The Pain Whisperer Part Two & Three

Last week I had planned on writing part two of this blog, but I was caught up helping many women through their problems and wound up writing a blog that will help some of them. This blog now gets so many hits it is hard for me to keep up approving comments, so please do not feel annoyed if you do not see yours immediately. Sometimes I have to remove certain things so that no one gets into trouble and I am a one woman show who is also dealing with my own continuing complications, even though I no longer have mesh in me. The original surgery did its damage from the very beginning and I am now trying things to help my situation, so please understand I am a one woman show and I get to things as and when I can, while still trying to help myself and share with you the things I try.

If you did not read part one, you may want to read it first. This is the link.

Last week I went for a second visit to see what could be done to help me with my many issues. Life maybe simpler if I only had one to deal with, but unfortunately that is not so. I listed some of them in part one, but looking at them on paper is simpler than trying to fix them and when you have more than one area of pain you have to choose which one to tackle first. For me it was the back muscle spasms that were so bad that even washing dishes would kick them into play. I would always keep a hot pad by the microwave to grab and throw in as I worked and then by the time a small job was over, I would grab it and lay back on it to ease them and I would be gasping in pain by the time I got to the couch.

My leg pain is also a huge issue, but when you have to do a tossup, you decide which you would like done first. The spasms interfered with me doing something as simple as making a cup of tea. Just arm movements would start the spasms and it was interfering in every stage of life. Everything that is going on when concerning pain is all on my right side and things had worsened so much since the three surgeries in nine months. My choice was to go to my local doctor who would try to help me by having tests ran and prescribing what she knows best, prescription drugs or try something new. For me drugs are not an option due to the increased possibility I would have an allergic reaction and get stuck with even more issues. I have had so many reactions during the past few years I dread them and what else will happen because I cannot take a drug, so now I look into alternative things I can do.

Before the first drug reaction I had in 2008, I never gave anything a thought. I was rarely sick in my life and even a common cold was not often. So drug reactions came at quite a shock to me and not only that, I didn’t know what to do. Fortunately I have a wonderful daughter who took the bull by the horns and started researching. She put me on supplements which included minerals and vitamins and a few herbs. It was all trial and error and it took six months for me to feel well again.

Honestly before starting a ritual of supplements and feeling better because I took them, I really didn’t buy into all this stuff. I felt it wasn’t something I needed and like everyone I fluffed it off. But when I decided to try it, I was all in. My daughter bought me a really good pill holder which I use to this day. There are four compartments to split up what I needed to take during the day and evening and I stuck to it. Why spend money on these things if you do it hit or miss, was my thinking. I saw the results and since then at times I have fluffed off when I get tired of it, but always get back on a good plan, because within a week I don’t feel as well. So if you decide to do this, do it well, or don’t bother. Think of it as a better way to get yourself back up to scratch and do it diligently.

So when my daughter suggested going to see this man who I call the Pain Whisperer, I just wasn’t sure about it but was in a place where I needed to try something. I did say I would not report the changes I see until the five treatments are over and a few more days have passed. I will stick to it as I think it is the only way to assess my progress thoroughly, so please understand. You can find his information on part one of this blog.

The second week visit was to find out where the muscles in the upper part of my body were working poorly and the result was the spasms. I find it very strange to go through this experience which I can tell you is nothing like anything I have been through before. He works through each muscle by pushing at the offending issue, while you push back. He has been doing this for a very long time and he is assessing constantly while you are wondering what on earth he is doing. My daughter told me it is like watching a magic act. I can tell you that you are trying your hardest to push back with each limb he works on, while at different angels, but no matter how hard you try, if the muscle isn’t up to scratch you will fail. I honestly do not understand it at all. After he has done all that, then once again while you are laying down, he will hold your head in his hands and does whatever it is, he does. Yes, I have absolutely no clue how it works. Then he will test those muscles again and you will find a markedly improvement.

This week, week three was the part I dreaded. Working on my legs. My left leg no problem, but I knew the pain I would feel when working with my right leg. I can tell you he is aware of your issues and stops if you need a break and he will not do anything to put you in more pain. I find this whole process very interesting while very strange at the same time. I told my daughter on the way home that it seems surreal to my logical brain and she laughed and said it was the same for her. I don’t understand what is happening at all, but I know he has many years of learning behind him and working with people who are desperate and out of options. He told me during the first visit that doctors go to see him and I have no doubt. After all modern medicine is about tests that often show nothing and prescription drugs. I am sure doctors are not happy with the result any more than we are, but I doubt if they would admit it.

