World Mesh Awareness Day

Mesh injures!      Mesh kills!     Mesh hurts!
Mesh financially devastates women!
Mesh separates Families!
Mesh financially devastates families!

World Mesh Day SmallI am asking everyone who has mesh complications to acknowledge what they have and are dealing with by send this link to everyone on their email list on MAY 1st this year and announce it as WORLD MESH AWARENESS DAY.  Please let them know why you are sending it as without everyone’s help, mesh injuries WILL continue. If WE don’t change this thousands more women of all ages will suffer serious mesh complications.

Medical mesh complications are becoming rampant as it is very cost effective to produce and makes manufacturers a lot of money. It is used at an alarming rate, even when there are other options. But worse yet most people have no idea how serious the complications are until AFTER mesh has been placed into their bodies.

This is how I feel.

Let’s send the World a message
That mesh is hurting us
Email every woman
And simply make a fuss

Tell the truth that this is wrong
It took our lives away
Be aware that mesh can kill
And use your voice to say

“Never let them do this”
“It’s time we all stood tall”
“Don’t believe what you are told”
“Don’t let an Angel fall”

“Your livelihood can all be gone”
“Relationships no more”
“Everything you’ve worked for”
“Can all be out the door”

Stand up and join all women
Yell “Find another way!”
“Don’t use mesh to hurt us”
“Please stop this pain today!”

Written by Linda Kilpatrick
A mesh free survivor

What I am amazed at is the power of women. They dig deep to find the strength to help themselves and their family even when in so much pain. They not only hope for a better future but they strive to make it happen and even without money they find a way to go to a surgeon who can help them. The mesh journey is a long and painful journey and recovery, and this is why I do NOT agree with mesh in women. The sad fact is many will not be whole again EVER and they struggle through pain, day after day. Women fly in to UCLA from around the world to try to have a better life and a better future for without hope they have nothing. With hope they have a world of possibilities. That is the continuing message of this blog.

During this month I have dug deep to find articles written by doctors for doctors when dealing with our pelvic mesh injuries. These are ‘behind the scenes articles’ telling other doctors what is really going on with mesh and how to treat mesh injuries. These articles are not meant for you and I to read but blow the roof off of what doctors know and think. And yet when we walk into their offices, we are treated shabbily and are told it is NOT the mesh. Treatment so bad we never return to their offices which of course is their plan. They can continue injuring women saying the same things over and over again. “We don’t use THAT mesh!” YES THEY DO! All mesh is detrimental to your health. All mesh can change your life in a bad way, in an instant.

To understand where we are at with mesh complications, spend time reading the following blogs. You may think this does not affect your life, but if you do NOT know what is happening, you as a woman, regardless of your age can wind up in serious trouble. You may lose your career, job, home, relationship and family. Not only that but todays little girls WILL become tomorrow’s mesh victims if you don’t help change this. That mean’s YOUR granddaughter could be in the same boat as thousands of women who have already filed suit against ALL of the mesh manufacturers.

Filing suit? You may think you will get compensated if it happens to you. Sorry to tell you but you will NEVER be compensated to cover all you will lose, in fact even though you may see cases with BIG amounts given to some women, you must know these suits go straight to appeals. The process to try to get compensation takes many years and most will receive a pittance for their injuries. Why? Because everyone else gets a hand out for taking our cases. So don’t think if it happens to you, you will come out of it okay.

Be aware of what is going on in the medical profession. Don’t tell yourself it will never happen to you or those you love. Get educated on this subject then stay vigilant.

Now read this story that was just posted in the comments along with others, to know this happens every day and yet women are told it is NOT the mesh. It is a lie because it is.

