I am blessed

There have been many times when I wanted to quit helping other women but regardless, I have kept going because of the women of the world who made contact with me and told me that my blog changed their life. This past week I have been so blessed by women who not only told me that they are at last doing better now that the mesh is gone, but they are looking forward to amazing and wonderful things in their lives. I have seen marriages and babies being born to those who felt they had no hope. I have seen happy photos of events they would have missed had the mesh remained in their bodies. Events like graduations of children. Home comings. Grandbabies being hugged by women who lived in pain for so long and can finally enjoy the real things of their lives such as hugging new babies. So yes, I am very blessed.

I have never wanted women to remain lost in life. The best thing for me is to see women move forward regardless of the injuries they are left with. Not everyone gets completely well, but we can get better emotionally. There is nothing wrong if you have had to seek help because of the PTSD you have suffered because of the trauma you have gone through. It doesn’t matter how you gain your emotional strength, it matters that you do.

Once the mesh has been removed you will have quite a time to heal if your injuries were big. I know how impatient we all are because we have missed out on so much because of our injuries. But our bodies heal slowly and you won’t know for about a year what you are left with.

For some of us, mesh is the gift that just keeps on giving. We will have good days and bad. We will have days when we feel an overwhelming sadness of the loss of things we can no longer do. Or loss of relationships or career. This is made harder because mesh has no category like cancer. No sympathy from those who do not understand it or by doctors who refuse to believe that we live in pain. But we have to figure out how to move forward even if it is in tiny footsteps.

Expect that there will be days when you give in to it and can barely deal with your life as it is now, but the best revenge is to keep on living any way you can.

I have never asked anyone to follow me on this blog because I don’t want you to follow. I want you to find a way to get the mesh out and then begin resuming a life you deserve to live. I do not want to enable any woman by hanging in on every word I say and not finding her own path. You deserve a new life and I am so happy when you tell me how much you are enjoying it again.

I gave up much to continue this blog including my privacy. I have shared very personal things with you because I knew that so many women were out on a limb and did not know how to cope with things that had happened to their bodies. I have shared highly personal things that we don’t want to make public. But I have no regrets. I was always told to stand up for something you believe in and I have. I believe mesh has hurt thousands of women and until this has reached the eyes of someone who really cares about women’s issues, I will keep on doing it.

But please move on and enjoy those events you missed for so long. That is why I do this.


  1. DebC

    Your are amazing, Linda. Thank you so much for having this blog& for all you do to try and help others. I sincerely hope your own journey keeps moving forward as well to better and better days. <3

    1. lavalinda

      Thanks Deb. I heard wonderful news from other women this past week and I could not help but be inspired by their journeys.

  2. teresa

    Linda I just would like to say that I am for ever grateful to you for this site and what you do. Without you I would still be going crazy wondering what was wrong with me and why I hurt all the time. I am at the beginning of my mesh free journey now and in the recovery phase(4 weeks post removal from Dr Raz). I am having incontinence and might have to have a fascia sling but I am mesh free now! I look forward to going back to some semblance of a normal life-I am only 43! I can never repay you for what you have done but I pray you never stop as I can only imagine how many other lost women there are and I hope god will send them in your direction. You are an Angel!

    1. lavalinda

      Teresa this is wonderful news. Recovery is also a long journey with a lot of fear for our futures, but slowly and surely this fear will fade to allow you to live your life. Four weeks post op is a perfect time to try something to reduce scar tissue. You will have to stop taking it a couple of weeks before your next surgery, but it may just might reduce the growth of damaging scar tissue. It is our worst enemy. Read this. http://teapapers.com/bladdersling/2013/11/surgeries-scar-tissue It will not cost you a great deal of money and it is worth a try.

  3. teresa

    Thank you so much Linda! I just ordered 4 bottles and yes it is very inexpensive. Anything to help the healing. And scar tissue is everyones worst enemy. I know some of the women manually rub the groin incisions to help break up the scar tissue. I was thinking about the marsh mellow root too-what do you think? I am not having any uti’s. And please don’t let anyone ever tell you that you should not be doing what you do. You have helped and saved so many women. I just cant thank you enough!

    1. lavalinda

      Marshmallow root is wonderful for keeping infections at bay and any issues with stomach, bowel etc; It really is a good idea. Swanson vitamins have great deals of buy one get one free for many products, so sign up for emails. I am glad this blog is worthwhile.


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