The problem with my right leg are strange. To begin with the groin pain has continued for me even after removal, whereas other women told me theirs left. So like all of this we are all different and our complications vary. The big change I had after removal was the feeling of the vise clamped around my right thigh was gone. I now know it was because as the mesh shrank more over time, from the heat inside my body, it was pulling more and more on my nerves and muscles in that leg. For many women it is the left leg and for others sad to say it is both legs. This is why many mesh injured women use walking sticks and some are in wheelchairs.

Everything done of my left leg no problem although it too is weak because I cannot exercise and work the way I used to. My exercise/work was on my house and I was running up and down ladders all day, doing texture on walls, and painting. After the sling was put into me, I had so many problems because I could not urinate and that took president in what I was thinking or feeling. Like I wrote in my last blog, until; this normal part of your life stops, you cannot imagine the nightmare. So I put down the leg pain issues as lack of exercise over a few months. I had no clue it was going to become permanent damage.

So I can give you an idea of how my right leg works. Lifting it up off the table was painful, but putting it down after he checked it is agony in my groin. It is a searing, burning pain that shoots down my leg. I cannot help but make involuntary sounds when dealing with the pain, but I wanted to find out what he could do. The worse part however was not even that. It was when he gently pushed into my groin area to find the source of the pain. Never once did he push hard, but the very center of my groin is very painful to the touch. So to push even slightly will bring tears to my eyes. I feel like a wimp, but it truly is painful. But I had to endure to see if I can be helped.

While doing this he is assessing which muscles do not work correctly which turned out to be many. My left leg does the work of both legs and to get around in a store I pull my right leg along the floor which then adds more pressure at the wrong angle on my left leg. It is a catch twenty-two situation. Regardless though I still pull myself behind a cart so that I keep muscles working, rather than to ride around on an electric cart. I am afraid if I don’t the muscles will wither more. I have to keep moving regardless of the pain.

Once all the assessment was over, once again came the ritual of me laying down while he is holding my head. Very strange indeed. Then he checks how it went. There is always a marked improvement as to how the muscles are working and I leave with hope.

This time he also assessed the things I needed for wellness based on my history. I wound up with three bottles of Humankind Category V. This is because of drugs I have taken in the past which also have chemicals I am allergic to. I will be taking them in water over the next twelve days. This is a homeopathic remedy. You can read more here.

So I have some work to do and will write nest week if possible.





  1. Meki

    OK – I’m in the circus now…. Went to ER on the 24th – mesh had cut my partner during intercourse – and 2 days later massive pain down leg left me feeling like I had pulled a hamstring – then the pain went up to the top of my thigh to the saddle area, then to the top of my pelvic bone. Incredible stuff here.

    So – they sent me to a clinic – had to wait until Monday – Doctor got in on Tuesday – definite erosion – and then sent me to another gynecologist – out of his league he said – then they got me an appt and decided that once my lesbian partner and I got there – that they couldn’t take gold coast or medi-cal – and once they decided they did they couldn’t see me until March 22. (uhm months to start giving me relief – or at least know it’s not going to cut my bladder off?)

    Went back to ER – because every gynecologist kept telling me to go to my original doctor (in Alaska – I’m in CA now… and broke dick because I can’t work because I’m in pain… )

    Anyhow – so – I’m calling around and looking for any urogynecologist that can work with this… I’m scared I’ll lose my sexual feeling and my bladder – and I’m on pain meds – great for no pain – but I can still feel it…

    I’m wondering has ANYONE a doctor in California – that can deal with it? And has done a good job? And will take medi-cal?

    Cause life is not very good right now…

    1. lavalinda

      Meki you are in THE State for help. Look to the right about Dr. Raz and make an appointment at UCLA urologists.

  2. Kathy Owen

    So glad you told me about Dr. Raz! I saw him in May of this year and I leave on Sunday to go to UCLA to finally have my surgery 10/31!! My health has just kept declining since Sept. of 2013 and I never thought this day would get here but it finally has!! I just want to thank you for telling me about Dr Raz! He is a wonderful doctor and has a wonderful bedside manner! He says he fixing his peers screw-ups and he’s totally correct. I’ve gotten really tired of listening to people telling me I should have gone to other doctors so they could have done it sooner but they don’t know all the problems with my scar tissue and adhesion’s! Thank you so much for getting the word about Raz about! He’s a wonderful doctor and I know I’m going to be much better after the surgery!!

    Thank you!!

    1. lavalinda

      Kathy all I can do is write and hope women believe me so that they don’t live in terrible pain. I am glad you went to him.


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