“I have always thought in the back of my mind that my problems are due to the Obtryx Halo sling placed in me in 2009… I was good, thought I was one of the lucky ones. Maybe not so much… I first developed a red rash around my neck…does not itch burn or bother me other than just being able to see it… looks as if I may have been in the sun… in 2010 I started having stomach and bowel problems…tests said I had H. Pylori…ulcers…treated for that but still have ongoing issues with both the stomach and bowels. I started having right side groin pain and my GP would tell me IBS… finally had tests done on my gall bladder and it was low functioning so it was taken out oct 2011… right side groin pain was still there…2012 the pain in groin was now also involving my right hip area…as well as the stomach and bowels…my monthly was horrible … I had stuff coming out of me that scared me… so back to GP who again wanted to say IBS… I then went to my GYN. and he felt the problem was the Uterus… so a partial Hyst. was done…felt good for a little while… oh I have adhesions that had my uterus bladder and bowels attached to the abdominal wall…the adhesions were from my breast bone all the way down… I felt good for a while with some hip issues here and there but nothing major so I kept on going.. 2013 while working I got a stabbing burning pain in the right groin area and left work to go to the ER…CT showed nothing…only some droplets of air in my bladder… AIR??? The Dr. asked me if I had been catheterized recently…well no it was almost a year to the date since my HYST. so back to my GP who tells me IBS again…He did some X-Rays of my pelvic region and I seen the anchors when the Woman put the film on the screen…I knew then that was the reason for the pain. I was upset with that …that will not do… so made an appointment with a urogyn. I had been having return of some of my incontinence issues…like laying asleep in bed and being woke up by the urine running out of me… or as soon as my feet hit the floor it is coming ready or not… or just not being able to hold it to go to a bathroom…She did confirm that I did have urine loss… and wanted me to return for other bladder tests….well her receptionist would not fill out FMLA papers so I could return without effect on my job. I didn’t have any more time left to take off… and she was quite rude so I did not return at all… the groin pain continued so I went back to my GYN… he ordered an ultra sound and does laparoscopic exploratory surgery and may have to take the Right ovary… well I lost the right ovary… again to adhesions that had my ovary twisted …my bladder and bowels all were stuck to the abdominal wall.. NOW 2014…right side groin pain hip pain, backside pain, Buttocks pain, some twitching in both legs just below the butt checks. along with those pains my elbows and my knees…seen a Ortho. about the knees ( they only want to deal with one thing at a time) was sent for PT… PT puts me on a stationary bike for 6 min. first time within 3 min. I was in excruciating pain in my hip (inner hip area) groin. second time I did the whole 6 min with no issues… 3rd time I did not make it one min and had a very hard time getting off the bike to stand up… had to just stand their crunched over until the pain passed…I changed GP he did X-rays and ordered MRI of spine and NOTHING… now I have pain while sitting and while standing… sit a little then stand a little…lol… I had him check me for a Hernia…(I had a hernia when I was 10 and I have no idea if mesh was used to repair that) now I am going to a General Surgeon to verify or NOT that I have a Hernia…I believe it is the anchor they are feeling and MY PAIN… also changed ORTHO dr. and have spent the past few days going around picking up x-rays from every place that ever did one…and will be asking him about Fibro. as I hurt all over…on top of that the meds I have been taking 1000mg naproxen a day. I refuse to take narcotics… or anything that is going to impair me at this point. well now I seem to have developed ulcers AGAIN… but No H.Pylori….so Off to a GI specialist… and …A trip to ——– to Dr —– to maybe do something about the sling… WHHHHEEEEWWWWWWW….so next week I have a drs. appointment almost everyday…I am making one last ditch effort to rule out everything else and prove that the sling is my problem… I am no longer in denial. My pain grows each year. If I lose my job in the process it is something I am willing to do… I mean it is to the point I cannot do my job anymore…I work in an Engine plant building engines and my work is very physical… Please advise me …sorry so long but it has been a long road… I am not sure what is Mesh related and what is not… but I am certain my groin and leg pains ARE from the anchors…I also have pains that run through the crotch area… weird…

Now read these links to what is really going on.




  1. Lisa

    I love your poem Linda! I will send this link to everyone I know on my email list.

    As mesh injured women and mesh survivors, we have a duty to stand up and TELL EVERYONE we know and don’t know, what happened to us. The FDA won’t protect us, because mesh companies lobby them to ignore the problem.

