The Pain Whisperer Part One

What do you do when you have done everything you can and you know longer know what to do? That is where I am at right now in my life and I know many women feel the exact same. I have taken every kind of supplement. Read everything I can find on how to heal myself and I still live in pain.

Every mesh injured woman knows what pain is like and for some of us, we struggle to find a new normal on how we can learn to live with it. I am a master at mind over matter and I refuse to give into pain medications because I know it is a slippery path with no knowing where you will land. Even ibuprofen when taking too often can cause issues with your liver, so I rely on as many natural things as possible. However, there are times when I barely get through a day.

I don’t know if cold fronts have affected me as of late and I feel grateful I do not live in a cold climate while dealing with my pain. It could be the cold that affects me, or it could be a continuing decline that I no longer know how to battle. It does not just affect me of course. My daughter lives with me and she is the only person who really knows what this has done to me. No one else sees it on a daily basis, when I try to do simple things around the house. Plus, don’t you love it when you actually say you are in pain and someone says to you “I didn’t know you still have pain”. That is because it is easier not to say anything. In fact my stock answer when someone asks me how I am doing is “I’m making it”. This is because it is not easy to go into all the things that affect my daily life and if I do, they tune out quickly and change the subject to something that is more important to them. So I let it go.

But…. I live in pain every day.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful daughter who really sees what is happening to me and wants to do something to help. However, regardless of all she has researched and found for me to try, nothing has worked. But she never gives up. After watching me the past few weeks, she was researching a few evenings ago without my knowledge. If you know anything about searching on the Internet, it takes many hours. I have done it to help women and one hour will quickly go to three. But just before she got up to retire for the evening, she said to me “I have sent a link to your email and I believe I have found something that may help you. Medicare won’t pay for it, but we’ll figure it out somehow, so call and make an appointment”. With that she said good night.

It was late that evening and I was tired, so next morning I clicked and began reading things that gave me hope. I was on the phone soon to set up an appointment and then told my daughter when it would be. I cannot drive any more but I knew she would take me into Houston which is where this doctor is. Yesterday was the day and my appointment was for 2.25 pm.

What is it you may wonder? It is called Bio Cranial Therapy.

We live outside of Houston and the traffic in this area is very busy, so we gave ourselves enough time because we had no clue whereabouts the building was. GPS found it without problems and we parked in a high rise parking building where these offices are. Parking was free. We took an elevator up to the suite and to get there I use my walking stick and walked painfully slow. We checked in at the desk and although I expected it, no paperwork was handed for me to fill in.

The doctor came out to greet me himself and we went into a small room with all that he needed at hand. No machines anywhere, one table for a patient to lay on, two chairs for you and a guest and a couple of cabinets with bottles in them. For him a stool and a laptop on table and other electronics on a table behind him. Simple and understated. If you are or have been a patient of Dr. Raz at UCLA, then I can tell you that this man has the same demeanor. Calm and collected. I handed him a sheet of paper with my pain issues and I am going to share them here with you. This is because you may recognize some of them and wonder what you can do about them. This is what I handed to him. Short and simple.

No history of any illnesses or surgeries until March 2010 when I underwent surgery to repair a prolapse. At that time a mesh sling was also implanted.

I had problems urinating and then another surgery was done to cut the sling nine weeks later.

I continued having problems and developed pain in my right groin, leg, hip and down calf. Nothing could be done until I finally had Medicare June 2011.

Complete mesh removal was done October 2011. I did have some relief but I am left with the following symptoms.

Two additional surgeries for reconstruction and repair were done in April and July 2012.

Pain in right buttock and I cannot stand on right leg for more than ten minutes without leaning on something. Pain will move from hip, to groin, to calf, including under my large toe, it will go numb at times. All issues are on the right side.

Additional problems.

Burning, stabbing muscle spasms under right shoulder blade. Doing menial tasks cause these to escalate and I have to stop and add a hot pad for relief.

I suffer from extreme vertigo since my surgery in April because I was given the drug gentomicin, intravenously in high doses for 14 days to kill pseudomonas.

I have developed issues with my gall bladder and the pain is on the left side. I control the symptoms with grapefruit seed extract capsules. I believe it is inflammation.

I take no prescription drugs or pain medications due to many allergic reactions in the past. I do take supplements which I find helpful.

The doctor took the paper from me and asked me a couple of simple questions as he typed them into his laptop. Then he asked me to sit on the table where he told me he was going to do simple tests, but none would cause me pain. He asked me to look with my eyes different directions while I held on arm out straight. He told me he was going to press down on the arm and I should try to hold it up. He did this both sides and I was shocked that I could not keep my left arm up, regardless of how I tried. These simple evaluations were done on both legs. He then asked me to stand sideways and he leaned against me to see if I could stay standing. This happened with both sides.

Throughout these small and seemingly insignificant tests, he spoke to me in a calm manner. He then said he knew what to do and asked me to lay flat on the table.

From there he held my head in his hands for what seemed like a long time, but perhaps was only for a minute. He also checked areas of my pelvic area and just pushed the areas a little to find my pain. Then he pressed into other areas. He told me my hip bones were not level and once he had held my head, he checked again and they were. I was astounded. Once this was done, we then went through all the same tests again. I could now hold my left side while he pushed down.

So what did this pain whisperer do? That name came from my daughter as we walked back to the car. Honestly I have no clue. How do I feel? Well this is what I am going to do.

Next week I will have another appointment and then three weeks following for a total of five. After each appointment I will write a blog to give you an idea of what he will do. But I will not give you any results I feel, because I am afraid to. Afraid that any results could be jinxed or I got it wrong because of holding my hopes too high. I can tell you this. You will stay completely dressed. No evasive or other tests will be done that are considered normal. You will be surprised and amazed. You will feel hopeful and yet afraid. But you must be willing to keep an open mind and follow through. Otherwise it will be a waste of your time and his and of course precious money you can’t afford to lose.

So on the sixth blog I will give you a rundown of any changes I have felt during the week after each treatment. I don’t want to rush my own diagnosis and I want to evaluate by giving myself time to do things I have not been able to do, regardless of how simple they may seem to someone else.

I hope I am on the right track. For the first time in a long time I have that hope and yet I did not go into this with any expectations. I hope you will follow through this with me to see if you are ready to do something different to take your life back.

Always with love and hope. Linda

You may wonder how he got into this. Meet the Pain Whisperer.

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  1. TeresaB

    I live in Houston. I am in pain. Hope, always hope. I would love to hear more about your healing. Keep writing. Like the next page of a good book, I can’t wait to “read all about it!”. I am praying for you. Definitely checking this out!!! 🙂

    1. lavalinda

      Teresa I will contact you to see how you are and whereabouts you live. I know other women in Houston and they may offer you some support.


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