Prescription Drug Warning

There are now so many women who have climbed a mountain to get out to UCLA for full mesh removal and after many months if waiting in pain, they at last feel hopeful. I am truly excited to see more women come out with a decent life when they once had no hope at all. But now I have to share a serious warning.

I know some women had health issues before they had mesh put into them and truthfully they should not have been the recipient of a product that could cause serious complications. Once the pain begins, more prescription drugs are added while they are being told it is not the mesh. Before they know it they have gone to several specialists and have been given other prescription drugs to try to solve issues that mesh is causing. But I am not sure women check how each drug interacts with another. The truth is when you are in so much pain; you become less aware of when you are taking and how these drugs react on your organs. So when I received an email from a non mesh friend who just realized her health had been going downhill because of a cocktail of many prescription drugs, I want to put out this warning. PLEASE CHECK EVERY DRUG YOU ARE TAKING AND HOW IT WILL REACT TO ANY OTHERS.

This may mean some work to read up on each drug and try to find out how many of them could damage a particular organ, but it is you life we are talking about. To understand the seriousness of what this could do to you, I am including part of this friend’s email. I told her I was going to share because I want women to have a future both pain free and without other medical health issues. She agreed.

Hi Linda…  I have been thinking about you for about a month now..  and I checked around your website for new postings  and finally,  when I read your surgery blog,  I realize why.  You were having your surgery.  What a major ordeal.  I am happy for you though,  you finally were able to reach a goal you have had set for a long time.  I think that your honesty, openness and willingness to admit fear and discouragement and yet…  keep trotting forward,  is a wonderful and admirable thing for other women going through this same situation.   While my heart hurts to know your world is not perfect,  I also feel that this is what your life will be, as mine,  always a fight. May I say I am proud of you?  I am and I am so please to know such a strong women.  I know you face more obstacles,  but you, like me,  OWN your body  and know it, love it, try to understand it,  and will fight for it.  Go Girl.  I need a fan club too…  but I fight  my own battle daily.  Even family cannot see or understand my fears.  They are there.  No reason to bother them with it,  what will they do with that info? They won’t respect it.  So I keep it to myself.  I do not even bother my husband with it.. 

However,  through my fear and fight for knowledge of my situation,  I have 3 stage kidney failure if you recall,  I did much research.  I found that every single one of the 12 medications I was
on,  interacted harmfully,  with other drugs or other situations, in my own body. 

AT my spring apt.,  after telling me that our conversation was gearing towards dialysis or transplant,  they also took me off a cholesterol medication called Trilipex,  which was to help the Lipitor keep my cholesterol down.  It caused kidney failure and damage.  The doctor said my kidneys would NOT repair or regenerate themselves, but further damage might be avoided.  

In Sept went back to the rhenologist  and he came in and said,  my numbers were much better…  not so close to needing a transplant,  see you in April.  So life plugged along and one day it occurred to me that I had not done anything to enjoy this improvement,  my numbers were so much better because I was taken off the prescription medication. 

I wondered how the other medications were affecting my kidneys,  and did my research.  ‘All of them.’

I made the decision to go cold turkey off 11 of the 12 meds I was on.  One of them,  a brain seizure med for migraines,  had to be weaned from..  so that took 3 months.  

When I went back in April of this year..  my family doctor was quite surprised.  He was proud that I had made the decision.  He could not and would not have done it.  The Rhenologist,  who told me that I would never improve?????  Came in and said he did not know what happened,  but I was no longer almost stage 4…  I was almost stage 2.  I cried.  He had said I would never improve,  my kidney would never regenerate,  but he did not know what happened..  I will claim a miracle.  I knew I would have to go back on one of the cholesterol meds,  but they gave one that was NOT a statin….  I had another blood test done a couple weeks ago.  I am now on pravachol for high cholesterol.   I am waiting for the new numbers for my kidneys,  they have not gotten worse,  because I would have heard from the doctor…  but I wonder if they have improved more.

I spent 3 years fearing for my life,  not living up to my full potential..  fear sucks. 

Women must fight for their own bodies and monitor how doctors treat them.  In the US,  I fear we just might get shuffle off to the side as indigent and inconvenient. 

You  have inspired me as well…..

My fear for women is that while they are fighting to get their mesh removed, they will not be paying attention to the various prescription drug side effects and their lives will have other twists and turns that they need not go through. So get out every bottle of medication and look up every side effect. If one can cause liver or kidney damage, then what happens if more can do the same? This is your life and you have to fight to keep it. I hope this warning will give you food for thought and you will read. I wish you wellness and a future mesh free.


  1. Teresa R. Jones

    Wonderful story and courageous spirit. I cannot take all the medications, heart and lung disease plus mesh complications. My battle is spiritual, not ever knowing when a spell will hit, mesh, heart or lung. I always feel as though I am waiting on the next “mugging” it is what I term the flares of pain and complications. Knowing that I am fighting without many meds has allowed me to listen to my body. My cousin a licensed psychotherapist since 1986, she has survived cancer three times, she encourages me to not only listen to my body but encourages me to pay attention to my dreams, as she believes we are given divine knowledge when we rest to help us move forward and heal. Linda you are a torch in the darkness and your daughter is a standard bearer. You both are always in my prayers. T.

    1. lavalinda

      Teresa I know it must be terribly hard living like this without knowing day by day how you will survive. My heart goes out to you.

  2. kim

    I was just given this web site from my attorney today meshmedicaldivice new desk and I ‘m just started to read on the blog section first , My heart also goes out to linda – for all of u woman and now I just found out men as well, the stories are alot a like as far as the Dr.s go they all lied that is the hardest thing to except- imagine that a human being could do such a thing and a Dr. at that even specialist , I just wanted my Dr. hurt bad, i mean real bad I’ve never thought like this. well any way’s I need to learn to focus on one thing . I’m replying on the drug part. didn’t no all side effects, I’m on 6 a day, trying to do more vitamins the one that help repair tissue one that are good for the nerves – I will look up each side effects and what dangers to what organs and let my doctor no about this , I can’t imagine having to deal with kidney failure or liver failure from this Mesh,


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