    50,000 lawsuits and 20% complications are way off the charts from being rare. Even after the fda warning in 2011, women are still putting mesh in, because their doctors say it is “not that mesh.”

    Unite women and fight back! You can stop someone else from being mutilated by telling your story. So what if it is embarassing to talk about your vagina!!!

    Save other women from suffering your pain, and always share your story.

    Dr. Larissa Rodriguez removed my mesh (FULL removal), August 2012, and I am completely healed, no side effects. Dr. Rodriguez just got promoted to Director of Urology at USC. Her new contact info is below:
    (949) 235-0059

    UCLA has Dr. Raz and other doctors available. Their contact info is:

    (310) 794-0206

    They do mesh removal all day, everyday, with very successful results.

    1. Dawn

      Hi Lisa,
      I had my mesh removal by Dr. Larissa Rodriguez in October of 2012 . She did a fantastic job.
      I was wondering how you are doing these days?
      I had the AMS MONARC SLING.
      It had wrapped itself around both sides of my pelvic bone. She had to scrape it off. The mesh had sawed itself halfway through my urethra too.
      I feel I am so blessed after I read some of the others stories on here.
      Polypropylene mesh is a holocaust to humans. Unless you have it in your body, you have no idea of the pain it causes. From head to toe. It infiltrates our immune systems.
      I pray you are feeling good .
      Mesh friend , Dawn

  2. Jennifer Radema

    Great idea..lets make May first medical mesh day….i made a poster for that and any more idea’s for that please let me know….I love the idea ..thank you.

    1. lavalinda

      Jennifer I have another idea I will share with you before May 1st. A symbol of all mesh injured women.

  3. Lori

    Sorry you have had to go through so much pain.
    Wishing you all the best. Love ya!

    1. lavalinda

      Thank you Lori.

  4. Aaron

    Wonderful! And it’s on my wedding anniversary date, so I’ll always hold it dear too!

  5. Debbie Black

    I have had three Hernia repairs since 2010. I’m in agony every day. Had infected Seroma. Im in hospital every 8-10 weeks. Now I have Helicobacter Pylori. I live in The UK. My surgeons admit its mesh rejection but won’t go in because of adhesions and infectiin risk. Im 42 and I feel like its slowly killing me. Nothing shows up on Scans. Not even the hernias and twisted bowel. My latest surgeon is an arrogant ass who thinks I need psychiatric help. No one will help me. Every day I’m getting worse with these Umbilical hernias. Now I’m scared of getting fybromyalgia and stomach cancer. I wish I could come to the US. At least the mesh is now illegal there. I dont want to lose my husband. He takes so much time off for me. It breaks my heart.

    1. lavalinda

      Debbie, sad to say it is not illegal here and it is being put in men and women every day. Do you have anyone in Canada or the US to stay with to get it removed? There is a small list at the top of this blog under doctors. I truly feel for you because I know mesh has killed others including those with hernia mesh. In fact I wrote a story about one young mother with children who died. I don’t know what you can do, but don’t give up. I am very sad this happens to women all over the world and hernia mesh to men. Read this.

  6. Linda

    I love the poem. 2 weeks after having it placed I started having pain but the doctors wouldn’t listen. I cannot take oral antibiotics because I am an Epileptic so I live with UTI’s. I had a nerve grow through the mesh and had to get pain management shots. I leak continually through the vagina and the urthrea so the doc days there is pr probably a fistula. I finally decided to take the bull by the horns and ask my lawyer for a surgeon and got the funding in place and my pcp just about hit the roof. Too bad.

    1. lavalinda

      Linda it is not your doctors life it is yours and you should do what you feel is the best for YOU not for him. You may want to read this blog.

  7. Anthony F.

    Now that we know mesh hurts men, too, can we extend Mesh Awareness Day to include men injured by surgical mesh? It is the same nightmare, from the pain, to the disability, to the lack of recognition from loved ones, and the denial by doctors (keeping us uncounted for). Hugs.

    1. Linda (Post author)

      Anthony, it has always included men, due to the fact that I know other men have had slings, that maim them. It also includes anyone injured by hernia mesh. I am sorry for what you are going through.


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