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When you are overwhelmed with surgery after surgery, extreme incontinence and pain, it is so difficult to think about anything other than what you are dealing with at that time. Back in early 2010 when the sling was put into me and I had such hell, a second surgery was performed to cut the sling. Two surgeries in nine weeks must have some consequence although no one tells you anything about this. My daughter did some research at that time and told me about serrapeptase and gave me a link to read up on it. I had never had a surgery in my life before this, so I never thought about scar tissue. So I began taking it and took it for well over a year. It must have helped me so much because Dr. Raz never mentioned me having any issues with scar tissue when he removed the mesh.

Time rolls on. I began having so much pain and that took over my mind until I finally made it for removal surgery two years seven months later. Removal surgery is a big thing and I never thought about it causing me huge issues with scar tissue. Six months later when I went back for the fascia sling surgery Dr. Kim at UCKLA found than my bladder was fused to my bone because of scar tissue. It was this that caused me so many problems and it did not take long to form. I wish I could go back and redo it, but of course I cannot. Had I taken the serrapeptase within a couple of weeks after getting home from removal, I would probably fared so much better. This is why I am writing this blog today. I want women to stand a better chance at surviving all the issues that arise from mesh removal.

This is important. What you may not realize is that scar tissue can cause you a great deal of pain especially when it is close to nerve endings. I remember one woman contacting me who was angry because when she went back to Dr. Raz for a second surgery to fix problems, he spent most of his time removing scar tissue. I can understand her frustrations because we are all sick of surgeries and yet we cannot see what is going on inside us. However, they can when they do these surgeries. So they try to fix what they see in hopes of giving us some relief. But unfortunately no one tells us about an enzyme that could have been eating the scar tissue away without all this.

Back when I took serrapeptase, it was the only enzyme on the market and it is expensive. It was my daughter that once again began looking into it when she realized that scar tissue was causing me problems because she was going to order some for me. It was then that she found out about serrazimes and I have included a link to the brand she purchased for me. At the time they were running a special of buy one, get one free, so sign up and watch for these specials IN THE FUTURE. But don’t wait until they run one. If you are prone to scar tissue, you may want to begin treatment now. BUT be aware that everything has side effects and other drug interactions so READ first. I am not taking any prescription drugs and do not have to worry, but I always read up on side effects.

So you may be wondering how it is working for me. Well, I cannot see inside my body of course, but I am a believer because other than the complications I have sustained from the mesh, I feel well. In fact I am probably better than many women a lot younger than me because I don’t take any meds at all and manage my life using supplements. I can also tell you that my blood pressure is great which I am positive is because of taking serrazimes every day. Another benefit is that it clears out your arteries.

Many people are on aspirin therapy at my age. Aspirin acts as a blood thinner to push through the veins where there is little area because of buildup of sludge but it does nothing to cure the problem and aspirin can cause other problems with long term use. This particular article is about back pain from scar tissue, but it has a great explanation as to why your blood flows slower after surgeries.

If you do not understand what enzymes are, you must read and learn. Learning about our bodies and what can help reduce problems is our biggest friend. Don’t become a victim, be proactive with your life and learn.

I found this article. The Enzyme Alternative The search for a superior enzyme that offers safe but powerful anti-inflammatory properties, thus averting the terrible side effects, ended when Serratia peptidase (Serrapeptase) enzyme was discovered in the early 70’s. Serrapeptase is now in wide clinical use throughout Europe and Asia as a viable alternative to salicylates, ibuprofen (sold as an OTC in the U.S.) and the more potent NSAIDs. Serrapeptase is an anti-inflammatory, proteolytic enzyme isolated from the microorganism, Serratia E15 and has no inhibitory effects on prostaglandins, is devoid of gastrointestinal side effects and offers a sensible alternative.

When I went to the above link something struck me as I read the following passage. “Why are these things not used in this country?” Well unless a doctor can write a prescription, he/she knows absolutely nothing about alternatives that could help us, not harm us. This is because they do not study this type of science. So folks, it is up to us to decide how to handle our issues. This is what I read.

Standard Treatment In Europe

Serrapeptase has been admitted as a standard treatment in Germany and other European countries for the treatment of inflammatory and traumatic swellings. In one double-blind study of Serrapeptase conducted by Esch et al at the German State Hospital in UIm, 66 patients with a fresh rupture of the lateral ligament treated surgically were divided into three randomised groups. In the group receiving the test substance, the swelling had decreased by 50% on the third post-operative day, while in the other two control groups (elevation of the leg, bed rest, with or without the application of ice), no reduction in swelling had occurred at that time. The difference was of major statistical significance. Decreasing pain correlated for the most part with the reduction in swelling. The patients receiving Serrapeptase became pain-free more rapidly than the control groups. By the 10th day, all patients were free of pain in the Serrapeptase-treated group. The therapeutic daily dose was 1-2 tablets (5 mg) 3 times daily.

You can read here that the two products do the same job. The only difference is that serrazimes cost less

A less expensive alternative to serrapeptase is serrazimes This is the one I have been taking every morning for three months. You have to take it on an empty stomach first thing when you wake up.

A really good article to read

Interactions with other medications and side effects

I think I have given you enough homework to do about this huge problem. You must decide what you want to do because this is your life. I choose everything I put into my body and I choose not to put prescription drugs in me because of all I have been through and still do. As yet I have not found a cure for the terrible gentomicin side effects I am experiencing but I will never give up. Like you I get sick of taking supplements but I constantly remind myself I do better when I do. I have not had a single UTI since I got back into a good regime of taking them. But it takes diligence and a strong determination to keep doing it. I always remember that they have not once caused me side effects and yet prescription drugs have done so much damage to my life. But that is me. You must choose your own path in life and all I do is write about my own experience and give you links to read. I do this because I know how long it takes to go to so many links and weed out what can help and what can’t. I now wish you a scar free existence.


  1. Sandra D

    I was thinking about trying this enzyme but had a concern. I have not yet had any removal surgery but may need to. Some ladies have stated that the scar tissue under their urethra had helped hold it up so they were not incontinent after SUI sling removal. They did not need further corrective surgery. I am afraid that the enzyme would eat away this “good” scar tissue I may need to support the urethra. Just a thought. Maybe better to wait until after removal to see where you are at?

    1. lavalinda

      Sandra only you can decide. I wish I’d taken it immediately after my removal and perhaps my bladder would not have been fused to bone and all the complications I had would not have been so serious.

  2. Sharon

    Does anyone know if there is an alternative to serrapeptase? I tried it and had a severe allergic reaction. Any help would be appreciated.

    My daughter is in healthcare and spoke of the scar tissue.

    1. lavalinda

      Sharon there is it is called Serrazimes which I take every morning.

    2. lavalinda
  3. beth

    I will be starting this asap! Hopefully it will help by December for my fascia surgery with Dr.Raz.
    thank you! Thank You! Kim and Linda 🙂

    1. Linda (Post author)

      I am glad to have been help. You have to stop taking it 2 weeks before your fascia surgery.


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