesh injured women in the world because you truly are Mesh Angels. If you want it made larger, leave a comment here and she will make it larger for T-shirts.

I’m not a fool. I know I cannot do this alone. But when women are honored for even one day it gives them the validation that they are right and it gives them new strength. Injustice has happened to them and they want real answers and others to listen to them. I want you to know that women everywhere felt hope when they had one day that honored them and made note of their suffering. That made me feel wonderful. I may not be around many years because I am getting older but I hope that World Mesh Awareness Day will go forth in history to allow women to feel validated every year on May 1st. It may sound a little crazy to decide that mesh injured women need a day of honor but I did decide and I took action to make it happen. It was time for a movement of our own.

I am here to honor and make every woman feel special and give her a virtual hug and let her know her voice has been heard and noted by someone on her side. What you are going through is real. You don’t deserve to be treated badly when you go back to your doctor and say you are having pain and you are sure it is due to the mesh. They should give you compassion and real medical service because they are being paid to give it to you. Never forget you deserve it and do not accept less. If you are verbally treated wrong, or physically, you do have options. You can report their actions to your State Medical Board or whatever entity makes recognition of unethical acts by those in the medical profession. You pay for their services and you have rights.

I would ask every woman everywhere, regardless of the country to stand tall. Stop being afraid and work on combating your fears. Speak up when your family talks down to you. Speak up when those in the medical field talk down to you. Speak up if you do not like the injury settlements you are being offered. You DESERVE more. You are not trash, you are human. You are not stupid because you fell down the well of mesh injury. You DID NOT DESERVE this to happen to you.

While I am able I will always be in your corner and will let you know how wonderful you are as a woman. I rest my case.

One word before I end this blog. My daughter has set up this blog with news categories to help you find the many things that can help you get and feel better. It will take me time to add all 220 plus blogs into a category but I will get it done over time. The information here is always FREE!


  1. Chrysteen

    I had a Hysterectomy in February 2011 at the time me Doctor suggested I have a bladder sling put in to control my in contents, she said it was safe and effective. The sling worked fine for a couple of months. By April of 2011 when I tried to resume a physical relationship with my boyfriend the pain was excruciating. I heard and advertisement from a law firm about mesh products and they described my exact symptoms. I called them and became their client. since then I have racked up so much debt and lost my job and became homeless. After jumping through so many hoops and countless emergency visits I finely got referred to Stanford University Hospital. I got the bladder sling removed but not the anchors, this was March of 2013. Now I am have so much pain, I haven’t eaten for about a month, my stomach looks like I’m 6 months pregnant, is so painful for weeks after having sex and I have lighting rods going off all the time. I returned to Stanford to try to get a refuel to a doctor who might remove the anchors. I was told by the doctor who remove the sling that my symptoms had absolutely nothing to do with the anchors and he would refer me to a pain specialist. Me and my boyfriend were so angry. He got on line and found MESH ANGEL NETWORK. He also found the information on Dr. of course I called to try to get an appointment. I was told that they do not take Medical which is all I have for insurance at this time. The consultation and exam is $750.00. I do not know what I am going to do. The reason I am writing this is to find out if anyone knows of an organization that can help with the payment or some kind of scholarship or anything that can help out my situation. I just don’t know what to do anymore or even who to contact. No one will help me and I feel very alone in this crisis. Please Help. Thank you

    1. lavalinda

      Chrysteen I wish I did but want to warn you that the loan sharks will take you to the cleaners if you get one against your claim. However it will be a beginning if you raise funds to get to UCLA and see Dr. Raz. Many women have done it. Here are some ideas.


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